Behind the Scenes: Where Nassau’s Winners & Losers Partied on Election Night

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York By Spencer Rumsey and Rashed Mian[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s the clock struck 9 p.m. Tuesday, the Democratic Party faithful at glitzy Garden City Hotel let out an exuberant cheer.“It’s 0-0!” one Democrat supporter yelled to a group of people seated at his table, as if the hotly contested race for Nassau District Attorney, the top-of-the-ticket contest, resembled the first inning of a World Series match-up. If Mets fans were in attendance, they were surely wishing for a more favorable outcome.The extravagant hotel had opened its ballroom doors to partiers at 8 p.m. but it wasn’t until an hour later that a couple hundred blue-blooded Democrats streamed inside. While the entire county-wide Democratic ticket attended the election night party, most of their supporters were there to see acting Nassau District Attorney Madeline Singas—the novice campaigner and Kathleen Rice apprentice. Singas had stumped hard to formally get elected to the position she assumed in January following Rice’s ascension to Congress last year. But standing in her way was GOP powerhouse Kate Murray, who had served as Hempstead Town Supervisor for more than a decade and was a key cog in the mighty Republican machine that dominates Nassau politics.Polls released throughout the campaign signaled that Singas would be the underdog going into Election Day, but you wouldn’t know it at the Garden City Hotel. Drinks were flowing—martinis appeared to be the preferred conversation lubricant of the evening—and most staunch supporters were in good spirits, aside for a select few who sat glued to News12 Long Island coverage beamed from a large screen at the corner of the room.At one point, Cablevision’s news channel aired footage of Singas, prompting boisterous applause.A few minutes later, the entire crowd was awarded a better view.At about 9:15 p.m., the career prosecutor walked inside the opulent banquet hall. She wore a confident smile that belied how grueling her months-long campaign had been—a campaign, she’d admit later, that cost her precious time with her young children.If Singas was battling any nerves, her emotions did not betray her. She worked the room like a seasoned politician would, zigzagging through the crowd, embracing friends and family with appreciative hugs, graciously shaking hands with fellow Democrats, and posing for dozens of photos as the ubiquitous gaze of smartphone cameras followed her every move. She stuck around for more than a half-hour. Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” echoed through the ballroom moments before her exit.Standing by risers meant for news crews documenting the election was Nassau Democratic Committee Chairman Jay Jacobs. He said he “felt good” about Singas’ chances. Maybe Democrats knew something no one else did.As reporters struggled to review election results on Nassau’s Board of Election’s archaic website, cheers rang out amid reports that Singas had a seemingly insurmountable lead.With the ballroom teeming with excitement, Singas emerged once more shortly after 11 p.m. This time she headed straight for the stage to declare herself the winner.“What a great victory!” she smiled, her family standing beside her.Throughout the campaign, Singas had touted her prosecutorial experience. Democrats criticized Murray for never prosecuting a criminal case, suggesting she was unfit to oversee such an important office.Singas repeated the theme.“I said it many times before that this election would come down to a choice,” Singas said from the podium. “Would they choose someone with the expertise and the experience, a prosecutor who could root out corruption, a prosecutor who could end the heroin scourge in our community, a prosecutor who can end violence on our streets? And today the voters responded with an overwhelming ‘yes.’”Democrat Madeline Singas won a decisive victory over Kate Murray Tuesday.Singas, who defeated Murray 58 to 42 percent, thanked her volunteers, congratulated Murray on a hard-fought campaign and pledged to root out corruption and tackle the heroin scourge. She also thanked Islanders fans, a vengeful bunch who primarily blame Murray for the Islanders’ move to Brooklyn.As she declared victory, Singas, who has been investigating Nassau’s contract process but did not mention the probe, promised to “follow the evidence without fear or favor.”“No one is above the law,” she said.Singas’ resounding victory would not be the only surprise of the evening. Shortly before midnight, Jacobs climbed back on stage and told those still on hand that he was comfortable declaring John Mangelli the victor over nine-term Republican Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto, despite 68 votes separating the two. Democrats looked at one another with shock. Mangelli was equally speechless.“I didn’t prepare a speech,” he admitted, barely able to contain his excitement.For the Nassau Republicans the election night had begun quite differently after the polls had closed.Inside Mirelle’s Restaurant on Post Avenue in Westbury, half a dozen couples were doing the tango in the Cinderella Room near the street entrance, while crowds of Republican supporters, reporters and a few elected officials were gathering in the catering hall in the back where they faced a large white board running almost the length of the stage behind the podium that showed the names of all the candidates on the Nassau ballot. Every now and then three young women dressed in black, Republican volunteers wielding magic markers, came up to write in the latest results.As the evening wore on, the mood felt like being in a big casino where time has stopped and everybody still clings to the hope they’re about to win it big. The figures for the district attorney’s race stayed stuck at 85,248 for Singas and 64,463 for Murray. The totals for Oyster Bay showed Republican Supervisor John Venditto with 5,523 votes and his Democratic challenger John Mangelli with 5,807. No figures mentioned how many precincts had been counted. Those numbers were never updated.In the packed hall, there wasn’t a TV or computer monitor in sight, just the hot lights for the News12 cameras. When word started to get out at 11:30 p.m. that Singas had already given her victory speech in Garden City, it was hard to believe based on the lack of reaction among those milling around. Asked about the latest development in the DA race, New York State Assemb. David McDonough (R-Merrick) said with a sigh, “Somebody just told me that.”Almost another 45 minutes went by before Nassau Republican Chair Joe Mondello took the stage with his procession of candidates. Conspicuously absent were GOP stalwarts such as former U.S. Sen. Alfonse D’amato and Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano. It was understandable that state Sen. Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre) was a no-show because he’s under federal indictment.“Thank you all for being here tonight,” Mondello told the packed hall. “It’s not as good as I would have liked it to be but we have a helluva lot of winners and I’m happy to announce them.”After he got through congratulating the victorious judges, Mondello praised Supervisor John Venditto as “a hardworking, tough guy who’s been around for a while, and he’s very, very good for the people of Oyster Bay.” Then he referred to Venditto’s race, whose numbers on the tally board still showed the incumbent trailing.“We’ve got a terrible campaign, in the sense that they’ve come at us pretty good,” Mondello said. “Not the Democrats. We don’t worry about them. We worry about Newsday because they’re the ones that came at us.” There were boos heard from the crowd as a man’s voice rang out, “You’re going to win, chairman!”Mondello expressed confidence that once the paper ballots had been counted, “they’re going to show that he’s won again.” There were cheers, but no sign of the Oyster Bay supervisor so the chairman moved on to Hempstead Town.“I can’t call him my executive assistant anymore,” he beamed. “Let’s hear it for Tony Santino!” The crowd chanted “Tony! Tony!” as the two men embraced behind the podium.Tony Santion was elected the next Hempstead Town Supervisor. (Long Island Press)Santino thanked the chairman for “giving me this great opportunity to serve the people of the biggest and the best township in America!” He praised his predecessor, who stood on stage with a smile on her face.“And let me thank a woman who made my job on the campaign trail very easy this year because she did such an outstanding job for 12 years as our town supervisor,” Santino continued. “She left this town in outstanding fiscal shape, the best services. She, from the very first day, set the gold standard for what municipal leadership is all about, and ladies and gentlemen, we ran this year on Kate Murray’s record and we won big because of that.”Next up was not Murray, but Venditto.“As crazy as it sounds, I couldn’t be happier, and you know why?” Venditto asked the audience. “Good Republican government built the town of Oyster Bay and good Republican government to this day protects and preserves the wonderful quality of life that we enjoy in the Town of Oyster Bay.”Five of his running mates had won “by very solid margins,” he explained, “so good Republican government will lead the town of Oyster Bay into the future… As far as my race is concerned, I like the action!” he said to laughter from the crowd. “We’ll see what happens. It is waaay too close to call.”Now the chairman was ready for the main event.“We were blessed with a wonderful top of the ticket,” he said. “Although I can’t be up here to tell you that she was successful in her endeavor tonight, she worked hard, and it’s hard work that helped the entire rest of the ticket that was successful tonight.”To cheers and applause so loud that it drowned out her opening lines, Murray thanked her supporters.“I will never regret this campaign, ladies and gentlemen, because of all the people that I got to know,” she said. “When you’re in a tight race, you see who your friends are, and my goodness, I never knew I had so many friends.”Standing near the podium, a middle-aged man holding a drink shouted, “We love you, Kate!” The crowd cheered and clapped.Murray started to leave but the chairman touched her sleeve so she turned around and gave him a hug. Then he took the microphone at the podium again and said, “Kate Murray, ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for her!”Next on his agenda, he referred to the Nassau County Legislature, where every seat was up for election.“I think it’s a Mexican stand-off,” Mondello said, “in that we kept all the seats that we had.”Then he introduced the legislature’s presiding officer, the feisty Norma Gonsalves (R-East Meadow).“This has been a campaign fought on many battlefronts,” Gonsalves said. “First it was Newsday, then social media, then Facebook, you name it, it was out there.” Despite the opposition, she reminded the crowd that “we’re still in control of the legislature.”And then she issued a warning.“We’re going to watch the DA. The so-called DA. We’re going to watch very carefully,” she said. “The next time, I’m telling you right now, they pull out all the stops, we’re going to do the same thing.”Judging from the audience response, it wasn’t clear if they matched her enthusiasm for the next round. To be fair, it was nearing 1 a.m.It was time for the chairman’s curtain call.“By and large, we had a great night,” said Mondello. “Unfortunately, we were not successful at the top of the ticket, and I want to send my congratulations to Madeline Singas on her victory. I want to congratulate Jay Jacobs on what he has accomplished with top of the ticket but the rest of it was ours!”Surprisingly, the mention of the Nassau Democratic chairman’s name drew no boos, no jeers, no cat-calls.As the party was winding down and the crowd was thinning out, one very proud parent was still on hand. U.S. Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford) was beaming because his daughter, Erin King-Sweeney, had won her first election to Hempstead town council. Asked what tip the veteran campaigner had given his offspring, King grinned and said, “‘Stay away from me!’ That’s all! I would call her 20 times a day but she ran the whole campaign.”Nassau GOP boss (left) Joe Mondello and Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto (right) are all smiles despite early results showing the longtime supervisor losing his race. (Long Island Press)He was disappointed that Murray hadn’t carried the top of the ticket but he expressed satisfaction with the overall results—his daughter’s success included.“First of all, it showed that the Republican Party is still very strong,” he said. “Obviously, there were certain issues raised. The fact is that we’ve got corruption we have to address, but it didn’t work its way down to retire the Republican Party.”If it had, he observed, then there would have been wholesale rejection of GOP candidates, from judgeships to townships.“If anything, the voters were sending a message that they want to be Republican—they support Republican principles—but we’ve got to straighten some stuff out,” he said. He thought that in this election cycle, “Kate got caught up in all this. She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”Without mentioning the ongoing federal corruption charges facing Skelos—whose trial is about to begin—the Congressman alluded to “all the allegations out there, whether they’re valid or not, they’re out there, and a Republican running for DA, that was hard. The issue was: Can a candidate investigate their own? And I have no doubt she could.” On the other hand, he said, “The voters probably had to take it out on somebody, for whatever reason, and Kate was the one. I still think she ran a very good race.”In the closing weeks of the campaign, Murray was endorsed by former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, himself a former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, where his successor, Preet Bharara, launched corruption probes against Skelos and state Assemb. Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan), the former Assembly speaker, whose trial started on Election Day. Giuliani had drawn the ire of the New York Daily News editorial board for supporting the Republican candidate for Staten Island, Joan Illuzzi, because she had prosecutorial experience compared to her Democratic challenger, former Rep. Michael McMahon, who had none (he ultimately won), and reversing himself in Nassau by supporting Murray, who’s never been a prosecutor, while Singas has been one for 24 years.“Rudy definitely felt that Kate had the better philosophy towards fighting crime,” King explained.Earlier in the evening, Chairman Mondello had told the Press that Murray had benefited from having Giuliani’s endorsement, which he’d helped bring about. Back when he was state GOP chairman and Giuliani was running for president, they’d traveled together through New York and become “pretty close.”“I couldn’t tell you the amount of points, but it’s without question that he helped Kate,” Mondello said. “I felt that the tide had to be stemmed… His coming out here and his commercial that he made with Kate stemmed the tide.”Talking about Murray, he said, “I’ve known her since she was a little girl. Her father and I were very close.” Picking her to run for district attorney was easy, he said. “She’s bright as hell…she connects with people. People like her. She started this campaign very gently, if you recall. Then she got attacked pretty good. I told her that you have to fight fire with fire in this world. It didn’t take right away…but she understood that it had to be done.”Later on stage, after it was clear to all that Murray had lost, Mondello told the assembled throng, “All I can say is that it hurts that she’s not going to be the district attorney but she’s got a great future with the Republican Party, and don’t you ever forget it!”,Alure cube,Alure cubelast_img read more

Broward ER Doctor Loses Custody of Child During Pandemic

first_imgPLANTATION, FLA. — A Broward County emergency room physician who is caring for coronavirus patients has reportedly temporarily lost the ability to care for her own child as her ex-husband has petitioned for custody until the threat of transmission is over. The judge ruled that because Dr. Theresa Greene is dealing with coronavirus patients at a South Florida hospital, she could pose a health risk to her child. Greene argued that she is capable of keeping her daughter safe and shouldn’t have to choose between her child and the oath she took as a physician.The divorced doctor is now making a passionate plea to be reunited with her child.The spread of COVID-19 has had heartbreaking consequences across South Florida, but for Dr. Greene, none is more painful than losing custody of her daughter.Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Bernard Shapiro temporarily granted full custody to the girl’s father until it’s believed the virus could be no longer a major threat.Greene, a physician at Westside Regional Medical Center in Plantation, said she divorced her husband two years ago.She tells WSVN in Miami that she wants her daughter to be able to say her mother did all she could in the fight against the virus.“I want her, when she grows up, to be proud of me for abiding by the oath I took when I went into medicine, but I also know that she needs me now,” she said.Greene argued she is capable of keeping her daughter safe.“I know what I’m doing. This isn’t the first communicable disease that I’ve encountered,” she said, “and yes, it is severe, and there’s danger, and we’re being very careful.”The couple had split time evenly with their daughter until last week, when Shapiro handed down the temporary order.Greene said she’s been seeing coronavirus patients since mid-March and that her hospital has an adequate supply of personal protective equipment.The ex-husband’s attorney also said concedes that every day their daughter loses with her mother will be made up, and that the two can make daily video calls until then.last_img read more


first_imgARCADIA, Calif. (April 30, 2015)–Hall of Fame trainer Richard Mandella sends out Spirit of Xian in Sunday’s Grade II, $200,000 Honeymoon Stakes for 3-year-old fillies with a field of 10 set to go 1 1/8 miles on the turf.Spirit of Xian will seek her second graded stakes win in a row as she comes off an impressive neck victory after leading throughout in the Grade III Providencia April 4. In her first stateside start for Mandella on Feb. 14, she ran a game third after steadying off heels in a hillside turf sprint, the Sweet Life Stakes.Spirit of Xian had previously raced in the UK, Ireland and France in only turf sprits prior to the Sweet Life, and after the Providencia Mandella was candid about having had concerns about her distance limitations. “You could see, she meant to be on the lead, and Joe (Talamo) did a great job. I was lacking confidence, and I told Joe, ‘If you’re not sure she can get the last quarter, get off and run yourself.’ He didn’t have to.”A filly by Kodiac out of the Touch Gold dam Gold Again, Spirit of Xian is owned by Ben Keswick. She is 10-3-0-2 overall with $134,068 in earnings.Trainer Matt Chew will return his Singing Kitty to turf after a fifth place run in the Grade I, 1 1/16 mile Santa Anita Oaks in which she lost to current Kentucky Oaks favorite, Stellar Wind.A winner of both the one mile turf Cal Cup Oaks Jan. 24 and the China Doll on March 7, she will be vying for her first graded stakes victory in the Honeymoon.With two wins from four starts in 2105, Singing Kitty is by Ministers Wild Cat and owned by Chris Aulds and Peter Jeong. She is 9-4-0-0- overall with $243,378 in earnings.The Jerry Hollendorfer trained Lutine Belle will attempt to return to her Blue Norther Stakes form, a mile turf race in which she won Jan. 1. Fifth in the Grade I Las Virgenes Jan. 31 two starts back and eighth in the April 4 Providencia, her most recent start, Lutine Belle returns to turf for only the third time in an nine race career.She is owned by KMN Racing, LLC with earnings of $98,950. Jockey Corey Nakatani gains the mount for the first time Sunday.With all fillies assigned 117 pounds, the Honeymoon Stakes will be run as the eighth race on an eight-race card. Here’s the field, with jockeys in post position order: Screaming Skylar, Victor Espinoza; Spanish Queen, Brice Blanc; Havanna Belle, Rafael Bejarano; Lutine Belle, Corey Nakatani; Sharla Rae, Drayden Van Dyke; Prize Exhibit, Mike Smith; Star Via Strada, Tiago Pereira; Entrechat, Flavien Prat; Spirit of Xian, Joseph Talamo; Singing Kitty, Tyler Baze.                 First post time on Sunday is at 12:30 p.m. Admission gates open at 10:30 a.m.last_img read more


first_imgARCADIA, Calif. (Dec. 26, 2015)–With speedy Rocket Heat showing the way through uncontested fractions of 21.99, 44.18 and 1:07.74, it appeared he was headed to a front-running victory in Saturday’s Grade III, $100,000 Daytona Stakes, but Toowindytohaulrox collared him 40 yards from the finish and was up to win by a neck under Tiago Pereira, covering 6 ½ furlongs down Santa Anita’s hillside turf in 1:14.26.Off at 21-1, Toowindytohaulrox, a 4-year-old Kentucky-bred colt by Harlan’s Holiday, paid $44.60, $19.20 and $9.40. Owned by Queen Bee Racing, LLC, he was most recently third, beaten 2 ½ lengths, in the Grade II, 1 1/16 miles turf Seabiscuit Handicap at Del Mar Nov. 27.“This horse is great down the hill,” said Pereira. “Having him in an outside post is best for him. When he is outside of horses, he’s at his best. When he’s on the inside, not always. He was free today and he made a big run.”Toowindytohaulrox, who notched his second win from six starts down Santa Anita’s unique hillside layout, improved his overall record to 19-4-3-6. With the winner’s share of $60,000, he improved his earnings to $310,392.“I wanted them to stay outside, ‘Toowindy’ especially,” said D’Amato, who also saddled runner-up Coastline. “Anytime he’s got to split horses, he just doesn’t like it as much. He likes to be running freely and Tiago bided his time back there, got him widest of all and came with a big run.”Drawn on the extreme outside in post 14, fellow come-from-behinder Coastline, who was ridden by Tyler Baze, was up for the place, finishing another neck in front of Rocket Heat. Off at 52-1, Coastline paid $46.60 and $20.80.Off at 41-1, Rocket Heat, who was ridden by Edwin Maldonado, prevailed by a head over The Great War and paid $16.20 to show.With the 1-2-3 finishers off at odds of 21-1, 52-1 and 41-1, the trifecta paid $10,851.40. Fourth place finisher The Great War, off at 8-1, helped contribute to a superfecta payoff of $24,476.39.The first of four graded stakes on a blockbuster Opening Day Card, the Daytona was run as the fourth on a nine-race program.last_img read more

Bacterial Flagellar Motor Has a Protein Clutch

first_imgThe bacterial flagellum, the whiplike outboard motor that has become an icon of intelligent design, has another artificial-looking part: a clutch.  Science reported this in “machine language” as follows:1The bacterial flagellum, powered by a motor that generates 1400 pN-nm of torque, can rotate at a frequency of greater than 100 Hz.  EpsE [the clutch protein] disabled this powerful biological motor when associated with a flagellar basal body and, in a manner similar to that of a clutch, disengaged the drive train from the power sourcee (fig.  S5B).  Clutch control of flagellar function has distinct advantages over transcriptional control of flagellar gene expression for regulating motility.  Some bacteria, such as E. coli and B. subtilis, have many flagella per cell.  The flagellum is an elaborate, durable, energetically expensive, molecular machine and simply turning off de novo flagellum synthesis does not necessarily arrest motility.  Once flagellar gene expression is inactivated, multiple rounds of cell division may be required to segregate preexisting flagella to extinction in daughter cells.  In contrast, the clutch requires the synthesis of only a single protein to inhibit motility.  Furthermore, if biofilm formation is prematurely aborted, flagella once disabled by the clutch might be reactivated, allowing cells to bypass fresh investment in flagellar synthesis.  Whereas flagellum expression and assembly are complex and slow, clutch control is simple, rapid, and potentially reversible.The clutch thus puts the flagellum in neutral and lets the motor idle without having to be shut down.  Among the co-authors of the paper was Howard Berg of Harvard, who has spent many years studying the molecular motor.  The paper did not attempt to explain how a clutch might evolve by natural selection.    For popular reports on this finding, with illustrations of how the clutch works, visit NSF News,,, PhysOrg and Science Daily.  ARN discussed the paper from an intelligent design perspective.1.  Blair, Turner, Winkelman, Berg and Kearns, “A Molecular Clutch Disables Flagella in the Bacillus subtilis Biofilm,” Science, 20 June 2008: Vol. 320. no. 5883, pp. 1636 – 1638, DOI: 10.1126/science.1157877.This is another of many instances of one of the best-established laws in nature: evolutionary storytelling is inversely proportional to observational detail.  A good scientific law needs a popular name.  Write in with your suggestion.(Visited 43 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Adding some Shine to farming life

first_imgThe annual community talent showallows the workers and their families tolet their hair down. Children look forward to the yearlybeach outing, a treat they mightotherwise never experience.(Images: Izel Botha)MEDIA CONTACTS • Izel BothaShine project manager+27 28 840 1203 / 2315 or +27 84 666 3210Emily van RijswijckFarm workers in the picturesque farming community of Villiersdorp in the Western Cape’s Overberg area are running a unique community outreach programme for their colleagues, teaching them important life skills ranging from budgeting to conflict resolution.The Shine programme was started by the Villiersdorp farming community in 2009 in an attempt to improve the quality of life of farm workers and their families and children.To date, 35 farms have joined the programme and more than 1 000 workers are reaping the benefits.By offering personal growth and life skills training, Shine aims to help the workers reach their full potential, says project manager Izel Botha.The programme has two components: the training focuses on providing workers with skills, and the social element aims to broaden the horizons of workers and their families.“The impact of this training reaches more than just the workers who are enrolled in the programme. Their families, children, communities and workplaces also benefit from their new perspectives and skills,” says Botha.Because Villiersdorp is a fruit and wine producing area work tends to be seasonal, so the training takes place for 10 to 12 weeks during off-peak periods. The enrichment programme is ongoing, offering monthly excursions and entertainment.Training starts with a foundation phase focusing on emotional health. Other life skills courses have evolved in response to feedback received from the workers. In 2010 an alcohol and drug abuse prevention course was added and in 2011 money management and budgeting training became part of the programme.In 2012 the community has requested a shift of focus to communication and conflict management in all relationships.This is not a quick-fix intervention, says Botha. “The whole emphasis of the programme is to be preventative and long term.”Workers actively involvedThe success of the programme can be attributed to the workers’ active involvement in the planning and decision-making processes, Botha believes.Courses and events are determined by the workers themselves and they are also responsible for fundraising. On each farm they elect a Shine official who functions as a link between project coordinators and participants in the programme.“These officials are the real heart of the project. They organise the events and decide what should happen and how,” says Botha.Looking to the future, Shine hopes to introduce subjects such as prevention of foetal alcohol syndrome, parenting skills and the practice of safe sex.While Shine reaches about 1 500 farm children and young adults through various outreach programmes each year, the organisers intend to focus strongly on the community’s young people throughout 2012, as this was a concern raised by parents, says Botha.“If we can secure the necessary funding we would like to address aspects such as how to be an emotionally healthy teenager, as well as alcohol and drug abuse prevention.”Entertainment and leisureThe enhancement of the workers’ social life and environment is an important part of the outreach programme.“The idea is to create uplifting, frequent and constructive relaxation activities to encourage positive ways of spending free time,” says Botha. “A strong focus is put on showing rural youth that it is possible to have fun without using and abusing substances.”Entertainment has included visits from soapie 7de Laan’s Christi Panagio, the Cape Minstrels, and local music icon Tant Grietjie, the popular 84-year-old singer from Garies in Namaqualand. The workers have to raise funds for these events, which also encompass annual youth festivals, angling competitions, sports days, talent shows and gardening competitions.Highlights on the calendar are an annual beach outing for about 1 200 adults and children and, in December, Christmas tree festivities, during which almost 700 farm children receive presents.Pearl of the OverbergVilliersdorp is a mere 90 minutes drive from Cape Town over the majestic Hottentots-Holland pass, from which the district derives its Afrikaans name, Overberg (meaning “over the mountain”).A little gem in an area which has much to offer the visitor, Villiersdorp is commonly known as the Pearl of the Overberg.Nestling in a valley surrounded by the peaks of the Waterval and Baviaans mountains, the quaint village has a mild Mediterranean climate and is a nature lovers’ and health fanatics’ paradise. While it is best known as an apple-growing area, farmers in the district also produce pears, apricots, peaches, grapes and onions.Villiersdorp forms part of the Worcester Wine Route and offers a less commercialised wine-tasting experience than the older, more popular Stellenbosch routes.The valley is also home to the Theewaterskloof Dam, South Africa’s seventh-largest dam and the major source of water for Cape Town.last_img read more

JD Equipment Inc. Acquires Two Locations from Cahall Bros., Inc.

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest JD Equipment, Inc. has acquired the Georgetown, Ohio, and Flemingsburg, Kentucky, John Deere dealerships effective June 7, 2018. The locations were formerly owned by Cahall Brothers, Inc.Jeff Mitchell, CEO of JD Equipment commented  “We look forward to serving the communities where both stores are located. Cahall Bros. has a long history of providing quality products and services to their customers and JD Equipment will continue that tradition. JD will emphasize excellent customer service and a wide selection of equipment and parts to meet the needs of all customers. Further, we wish Kyle Cahall and Roland Cahall well in their retirement and appreciate their efforts in growing a strong business with skilled employees. We are pleased to announce all employees at each location have joined JD Equipment, which will ensure a smooth transition for our customers.”The Georgetown store will be managed by Dan Hodges and the Flemingsburg store will be managed by Todd Hickerson.JD Equipment has 36 years of experience as a John Deere dealership with eight other locations in central Ohio and offers the largest inventory of equipment and parts in the state. Additionally, repair and maintenance service are offered by factory trained technicians, both in the field and at each location.JD Equipment will assume operations June 7, 2018 with no interruptions in service.last_img read more

Selling Reclaimed Snow Fence Boards For Siding

first_imgWyoming Recycler Finds New Uses For Weathered 1x6sLARAMIE, Wyo. — For the past nine years, a Laramie recycling company, Centennial Woods, has been satisfying a growing market for recycled lumber by dismantling old snow fencing. The company has secured maintenance contracts from the state of Wyoming to replace weathered boards on miles of snow fence with new lumber. Formerly burned or discarded as waste, the old 1x6s are now sold for $1.69 a linear foot to green builders, mostly for use as board-and-batten siding.Wyoming maintains 200 miles of snow fencing. The 16-foot-tall structures are installed in windy areas to prevent snow from drifting onto highways. Most snow fence boards are Ponderosa pine, although spruce, fir, and lodgepole pine are also used. Wyoming’s dry, windy climate contributes to the boards’ longevity; the state replaces the boards every 7 to 25 years.According to Grant Porder, Centennials’ vice president for customer care, the reclaimed boards have an average moisture content of 7% when they are pulled from the fence. The 16-foot boards are trimmed to remove rot before they are resold.Business Is Growing“People are just looking for a good, true, solid wood product that they can use without guilt,” said John Pope, the president of Centennial Woods, explained to an Associated Press reporter. “What we really did is we recognized by building a national and international market for the wood, by highlighting its green aspects and its beauty, that we could grow this into a substantial business.”Centennial has customers all over the country. “Five years ago, we probably could have credibly sold wood into maybe 10 or 15 markets in the United States,” said Pope. “Now we also sell wood to places like Kansas City, Dallas, Boston, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Portland.”While Centennial recycled about 4 to 6 miles of snow fence in 1999, the company now dismantles between 20 and 25 miles every year. “The difference is green building,” said Pope.last_img read more

Your Client Is In Discovery Too

first_imgDiscovery is about learning what your client needs, their strategic initiatives, their goals, and their outcomes. Discovery work is what allows you to neatly tie anything you propose to what your client needs and to tailor it to those specific needs.But you aren’t the only one who should be discovering. You create value for your clients by helping them discover things too.When your client doesn’t yet recognize the changes they need to make, you help them discover the gaps in their performance that they don’t yet see. You help them discover that they can do better.Ask yourself this question: How can I help my dream client see the performance gap that, if recognized, would compel them to engage in the process of change?You also help your client discover what they really need. In a lot of cases, we believe our dream clients already know what they need, but in more cases, you can create value for them through the sales process by helping them discover new possibilities, new ways to get bigger and better outcomes, and new opportunities. You can help them do things in a new way.Ask yourself this question: What is my dream client doing now that they could differently that would produce a better result?As your dream client goes through their process, the weigh their choices. This is the process of discovering the differences in solutions–and partners. You can help here by identifying choices and trade-offs. You help them discover what the risks and rewards of certain choices might look like, and you also help them discover what makes you different and why.Ask yourself this question: How do I help my dream client discover the best options available to them and how we differentiate ourselves around those options.Your clients want to make good decisions. They want to avoid risk, and they want to ensure they capture the benefit of their investment. You help them discover how they can mitigate that risk and how you can help. You help them discover and understand the commitments they must make to execute your solution and capture the value.Ask yourself this question: What do I need to help my client understand about their risks, how to avoid them, and how to succeed with my solution.Discovery isn’t only a stage of your sales process. It’s also the buyer’s process and it’s where you can create massive value as a salesperson.last_img read more

13 hours agoJones thrilled for Man Utd duo Garner, Williams

first_imgJones thrilled for Man Utd duo Garner, Williamsby Freddie Taylor13 hours agoSend to a friendShare the lovePhil Jones was thrilled with the performance of Manchester United youngsters James Garner and Brandon Williams in Thursday’s 1-0 win over Partizan Belgrade.The teenagers were part of seven changes made by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer from the line-up that faced Liverpool on Sunday. And Jones thinks the pair more than held their own in Serbia.He said: They’re going to put you under pressure and we dug deep I thought Jimmy Garner and Brandon were outstanding they should be very proud of themselves tonight.”A huge experience at a young age both looked comfortable at this level and have a very bright future the pair of them.” About the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more