Rains Hit Red Light Again

first_imgNow the much expected Rainy Season has once again hit the nation to the woe of traders in the nation’s largest food market, Red Light, selling food and other wares in filth and squalor.The Red Light Market, situated in the business district of Paynesville, plays host to hundreds of Liberian and foreign owned businesses, as well as petty traders that feed greater Monrovia with the critically needed goods and services.The majority of the business people at the Red Light Market are women based in Monrovia, while many others come from rural Liberia with an array of needed goods for the urban markets.Many of the traders and rural business people that are doing business at the Red Light Market in Paynesville endure incredible hardships in the midst of mud and garbage.According to some of the traders, sanitation companies contracted to collect and dispose the volumes of garbage and other waste have over the years miserably failed to meet the expectations of the support partners.Sadly, the traders argued that despite their extensive suggestions and recommendations advanced to sanitation companies and support partners for the inclusion of themselves (traders) in the collection of the garbage, such recommendations have allegedly fallen on deaf ears.The disenchanted traders told the Daily Observer Thursday that year in and year out, the Red-light Market in Paynesville has encountered perennial hardship in the midst of the rotten garbage and mud.They also explained that owing to the strategic location of the Red-light Market in Paynesville, it serves as the epicenter for sustained commercial activities outside Monrovia.“We want all the sanitation companies and support partners to redesign the current strategies of garbage collection and include all the traders and foreign and Liberian owned businesses at the Red Light Market.”The Red Light Market’s business people noted that the Liberian Government and Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) “must wake up from their slumber and swiftly address” the perennial challenges of the business district outside Monrovia.In separate interviews conducted by the Daily Observer with some of the affected business people and traders at the Red-light Market this week, they called on the PCC administration to be proactive in the collection and disposal of the rotten garbage.Foreign businessman Khalid B. Mustapha said the extensive efforts aimed at the sustained collection and disposal of the garbage should be done on a daily basis at the Red-light Market.“As a foreign business person, I’m ready to fund and work with the PCC’s sanitation workers in order to enhance the collection and disposal of this rotten garbage from this market area,” Mr. Mustapha assured.Another foreign businesswoman, Fatoumata Diallo, underscored the need for the PCC’s sanitation workers to work out plans with sanitation experts that would practically respond to the critical sanitation crisis of the Red-light Market.“I can personally assure Liberians and partners that some of us are ready to give support against this never ending menace at this big Red-light Market in Paynesville,” Madam Diallo stressed.A Liberian owned businesswoman Jeanette Browne told the Daily Observer that the PCC’s sanitation workers must be provided the critical working tools that would be responsive to current reality on the ground at the Red-light market in Paynesville.Madam Jeanette stressed the need for the PCC and support partners to intensify the monitoring and evaluation component of the sanitation projects of Monrovia and its environs.In a related development, traders, foreign and Liberian owned business owners have sounded an urgent appeal to all sanitation companies and support partners to step up some aggressive approaches to the sanitation crisis looming at the Red Light Market in Paynesville.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more