Morocco Dismisses Imam Who Attributed Recent Earthquakes to Divine Wrath

Rabat – The Moroccan Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs dismissed a Moroccan imam following controversial comments on the earthquake that hit Morocco recently.Amid widespread uproar among Moroccans following Imam Yahya El Mdaghri’s sermon last Friday, the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs has reportedly decided to dismiss the imam, according to news website Qushq.The imam, who was affiliated with the Hamza Mosque in Salé, Rabat twin’s city, was relieved of his duties after he made controversial comments attributing the recent series of earthquakes in Nador and Al Hoceima in northeast Morocco to divine wrath in his latest sermon. His firing has been jointly endorsed by the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs and Salé’s Local Scientific Council after a nearly ten-minute audio clip was leaked. In the video, the imam described northern Morocco as “mired in drug trafficking” and asserted that its inhabitants deserved the disasters.The audio clip caused a wave of indignation among northern Morocco’s inhabitants who filed a lawsuit against the imam, calling his recent statements offensive to Morocco’s northern region.They also described El Mdaghri as “ISIS-like” because of his latest sermon, which has been described by many Moroccan social media users as “nonsense” and not aligned with the true principles of Islam, which call for standing in solidarity with those in need.Edited by Kelsey Fish read more