The best Easter eggs from Rick and Morty season 2

first_imgIn the Rick and Morty Rickstaverse Instagram game, one of the Ricks is spray-painting “The Unmarketables” characters on a wall in the Citadel of Ricks. The caption from Rick reads: “What’s that Rick tagging over there? Looks like a version of Morty and I from a crappier, less marketable dimension.”Rick and Morty and Gravity FallsAlex Hirsch, the creator of Disney XD’s popular animated show Gravity Falls was the creative director on a Disney Channel show called Fish Hooks that Justin Roiland used to write for. The two devised several nods to each other’s shows, with Hirsch showing up to voice teenage heartthrob (and target of Summer’s affections) Toby Matthews in “Big Trouble in Little Sanchez.” In that same episode, Gravity Falls antagonist Bill Cipher appears on a screen while Beth and Jerry are making Mythologies for their marriage counseling. Bill Cipher also makes an appearance in the Rickstaverse.Another Easter egg connecting the two cartoons can be found in season one’s “Close Encounters of the Rick Kind” where three objects (a notebook, a coffee mug with a question mark on it and a pen) get spit out of a random portal Rick creates with his portal gun. Fans of Gravity Falls will recognize them as the same three things sucked into another portal in the Gravity Falls episode “Society of the Blind Eye.” The same three items also appear in the Rickstaverse Instagram game in a bin labeled “???” in Galactic Federation prison processing.Transdimensional TV Easter EggsTwo visual references to the season one interdimensional cable episode “Rixty Minutes” pop up in season two’s episodes. According the Justin Roiland on the commentary track for “Big Trouble in Little Sanchez,” most of these Easter eggs are inserted in the final phase of animating the show by designers who enjoy planting them, unwritten. In that episode, the Smith family is eating breakfast that looks like eggs and sausage, but a single box of cereal also sits at the center of the table. That box isn’t just any cereal, it’s Strawberry Smiggles, the one that has an ad where children kill and eat the entrails of a cereal-hiding leprechaun.In “The Ricks Must Be Crazy,” the episode begins with a big reference to “Rixty Minutes” as Summer, Morty and Rick find a universe where there is a PG-13 Ball Fondlers movie. The action oriented A-Team riff is playing at a movie theater and one of the exterior posters advertising a new release is for 3 Brothers. In this dimension, the movie that was just called Two Brothers is about 3 Brothers… or maybe this is the sequel to 2 Brothers? That third brother looks a lot like Ice T.There are other appearances of “Rixty Minutes” shows in season two of Rick and Morty, but they show up on television, not in the same space as the characters. Morty can be seen watching Ball Fondlers and Gazorpazorpfield while Rick, Morty, and Fart are hiding out at Gearhead’s Shop in “Mortynight Run.”Rick and Squanchy and Bird PersonThe final episode of the first season of Rick and Morty introduced two of the only returning season one characters in Squanchy (voiced by Tom Kenny) and Bird Person (voiced by series co-creator Dan Harmon). In season two of the show and in the Rickstaverse Instagram game, the relationship between the three is broadened in subtle ways. Even before the season two finale “The Wedding Squanchers” where Squanchy presides over Bird Person’s wedding, the show hints that this trio was probably three of the Galactic Federation’s most wanted targets (Bird Person’s love Tammy is a Galactic Federation agent who ends up killing Bird Person at the reception in a botched sting).In the episode “Get Schwifty,” Morty accidentally stumbles across Bird Person’s planet and Bird Person takes Morty to his nest where we get to see some old pictures of Rick and Bird Person throughout the years. One of them is of Rick, Bird Person, and Squanchy in a band called “The Flesh Curtains” (it’s exactly the joke you think it is). Rick played guitar (or bass), Bird Person squaked vocals, and Squanchy was on the drums. The first season of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty cartoon had many memorable moments, but not a lot of Easter eggs for fans who were following the mythology of the show. The second season didn’t feature the return of many major characters and objects from the first, opting to forge new territory in all the episodes. That mean references to the events of previous episodes, other television shows, and earlier works by co-creator Justin Roiland were relegated to Easter egg status on the show and corresponding marketing material. We’ve collected some of our favorite Easter eggs from season two of Rick and Morty.The origin of the parasite eggs from “Total Rickall”This is the Easter egg that connects two episodes and provides the basis for the crazy multiverse theory that could lead to the return of Krombopulos Michael even though he died at the end of his debut appearance. It has to do with the origins of the parasites that infect the Smith family during “Total Rickall,” and was confirmed by a blog post by James McDermott, the Art Director for season two.“If you noticed the green rocks from [“Mortynight Run”] that Rick puts in the trunk of his ship you might have seen a couple pink eggs attached to the rocks, the same rocks Rick throws in the trash at the top of this episode. The first parasite, post transformation, is the only one with larvae growing off its back suggesting that others had been laid in the house.” Mr. Meeseeks in Blipz and ChitzAt San Diego Comic-Con 2015, Dan Harmon told the audience that the second season of Rick and Morty wouldn’t have a lot of returning characters when prompted by a question about the evil Eyepatch Morty from season one.“There are a couple of instances where the joyful TV viewer in me says we should’ve done another Meeseeks episode… But overall we had a very gun-shy approach of avoiding that temptation.” Mr. Meeseeks fans had to settle for the character’s brief background appearance in “Mortynight Run”. There’s a Meeseeks standing beside and alien character playing some sort of game when Rick and Morty are walking through Blipz and Chitz. On the season two DVD/Blu-Ray commentary track, Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon and Ryan Ridley discuss that this appearance means the Meeseeks are not a Rick Sanchez invention. The Meeseeks Box could still be something Rick came up with to harness Meeseeks from a Meeseek dimension or planet, but it’s more likely that a Meeseeks Box is a product Rick came across in his travels.The UnmarketablesYou’ve probably heard of “The Adventures of Doc and Mahrti,” the short cartoon Justin Roiland animated that became the basis for Rick and Morty. But, have you heard of “The Unmarketables?”“The Unmarketables” is another progenitor of the Rick and Morty characters animated by Roiland. The adult of the pair who looks like a bloated Rick (and is voiced by Roiland, complete with burps) is named Poopybutthole Poo-erson. The much more crudely drawn Morty-looking character is named Pumpkin Seeds and Peanuts (and is voiced by Andy Dick). The two are paired off again in the first “Expansion Pack” for the Rick and Morty Rickstaverse Instagram game. In the Galactic Federation prison processing, Squanchy, and Bird Person’s files are pulled up on two computers side-by-side. They’re the only recognizable characters that show up that way, in that world. This lead to brief speculation that Bird Person could possibly still be alive despite having been shot, but the Rickstaverse isn’t strictly canon.Smith House RepairsAccording to Dan Harmon on the season two commentary track, damage that is done to the Smith house tracks across multiple episodes.In the final episode of season one, a party that Rick and Summer throw at the house lead to some equipment being knocked over by Morty (who catches Squanchy squanching). That equipment teleports the entire house to a different dimension inside some sort of bubble teleportation field. Also, one of the walls in the Smith Family house is knocked down by Abradolf Lincler. Rick ports the house back home, and they freeze time to fix the wall and clean up after the party. However, for the rest of the series, there is a circular crack that runs through all the concrete around the Smith home from when it was ripped out of the ground. At the end of the episode “Auto Erotic Assimilation,” Jerry is using a weed whacker on the driveway, trying to cut weeds growing up out of the crack.Harmon brings up the damage continuity during the season two episode “Look Who’s Purging Now,” when Summer and Jerry launch a probe (Rick and Morty’s battle suits) through the roof in Rick’s garage. In the next episode, “The Wedding Squanchers” there are two planks of wood covering the hole, and, according to Harmon, that’s just part of the house now. It may just be a cool aside to most people who watch the show, but it’s also an element that has strung many of the season two episodes together, refuting the fan theory that some weeks we’re watching an alternate universe Smith family.last_img read more