Humboldt Crabs top Menlo Park Legends on David Hamilton’s walk-off home run

first_imgARCATA >> Spotting the opposition a six-run lead was far from how Tyson Fisher envisioned the start Sunday’s series finale against the Menlo Park Legends going. But his team’s subsequent comeback was just about as good as it gets.They chipped, chipped, chipped away at the early deficit.Then, with one crack of the bat, delivered the knockout punch.David Hamilton’s solo home run high into netting beyond the right field wall with one out in the bottom of the ninth inning not only gave the Crabs …last_img read more

Junk-DNA Stock Tumbles

first_imgThose investing credibility in the concept of “junk DNA” suffered more losses this week.  Repeated hits to the paradigm that portions of non-coding DNA are useless leftovers of evolution make a recovery unlikely.    In Science,1 researchers from Princeton and Indiana University reported a function for transposons and the genes that act on them, “previously considered selfish DNA or part of the dispensable genome.”  A small eukaryote microbe uses enzymes called transposases extensively during development.  “Through an exaggerated process of genome rearrangement, Oxytricha trifallax destroys 95% of its germline genome during development,” they said, resulting in the elimination of all transposon DNA.  What’s going on?  “We show that transposase gene expression occurs during germline-soma differentiation and that silencing of transposase by RNA interference leads to abnormal DNA rearrangement in the offspring,” they said.  “This study suggests a new important role in Oxytricha for this large portion of genomic DNA that was previously thought of as junk.”Update 05/20/2009: PhysOrg reported on this paper and said, “researchers from Princeton University and Indiana University who have been studying the genome of a pond organism have found that junk DNA may not be so junky after all.  They have discovered that DNA sequences from regions of what had been viewed as the ‘dispensable genome’ are actually performing functions that are central for the organism.”  At the end of the article, PhysOrg said, “The term ‘junk DNA’ was originally coined to refer to a region of DNA that contained no genetic information.  Scientists are beginning to find, however, that much of this so-called junk plays important roles in the regulation of gene activity.  No one yet knows how extensive that role may be.”    Another press release from Rockefeller University upset a common idea about micro-RNAs, those ubiquitous little snippets of RNA that have been found to play many important roles in the cell.  Some of these microRNAs are highly conserved (i.e., unevolved) between distant life-forms.  The assumption has been that they play similar roles; “The na?ve assumption is that if we understand what these microRNAs do in a fish or in the frog, we can extrapolate to humans,” Ali H. Brivanlou, the head of the embryology department, said.  That assumption appears to be flawed.  They found that the counterpart in humans targets different activator proteins.personify evolution as a bumbling yet personal inventor:“When evolution has lucked into efficient solutions for life’s most fundamental problems, it adopts them as invaluable family heirlooms, passing them down as one species evolves into another.”“Although the microRNAs are evolutionarily conserved, their target changes across species,” said Brivanlou.  “These are genetic tools that nature has invented, much like the screwdriver, to build different things for different species.” 1.  Nowacki et al, “A Functional Role for Transposases in a Large Eukaryotic Genome,” Science, 15 May 2009: Vol. 324. no. 5929, pp. 935-938, DOI: 10.1126/science.1170023.Replacing one myth with another is not progress.  Junk DNA is a Darwinian myth that intelligent design theory could have prevented.  Geneticists looking through their Darwin-tinted glasses have misinterpreted the genome, because they expected to find waste and disorder.  An ID geneticist would face the problem differently: we don’t understand what the microRNAs and non-coding DNA segments are doing; therefore, we will discover what they are there for.    The Darwinists have not learned their lesson.  Instead, they are retreating into their usual Charlie & Tinker Bell fairy tale.  Tinker Bell zaps genes with her mutation wand, and Charlie, the bumbling junkyard engineer, looks for scraps to cobble together into family heirlooms.  This adds the fallacies of naive assumptions [i.e., glittering generalies] and extrapolation to their logical sins.  It takes intelligence to invent a tool and use it for multiple functions.(Visited 11 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Farm groups file brief in N.C. nuisance lawsuit

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The National Pork Producers Council, the American Farm Bureau, North Carolina Farm Bureau, and North Carolina Pork Producers Council last week weighed in on an appeal to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals seeking to overturn the $50 million verdict awarded in the first of three trials earlier this year against the North Carolina hog industry.These runaway punitive damages awards against producers engaged in common and highly regulated farm activities threaten rural economies. Amongst other issues raised, the appeal noted that The North Carolina Right to Farm Act, which recognizes that normal farming practices do not constitute a nuisance, prohibits these types of lawsuits. The brief also cautioned that the damage from the ruling would likely lead to unwarranted and costly litigation against farms across the United States if the verdict was allowed to stand.last_img read more

How Microsoft’s Kinect For Windows Will Upgrade Your Monitor For Windows 8

first_imgRelated Posts 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout “The Pathfinder application using Kinect for Windows is a game changer in terms of the way we can engage with consumers,” said John Brancheau, vice president of marketing at Nissan North America, in a statement. “It’s a powerful pre-sales tool that has the potential to revolutionize the dealer experience.”Razorfish’s Ashley, who has worked with clients on four Kinect for Windows projects himself, said that the Kinect for Windows technology still needs three key enhancements in both the PC and retail environments:1. Fine finger detection (which rival startup Leap Motion says it can achieve)2. Facial recognition, to determine if a user smiles or frowns while viewing the ad;3. A commonly understood set of gestures, like the “pinch to zoom” interface of the tablet.The far future of Kinect, Ashley believes, is the interactive mall, where augmented reality and gesture detection merge. There, users will receive information on their smartphones or Google Glasses, and interact with storefronts whose displays contain embedded Kinect sensors.Lang pointed the possibility of a virtual dressing room, with realistic virtual clothes – a problem that many have tried and failed to solve.“With enough stores, you’ll interact with complete malls,” Ashley said. “With enough malls, the technology will start moving beyond the mall.”Perhaps, finally, onto your desktop PC. In a year’s time, presumably, we’ll all be living in the touch-screen world of Windows 8. But what happens to the millions of non-touch-enabled monitors already on laptops desktops around the world? Three words: Kinect for Windows.Microsoft said this week that Kinect for Windows – a slightly different version of the the Xbox peripheral that lets you control the action with body movements alone – will be supported both by Windows 8 as well as Microsoft’s development tools, Microsoft .NET 4.5 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, in a new release scheduled for Oct. 8. Users can buy Kinect for Windows for $149 direct from Microsoft ($100 off the regular price) – but you’ll have to wait until the .NET/VS app framework Microsoft is seeding actually produces some usable Kinect software.Kinect is a leading part of what Microsoft refers to as NUI, or Natural User Interface, “where the technology kind of disappears,” according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.Many consumers – and virtually all gamers – are familiar with the Kinect peripheral for the Xbox, where a combination of infrared cameras and noise-cancelling microphones “sees” players, and can interpret hand-waving as the flapping of wings or a kick as a shot on goal. The Kinect can then decipher where the user actually “is,” either interpreting gestures as controls or even “transforming” him into a household object, like a chair.But while Kinect for Xbox senses motion at a distance of feet, Kinect for Windows adds a “near mode” to sense a user waving his hands, pointing, or otherwise gesturing at up to 40 centimeters away from the screen. That changes the game.Kinect For The PC “So suddenly we have something that makes sense in a desktop scenario, and we get closer to [the type of interface in] Minority Report,” where windows are being slid across the screen,” said James Ashley, a presentation-layer architect for the Emerging Experiences Group at Razorfish, who has helped develop four projects based on Kinect for Windows. “That unlocked the possibility of having Kinect at work, and putting a Kinect sensor above your monitor.”Ashley said multimonitor setups will benefit from being able to slide objects and windows around easily, and workers making a presentation will be able to easily interact with virtual objects.But why do we need Kinect for Windows, when Microsoft’s Windows 8 is based upon touch? Utility and aesthetics.Gestures vs. Touch“Basically, there’s two different ways of interacting with the world,” Ashley explained. “What we know with the touch interface is that it doesn’t really do away with the keyboard and mouse. Obviously data entry is something we can’t do easily with touch interfaces. And there’s the same sort of thing, where gestures will make more sense than just doing touch.”“Besides the data entry thing, you’re constantly dirtying up your monitor,” with the Windows 8 touch interface, Ashley added. “And that’s just annoying. Why do we have this amazing new interface, where, if you’re using it correctly, you’re constantly smudging your screen? So the gestural interfaces won’t necessarily introduce something superior, just something new: one more way of interacting with computers.”One aspect of Kinect that’s held it back, according to Evan Lang, research director for “interactive experience” developer IdentityMine, is its poor resolution: at normal distance, the sensor can tell whether it’s a man or a woman with about 90% confidence. “For things like whether someone’s happy, or judge their facial expression, people usually stand too far away,” Lang said.But we’re still waiting for the killer app that will take Kinect for Windows out of the development sphere and make it a consumer device. According to Ashley, who wrote a book on developing for the Kinect, Microsoft tried (and failed) to work gestures into Office, but has since decided to let the ingenuity of developers lead the way. And the first place they’re going is advertising.Kinect For Windows’ First Market? Interactive AdsMicrosoft launched Kinect for Windows at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, where Ballmer announced that the company would partner with United Health Group, Toyota, Telefonica, Mattel and American Express. No, that doesn’t mean you’ll use it in your Camry. Instead, advertisers apparently love it.To date, interactive advertising via Kinect for Windows is virtually the only application that Microsoft or its partners have publicized. “Touch free interfaction really lends itself well to marketing,” IdentityMine’s Lang said. IdentityMine worked with Nissan to develop an interactive Nissan Pathfinder exhibit, where a IdentityMine spokeswoman noted that the company has worked with Kinect on numerous occasions, including both the Xbox and Kinect for Windows sensors.At the Chicago Auto Show, IdentityMine built an interactive demonstration using a Kinect for Windows sensor, a monitor and a computer that’s running the Pathfinder application built with the Kinect for Windows SDK. The app, since deployed to 16 dealerships, was designed to show off the new Nissan Pathfinder SUV – before the car was physically available. The Kinect app (demonstrated in the video below) lets potential buyers virtually enter the vehicle, fold seats up and down, and open the tailgate, among other actions. 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People… markhachman 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… Tags:#gaming#Microsoft#web last_img read more

Microsoft Launches Windows 8: So Different, Yet Just The Same?

first_imgThe last time that Microsoft promised such a revamp of the operating system was with Windows Vista, an upgrade from Windows XP that was roundly panned for being bloated and awkward. Obviously mindful of that, Microsoft emphasized the advantages of simply taking a Windows 7 machine and installing Windows 8 on it: battery life improvements of up to 13%, and a reduction of memory usage by 22%. Overall, the Windows experience can be made 45% faster – whatever that means – simply by installing Windows 8, said Microsoft’s corporate vice president of the Windows planning, hardware and PC ecosystem, Mike Angiulo.Already, more than 16 million pre-release installations of Windows 8 have been installed, Microsoft executives said, meaning that computer users have had time to become familiar and to hammer out bugs. In total, the pre-release program and Microsoft’s own work has equated to 1.24 billion hours of pre-release testing, the most of any product ever, according to the company.Windows 8: Different, But Still The SameMicrosoft also took pains to address the familiarity issue. In a short rundown of Windows 8’s features, Microsoft executives took pains to emphasise, for example, that the Start button might be gone, but that a (hidden) button in the lower left-hand corner, the same default location as Windows 7’s Start button, also hid Windows 8’s application switcher, so that users could easily navigate between applications, as they had before. And although executives showed off the advantages of the Windows UI or “Metro” interface, they also spent time in the traditional desktop mode, which mimics Windows 7.For example, Julie Larson-Green, corporate vice president of program management for the Windows Experience, who was tasked with reimagining the Windows environment, noted that users could swipe and perform gestures with either a mouse or touchscreen, another nod to the familiar Windows environment and peripherals.Windows RT, the version of Windows designed for tablets powered by ARM processors, will represent the “Windows experience” on cheaper hardware, executives said. Fifty of the 53 most popular printers work with Windows RT, and most apps sold via the Windows Store will work with RT.Solid PC SupportMore than 1,000 certified PCs will run Windows 8, Microsoft executives said, with Steve Ballmer claiming that hardware partners like Dell, HP, Lenovo and others had created the “best PCs ever made.”Many will work both as a PC or tablet, Ballmer said. “With Windows 8 we brought together the best of both worlds: the PC and the tablet, your work life and play,” he added.PC manufacturers used the occasion to disclose the prices of PCs they had previously disclosed; Microsoft, for its part, encouraged consumers to visit the Microsoft Store to get an idea of the breadth and range of prices that those manufacturers offered. Apps Still A Question MarkBut Microsoft executives spoke with somewhat less assurance when describing the Windows Store, the central repository for apps for Windows RT, and a key source for apps for Windows 8. Sinofsky called the Windows Store a “grand opening,” but didn’t specify exactly how many apps have been added to the Store, or how many will run Windows RT as well. Executives highlighted apps like UrbanSpoon, for example, which can be shared among users. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts markhachmancenter_img Sinofsky did claim, however, that the Windows Store would launch with more apps than any competing apps store contained at its opening.Web sites can also be pinned to the Start screen, so that Web pages can be somewhat considered apps, executives said. Microsoft’s own apps, powered by Bing, include News, Finance, Maps, Weather, and Sports. Microsoft also recently integrated Skype, which Ballmer called “useful” and “fun”, and an integral part of the OS. Microsoft also tied its Xbox gaming console with Smartglass, the Windows 8 tablet app that can be used to control and order movies to be played back on the user’s TV screen. Windows Phone 8, which will be formally unveiled on Monday, will also share the user’s data in the “live tile” interface used by Windows 8.Microsoft – And The PC Industry – Banking On Windows 8What’s clear, though, is Microsoft needs a hit. IDC and Gartner reported that PC unit sales fell more than 8% during the third quarter, although whether that is because of consumers moving to alternatives like tablets or just waiting for Windows 8 remains to be seen. Meanwhile, Microsoft is hurting. In the quarter that ended in September, sales and earnings both declined from from last year, although that doesn’t reflect $1.36 billion of deferred revenue. “There are 670 million PCs just waiting to be upgraded to Windows 8,” Ballmer said. “That is a very large number.” In the next year, analysts are projecting that the PC industry will sell 400 million new PCs, most of which will run Windows 8, he added.What’s interesting is that, although Microsoft spent some time describing the differences between Windows 8 and Windows RT, it never announced the price.Retailers like Newegg had previously revealed the prices of Windows 8, including that the full version would be released for $99.99, and that Windows 8 Professional would be released for $139.99. A digital upgrade to Windows 8 Pro will cost $69.99, NewEgg had said, the same price as the Pro Pack. But a Microsoft representative didn’t confirm either the $99.99 or $139.99 offering. For its part, Microsoft said that through the end of January, consumers currently running PCs with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 are qualified to download an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99. Windows 7 PCs purchased between June 2, 2012, and Jan. 31, 2013, can download an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $14.99 with the Windows Upgrade Offer site. An upgrade to Windows Pro can be purchased on DVD for $69.99, Microsoft said.There are two versions of Windows 8 (aside from Windows RT): the basic and undoubtedly the most popular version, as well as Windows 8 Pro, which adds the Media Center functionality that allows a PC to serve as a DVR of sorts. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… After months of anticipation, on Thursday Microsoft officially launched Windows 8, which Windows chief Steven Sinofsky called the “best release of Windows ever.” Ironically, Microsoft executives tried to emphasize that Windows 8 wasn’t that different from Windows 7, either. So similar, in fact, that Microsoft didn’t announce a standalone price for Windows 8.At midnight around the world, Microsoft and its partners will begin selling Windows 8 – through retail, Microsoft’s hardware partners and the Microsoft Store. Users will have two options: either upgrade their existing Windows PCs, or else buy new hardware that has Windows 8 (or its little brother, Windows RT)  pre-installed. A touchscreen-enabled Windows 8 PC will cost as little as $499, an unprecedented low price, executives claimed.“Windows 8 is a major milestone in the evolution and the revolution of personal computing,” Sinofsky said.Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer also chimed in. “What you’ve seen and heard should leave no doubt that Windows 8 shatters perceptions of what a PC really is,” he told an audience in New York City on Thursday.Can Windows 8 Top Windows 7?Still trying to have it both ways, Microsoft opened its launch event by reminding consumers of the success of Windows 7, an extremely popular operating system that consumers will have to decide whether or not to upgrade. “Windows 7 has become the most widely used and widely praised OS ever,” Sinofsky said, with more than 670 million licenses sold to businesses and consumers. In fact, Windows 7 saw the fastest adoption by businesses ever, Sinofsky said.Nevertheless, “We shunned the incremental,” Sinofsky said of Windows 8. “We boldly reimagined the experience.” Tags:#apps#Microsoft#Windows 8#windows 8 rt last_img read more

Ministry nod for Konkan Railway expansion



first_imgNo one can deny the fact that New Zealand have been catching up to Australia in the Touch standings and the Australian Touch Association (ATA) is certainly not about to let themselves be overtaken. The ATA and the Board of Directors has identified the need to improve not only the elite areas in Australian Touch but also the development at grass roots level. After the ATA Board of Directors meeting was held last weekend, the ATA are pleased to announce Louis Tompkins has been given charge of the men and women in white and diamonds (the referees), while Cathy Gray has been re-affirmed as the High Performance Programes Director. Gray, currently the ATA Director of Elite Programs, will continue in her role with the passion and commitment she has already demonstrated for so many years. Lou has been a member of the Federation of International Touch referees panel for the past 9 years, a member of the National Referees Panel for the last 11 years and if that’s not enough…a member of the NSW Referees Panel for 17 years! His experience and knowledge will benefit Australia’s top referees as well as encourage the growth and development of our up and coming referees. Not only is Lou qualified as a referee, referee presenter, referee coach and Touch coach, he has playing experience and administrator within NSW and has been heavily involved with the Penrith Rugby League affiliate in the past. Lou and the ATA will soon be calling for Nominations for the National Referee Panel in four portfolio areas; Education and Training, Communication, Coaching and Assessment and Affiliate/Youth referee development. All four of these portfolios are crucial to the development of refereeing in Australia. For Cathy, the work load is certain to get no lighter. Australian Touch is already setting it’s sight on retaining the World Cup in South Africa in 2007 and then winning back the Youth World Cup in 2009. Cathy will play a vital role as the High Performance Programs Director and will no doubt have a heavy load of pressure on her shoulders as the World Cup approaches. At the end of those long days of work she may be wishing she wasn’t spending her holidays away from those delightful Year 7-12 students she teaches at school! By Rachel Moyle, [email protected]last_img read more

Xavier Dolan hopes Oscar nod will boost audience for new film

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Actor Lorne Cardinal wants Indigenous people to break through the white ceiling

first_imgLindsay RichardsonAPTN NewsAcclaimed Cree actor Lorne Cardinal says he wants to teach Indigenous youth to give up their fear.Speaking to a crowd gathered in Winnipeg for the Vision Quest conference and trade show, a two-day networking event bringing together Indigenous youth, artists, and entrepreneurs, Cardinal’s keynote speech focused on conquering insecurities, staying curious, and the importance of education.Wearing a black brocade jacket and a shell necklace, Cardinal reiterated the same crucial message in an interview with APTN News.“I mean shyness is good when you’re being polite about it, but when it starts debilitating you from talking to somebody – a potential employer or a potential business partner, then it becomes a problem,” Cardinal said.“Then you’re creating a problem for yourself.”As a film and television actor with more than three decades of experience, Cardinal has held prominent roles in shows like Corner Gas, North of 60, and APTN’s stop motion animated series Wapos Bay: The Series, among others.“It’s important to put the shyness aside and be able to stand tall and say ‘hi I’m so and so, from so and so,’ and that only comes with self-confidence,” he said.But Cardinal’s ascent into screen and stage acting hasn’t been without obstacles.As a child, he says he struggled with debilitating stage fright as the self-described “shy brown child” in his class.“It was terrifying the first time I public spoke in grade three – I passed out. And then when I tried it in grade 7 I threw up,” he said. “So I’ve had a little love-hate thing with speaking in public.”“[Now] I take a breath and go ‘here we go,’” Cardinal added.Even as the first Indigenous graduate with a bachelor of fine arts degree in acting from the University of Alberta, Cardinal encountered dissent and resistance when thrust into the “real world’ of acting.“There was still a lot of the attitude of I could only audition or read for Native parts,” he explained. “You know, I’d go approach an artistic director and say ‘I want to audition for you’ and [they’d say] ‘we’re not doing any native-themed plays this year.’”As Indigenous leaders and industry players work to “break through the white ceiling,” as Cardinal puts it, the power to create real changes comes with confidence, and persistence.“That attitude is changing – slowly, but it is changing. And the more that we have trained Indigenous people in schools, in theatre schools or in technical schools – it makes it easier,” he [email protected]@sentimtllast_img read more

Where Oregons Fall Under Mark Helfrich Ranks AllTime

VIDEO: Ohio State’s chances are better than most No. 1 comes with its own special circumstances: SMU was given the NCAA’s “death penalty” in 1987, canceling an entire season and severely damaging the school’s football program for years after. Other cases involve a new coach coming in with disastrous results, such as when Southern Miss fell from 12-2 to 0-12 in a single season after replacing Larry Fedora with Ellis Johnson. But Helfrich oversaw the high and the low — even if the high was built from the foundation laid by Chip Kelly during his four seasons in Eugene. Now the Ducks must find a new coach for only the fifth time in four decades, and rebuild the pieces of what was a great program until very recently. Share on Facebook It wasn’t surprising that the Oregon Ducks fired head football coach Mark Helfrich on Tuesday night, given Oregon’s 4-8 overall record, its 2-7 mark within the Pac-12 and the fact that the team lost eight of its final 10 games to close the season. Even by the standards of a school that rarely changes coaches, this was a fireable type of season. What was surprising, however, was how quickly things unraveled for the Ducks. Exactly 700 days — and 26 games — ago, Oregon was coming off a 59-20 shellacking of the then-undefeated, defending-champion Florida State Seminoles, and the Ducks were 7-point favorites in the national title game against Ohio State.Then the wheels fell off. What followed was the fourth-biggest decline — at least, according to the Elo rating system we like to use here at FiveThirtyEight — for any school over a 26-game span since the AP poll ushered in college football’s modern era in 1936:1For the purposes of the chart, the 26 games had to occur over no more than four seasons, to filter out teams that went on long hiatuses from Division I-A before returning many years later. read more