Spanish Police Arrest Moroccan Athlete For Alleged Robbery

Rabat – Spanish police arrested today, September 4 Moroccan athlete, Jaouad Tougane, for alleged robbery. The athlete was caught in the act four times in the past week, in different shopping centers around the city of Valencia, southeast of Spain.Spanish newspaper Las Provincias reported that the athlete was well known for local police of Valencia. Back in July 2019, Tougane was arrested for the same reason, and then released one day later.“Although he expresses his regret after getting caught by security guards, it is the tenth time that the young Moroccan steals electronics and escapes to sell them later in the streets of Valencia,” explains Las Provincias. “On August 18, the young Moroccan committed two robberies in a few hours in the same shopping center. He stole a Virtual Reality set, then came back the afternoon to steal more electronics,” adds the Spanish newspapers.After his first arrest, Tougane spent one night behind bars, but the police released him the next day. The athlete returned a few days later to the same shopping center where he was arrested and stole clothes and other merchandise to the value of more than €800.The Moroccan athlete could face 6 to 18 months in prison for reoffending.In July, Playas de Castellon Athletics Club expelled Tougane after his involvement in the robberies.Born in Morocco, the 27-year-old athlete has lived in Spain since his childhood. He participated in many athletics competitions. Tougane was the champion of Valencia’s Marathon in 2018. He also participated with Morocco’s national athletics team in the 5000m competitions at the 2016 Rio Olympics. read more