Press Talk How the heck will 2014 go

first_imgWith such a crazy year now in our rearview mirror, I wonder what the heck will happen in 2014. I put on my thinking cap to try to figure it out. Not much luck. Frankly I found it easier to see what won’t happen. Then again … (smiley face). You decide.JanuaryCounty Commissioner Steve Stuart — beaten and battered in 2013 by Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke — opts not to run for re-election. “There’s only so much a mostly grown man can take,” Stuart said. “The M&M boys have won.”FebruaryAbsolutely no one — and I mean no one — was interested in The Columbian’s Don’t Do Stupid Stuff mugs when they went on sale again after selling out the first four orders. “We’re not interested in poking a little good-natured fun at people,” one reader tells us. “No more chugalugs with your goofy mugs.”MarchState Rep. Jim Moeller — rated the most liberal human being to ever walk the face of the Earth — finally found a tax he could vote against. “Truth is,” Moeller said, “I introduced a bill to tax us politicians when we use the people’s money to do our laundry and eat and other silly stuff. Then I voted against the bill I introduced so The Columbian could no longer say I’ve never seen a tax I didn’t like!”AprilVancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt finally broke his New Year’s resolution to keep his clothes on in public. It happened at a regularly scheduled city council meeting when Vancouver nonresident Carolyn Crain asked if he would wobble with her.last_img read more