Younger buyers scared of auctions but a major change is coming

first_imgThe Block winners Josh & Elyse have conquered auctions, selling their own Coburg home at auction in November last year. Picture: David Crosling.ALMOST one in five Aussies are scared of buying or selling at auction, a new survey has found, with the figure worsening as buyers get younger. But millennials may soon have an edge over the olds.The latest survey by found that 7 per cent of Baby Boomers, 20 per cent of Gen X and 27 per cent of Gen Y “dread auctions” and even younger buyers saw the experience as “terrifying”.Grahame Cooke of said younger Aussies “have a lot of anxiety when it comes to auctions”.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus22 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market22 hours agoIf this sight terrifies you, don’t worry: A change is coming that could benefit you. Picture: David Crosling“The research shows younger Australians are more scared about participating in auctions than older generations. Younger generations are used to the comfort and safety of their smartphones making the idea of face-to-face bidding too terrifying for many.”But he said there were options for those too anxious about face-to-face bidding, with professionals available to bid on your behalf. “Doing it this way means you get to call the shots from the comfort of your current home instead of the chaotic auction environment.” Almost one in five (18%) Aussies are scared of buying or selling at auction, a survey found.And he said the “scary” will really come out of auctions once online bidding take hold later this year.“Online auction bidding is set to come in later this year and it is likely to be popular with younger ‘digital natives’ who have grown accustomed to buying and selling other items online. It could definitely take the ‘scary’ out of auctions.” FOLLOW SOPHIE FOSTER ON FACEBOOKlast_img read more

‘Titans’ is top sports movie

first_imgAs the writers of ?Point-counterpoint,? Mike Ackerstein and Tyler Mason argued what was the best sport movie (?Point-counterpoint: Best sports movie ever,? Feb. 20). Ackerstein believed it was “Field of Dreams,” and Mason believed it to be the “Sandlot.” Both movies make good candidates, and I have watched them many times. The scene where Ray Kinsella plays catch with his father is very emotional, but there is a better sports movie that has yet to be brought up. That movie is “Remember the Titans.” The reason I believe that it is the greatest ever is that it combines so many elements.The first element has to be the racial boundaries that were very real in the early ?70s. Combining a black high school with a white high school had to be almost impossible then. Not only did the students have to intermix, but the teachers and coaches had to accept the changes as well. The pressures of these racial tensions lead to the football field, where T. C. Williams’ newest head coach ? Herman Boone, who is black?had just replaced Bill Yoast, who was white and was slotted to be inducted to the high school coaches? hall of fame. Eventually, they find out that they are much better together then they are segregated. I still remember the scene when they come out for warm-ups, dancing and singing as one.After overcoming the huge obstacle of racial tensions, the T.C. Williams football team had to overcome hardship as well, when star linebacker Gary Bertier is paralyzed in a car crash after the team wins. This brings the team even closer together as they realize how precious life is. Being an underdog is a role that many sports movies use to create a plot around, but “Remember the Titans” uses this as little as possible. Once losing Bertier to injury, the team is still able to win the state championship.The music that is used throughout the movie incorporates the attitudes at the time. Trevor Rabin was the music director of “Remember the Titans,” and he did an amazing job incorporating the music into the setting. The scene in which the team sings “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” together in the locker room can still be pictured in my mind.The acting in “Remember the Titans” that is done by Denzel Washington and Will Patton can easily be compared to the acting of Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones. The acting in ?Sandlot? cannot compare to “Remember the Titans” and “Field of Dreams,? as the names of the actors easily eclipse “Sandlot.” Where “Field of Dreams” loses points on my rating scale is that it cannot connect with everyone, whereas “Remember the Titans” leaves almost everyone accounted for.Overall, my opinion in the end is still just an opinion. I believe that everyone should be able to decide what the greatest sport movie happens to be. I believe this is why Mike Ackerstein and Tyler Mason write these articles to get people thinking about their own personal opinions.Taylor IacarellaUW [email protected]last_img read more