Bringing Guyana into disgrace

first_imgDear Editor,I do not often respond to articles of other writers but it is expedient that I respond to two articles written recently. These are The Peeper and the other by Lincoln Lewis. Of the two writers, The Peeper was somewhat subtle in his assessment of the Kadir matter, unlike Lewis who was his usual shameless self in full support of evil and evil regime actions.The matter before us is the “honouring” of the former parliamentarian Abdul Kadir by the PNC-led coalition in the hallowed House of Parliament.  This salute to a convicted criminal comes ten months after his death in prison for a terrorist plot to blow up the JFK Airport. There are audio tapes to prove that this man is guilty of plotting to blow up the airport at rush-hour traffic, causing mass casualties to persons using the said facility. Kadir was found guilty by way of investigation under the Terrorist Act of the USA and sentenced to life imprisonment where he later died in incarceration.Now, to acclaim this man as a “hero” for his contribution to the State called Guyana or, to put it in Lincoln’s words, “normal” for the National Assembly to give recognition to deceased MPs is shamefully ludicrous. I say shamefully ludicrous because Lincoln is simply dressing up a terrorist by a new name in the same way he and his comrades are calling corruption by a new name. If Lincoln wants to play the fool, he can, but do not encapsulate my country, my people, in such an asinine move. We would never be part of that.If he and his PNC comrades want to congratulate, acclaim, or whatever the term they might want to call it, then do so at Congress Place, but not in The National Assembly. What was done in Parliament last Friday will go down as an acclamation of “The People of Guyana” when in truth and fact, it is the PNC that is making that resolution. This move must be condemned by all right-thinking persons.The point I am making is that these writers are under the deceitful and conceited notion that a person that did not carry out an act cannot be considered guilty. Well, they are ever so wrong, you cannot wait for a terrorist to carry out an act then call him a terrorist, the fact is his evil schemes can prove that he is a terrorist. Their foolish interpretation is a “thief is only a thief when he is caught”. This is utter trash and Lincoln and others are peddling that form of foolishness to a civilised world.  Or, greater still, try telling the Sri Lankan people that foolishness that these plotters who caused mass killings over there were not terrorists. Subtlety and the ability to go undetected is the means on which terrorism thrives, so this nonsense peddled by Lincoln and friends is outrageous, to say the least.So, the point is established that the PNC wants the world to know that they are supporters of terrorism, only this time bringing the hallowed name of our country into its disgraceful scheme.He is a convicted terrorist there is no doubt about that.Respectfully,Neil   Adamslast_img read more