Firearm licence for all registered fishing boats

first_imgDear Editor,I have been following the horrific tragedy of my Guyanese brothers who were mercilessly slaughtered at the hands of pirates.My deepest sympathy goes out to the families of the deceased and all those who have suffered. I have a suggestion that I think can stop piracy on the high seas and what I am suggesting must be addressed immediately by the Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan.Every fishing boat must be registered and licensed. Every fishing boat captain must be registered and licensed. Every registered captain must be given a firearm licence and a firearm which will be kept at the Police Station nearest to the captain’s residence. Whenever the captain is going out to sea, he must submit a list with the names of his crew and time of departure to the Police station. An officer from the station must uplift the firearm from the station and escort the captain to his boat and hand over the firearm before departure. Upon return from his fishing trip, the captain must immediately report to the Police station and surrender his firearm which will be kept there until he is ready to go to sea again.Regards,K Jones (Canada)last_img read more