Doctor dragged off United flight after watching viral video of himself: ‘I just cried’

first_imgABC News(NEW YORK) — The Kentucky doctor seen in a viral video being forcibly removed off an United Airlines flight has spoken publicly for the first time since the 2017 incident, telling ABC News that while the ordeal caused distress for him and his family, he doesn’t regret standing his ground because it caused the airline to take a closer look at its policies.On April 9, 2017, David Dao was traveling from Chicago O’Hare International Airport to Louisville, Kentucky, on United Airlines Flight 3411 and already was in his seat with his seat belt fastened when an airline employee informed him that he would need to deplane because the flight was overbooked, he told ABC News.Fellow passengers took cellphone videos of a bloodied Dao being dragged off the plane.Even months after the incident, Dao found the video hard to watch.“I just cried,” he said.Dao said he stood his ground and refused to get off the plane because he felt he was being discriminated against and was trying to get back to Kentucky to oversee the opening of a clinic he founded for U.S. veterans. He and his wife started the clinic as a way to thank American servicemen and women, because he was plucked out of ocean waters by the U.S. Navy as he fled communism in his home country of Vietnam about 44 years ago, he said.He said while in his seat, belt still fastened, he was on the phone with a friend, asking for advice on whether he should get up, when the next thing he knew, he was being pulled from his seat. He doesn’t remember anything after he bumped his head on a low ceiling.“After that, to be honest, I don’t know what happened,” he said, adding that he heard a “big noise” and later woke up in the hospital with a trauma team surrounding him.The first few months were “horrible,” he said. He suffered a concussion, lacerations to his mouth and nose, and several of his teeth were knocked out, he said. He was put on suicide watch by hospital staff and later spent months learning to walk again, he said. Dao relied on his faith during his recovery, he said, adding that he made a promise to God that if he got better, he would devote his time to charity work. Since then, he has helped residents in Texas displaced by Hurricane Harvey and traveled to Vietnam and Cambodia to help install solar power in villages with no electricity, he said. Even in the Far East, people knew his story, he said.One elderly man approached him and asked, “You the one on airplane?” Dao said.“That touched me,” the doctor said, holding back tears.Dao still struggles with issues sleeping and with his concentration and balance, he said. While he’d run more than 20 marathons before the incident, now he can only do about 3 miles — with at least one of them by walking, he added.While United’s initial statement labeled Dao as “belligerent,” the airline later apologized, vowing to conduct a “thorough review” of the “truly horrific event.”Oscar Munoz, the CEO of United Airlines, said he felt “shame” when he saw the video.“This will never happen again,” Munoz told ABC News’ Good Morning America in an interview three days after the incident. “We are not going to put a law enforcement official onto a plane to take them off … to remove a booked, paid, seated passenger. We can’t do that.” When asked whether United should have done anything differently, Dao said the airline employees could have explained their reasoning for booting him from the flight “nicely” and “reasonably.”“That makes a difference,” he said.Still, the retired doctor said his ordeal actually was “positive” because the airline was willing to take a hard look at its policies and change them.“Everything happens with a reason,” he said.Weeks after the incident, the airline offered Dao a settlement that his attorney at the time, Thomas A. Demetrio, described as “amicable,” which Dao accepted. The settlement included a provision that the amount offered remain confidential.Dao said he decided to speak publicly for the first time to thank his supporters all over the world.United Airlines issued a statement to ABC News, saying the changes they’ve implemented since the incident “better serve out customers and further empower our employees.”“Flight 3411 was a defining moment for United Airlines and it is our responsibility to make sure we as a company and all of our 90,000 employees continue to learn from that experience. The changes we have implemented since that incident better serve our customers and further empower our employees,” according to the statement from United Airlines. “This year, we are focused more than ever on our commitment to our customers, looking at every aspect of our business to ensure that we keep their best interests at the center of everything that we do. As our CEO Oscar Munoz has said, we at United never want anyone in the United family to forget the experience of Flight 3411. It makes us a better airline, a more caring company and a stronger team.”Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Baker issues warning on social media domain trademarks

first_imgA baker has warned other small business owners to check social media sites after a rival business assumed her trademarked domain name. Palo Barker noticed the name ‘Barker Bakes’, which has been registered to her for 10 years, posting bakery photos on her Instagram feed and contacted the social network company. Instagram gave Barker access and she changed her password, making it her account.A few days later she was asked to verify her account and provide proof that she owned the company name ‘Barker Bakes’.Barker has owned the domain name for the company, in all its forms, since 2005. The cost ranges from £5 upwards with ‘.co’ the cheapest, and each must be renewed annually. It costs around £200 to trademark a name, which must be renewed every 10 years.If a rival business assumes another’s trademarked identity, it means customers could become confused and also means the business could be paying unnecessary costs to own a name that is being used elsewhere.Barker said: “It has been a nightmare. I posted a few pictures to try and get my account in order and, last Friday, the woman who had been using my business’ name left several offensive comments saying I had hacked her account.”The other business owner had been using Barker’s domain name in her Instagram name for two years and Barker said that, over the years, she had experienced confused customers, but thought they had simply got it wrong.“In Instagram’s rules you need permission to use a registered domain name. She was using the reputation we had built up and she threatened to blacken my name. After that she kept trying to log in so I reported her to Instagram. It was all very distressing and unpleasant.“I think it is important for business to be on social networking sites – we were late adopters of it and that puts us at a disadvantage.“Businesses should use social networking sites if only to find out if someone else is using their name. We should have checked more.”last_img read more

Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in federal prison Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013, for leaking confidential materials about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to whistleblower website WikiLeaks. (Artwork courtesy of Deb Van Poolen, Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, convicted of leaking more than 700,000 classified military and state department documents to anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, was sentenced Wednesday to 35 years in federal prison, with 1,294 days credit and dishonorable discharge.Military judge Col. Denise Lind announced her decision against the 25-year-old just after 10 a.m. from the Fort Meade, Md. courtroom where a military trial into the disclosures—the largest leak of confidential materials in U.S. history—has been proceeding since June. Manning has been in custody of the U.S. Army since his arrest in 2010.Manning’s defense attorney David Coombs, at a press conference held several hours after the ruling, said he and other members of his team broke down in tears at the news, while his client did his best to cheer them up.“‘It’s okay,’” Coombs says Manning told them. “‘It’s alright. Don’t worry about it, it’s alright. I know you did your best. It’s okay.’”The ruling caps a more than three-year-long legal saga against Manning both unprecedented in its scope and controversy.Enlisting in 2007, Manning had been deployed to Baghdad as an intelligence analyst in 2009. In February 2013 he pleaded guilty to 10 of the 22 charges against him, including leaking classified cockpit gun-sight footage of U.S. Apache helicopters killing a dozen unarmed civilians and two Reuters photojournalists in Iraq in 2007. Manning told Lind during a lengthy statement Feb. 28 that the “most alarming” part of the video—dubbed “Collateral Murder“—for him “was the seemingly delightful blood-lust the Aerial Weapons Team seemed to have.”“They dehumanized the individuals they were engaging and seemed not to value human life, and referred to them as quote-unquote ‘dead bastards,’ and congratulated each other on their ability to kill in large numbers,” he told Lind during his statement. “At one point in the video there is an individual on the ground attempting to crawl to safety. The individual is seriously wounded. Instead of calling for medical attention to the location, one of the aerial weapons team crew members verbally asks for the wounded person to pick up a weapon so that he can have a reason to engage.“For me, this seemed similar to a child torturing ants with a magnifying glass,” he added.Manning said the fact the footage had been sought by Reuters through Freedom of Information requests, yet the news agency was told it may have been destroyed, further motivated him to send it to WikiLeaks.Manning has spent the past three years leading up to his June court martial in pre-trial confinement, oftentimes subject to harsh and unlawful treatment. Time served will be credited to his sentence, some of which he spent in solitary confinement, without a window, clothes or a blanket. Lind ruled these conditions illegal and in January 2013 credited Manning with 112 days toward his ultimate sentence.His court proceedings were also conducted without the typical transparency provided in civil court. No official court transcripts were made accessible to the public. Audio and video feed for the handful of media supplying continuous coverage of the proceedings many times cut out. Periodically, the court would enter closed sessions, further restricting public access.“Every day I left thinking ‘Why are we in a closed session?’” Coombs told reporters. “There was nothing that was said, in my mind, that warranted a closed session.”Often, the only news of the trial was from a handful of journalists and activists who sacrificed much to provide the public with a record: journalist Alexa O’Brien, Kevin Gosztola of FireDogLake, Adam Klasfeld of Courthouse News Service and the Bradley Manning Support Network’s Nathan Fuller [all the subject of a July Press cover story multi-media package].Manning’s prosecution had been viewed by whistleblower advocacy groups and civil rights activists as the latest front in an ongoing war by the Obama Administration against American civil liberties, with tremendous ramifications for free speech, freedom of the press and investigative journalism, specifically. O’Brien called Manning’s verdict “an act of aggression against a free press, civic society, and the conscience of a young man.”Prosecutors and Manning’s defense team made closing arguments Monday. Capt. Joe Morrow requested the intelligence analyst be sentenced to at least 60 years, telling Lind, “He deserves to spend the majority of his remaining life in prison.” Defense attorney David Coombs argued Manning’s actions simply didn’t warrant that amount of time and punishment, citing that the court record reflected a naive, young, isolated soldier with emotional issues who truly believed he could change the world, “end the war in Iraq…end the war in Afghanistan…future wars.”Coombs had asked the judge for a sentence allowing Manning “to have a life.”Under military law, his case will immediately be reviewed by the convening authority, U.S. Army Military District of Washington Commander Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan. Manning can petition him with letters for clemency and Buchanan can reduce or strike a guilty finding, but not add any additional time to his sentence. Then, if Manning is convicted to more than one year, his case will immediately be reviewed by the Army Court of Criminal Appeals. If its decided the case warrants their review, Manning’s case will then go to the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces. The U.S. Supreme Court can also review the case, if the justices wish.Manning will serve his time at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas.Coombs, who will be representing Manning during the clemency and appeals process, told reporters at Wednesday’s post-sentencing press conference he had asked President Obama for a pardon, adding that Manning’s sentence was more time than what murderers and child molesters he’d defended received.“This was designed to send a message,” he said of the government’s prosecution. “The loser is anybody who hopes that you’ll have whistleblowers in the future willing to [talk to journalists].“This does send a message, and it’s a chilling one, and it’s endorsed at the highest levels,” he continued.“Bradley Manning is a man of honor.”[View the story “Bradley Manning Sentenced to 35 Years in Leak Case” on Storify]last_img read more

19-year-old gunman dies after firing several rounds in GA Walmart

first_imgPolice say one man is dead  after firing several rounds inside a Georgia Walmart on Saturday morning before turning the gun on himself.Police identified the gunman as 19-year-old John Jaylen Walker Kinnitt of Waycross.No injuries have been reported, and a motive have not been established at this time.The investigation is ongoing and police are encouraging anyone with information to come forward.This story is developing.last_img

Storify: Syracuse community reacts to win over Lehigh

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on November 13, 2015 at 9:28 pm Contact Sam: [email protected] | @Sam4TR Related Stories Syracuse couples 1st-half defense with late offensive push to topple LehighWhat we learned from Syracuse’s season-opening win over LehighTyler Lydon impresses by doing the little things in college debutGallery: Syracuse tops Lehigh in season-opening winFast reaction: 3 takeaways from Syracuse’s season-opening win vs. Lehighcenter_img [View the story “Syracuse community reacts to win over Lehigh” on Storify] Commentslast_img read more

Lampard Retires at 38

first_img“I’m immensely proud of the trophies I’ve won, of representing my country over 100 times and of scoring more than 300 career goals.”Lampard left New York City FC in the autumn and also played for West Ham United and Manchester City in the Premier League.But it was at Stamford Bridge where he really made his name as a prolific midfielder.He scored 211 times for the Blues and won every major club honour, netting the goals which in 2005 secured the club’s first championship title in 50 years.“Of course, the largest part of my heart belongs to Chelsea Football Club, a club which has given me so many great memories,” Lampard wrote.“I will never forget the opportunity they gave me and the success that we managed to achieve together. It is impossible to give thanks individually to all the people that helped and supported me in my 13 years playing there.“All I can say is from the day I signed until now and going forward, I’m eternally grateful for everything and to everyone. Chelsea fans gave myself and my teammates such incredible support.“Their passion and hunger drove me on personally to give my best year after year. I couldn’t have done it without them.”Lampard was a pivotal figure in the greatest period in Chelsea’s history as he helped the west London club win the Champions League, three Premier Leagues, four FA Cups, two League Cups, the Europa League and a Community Shield.He thrived under Jose Mourinho’s management, scoring 13 goals in their 2005 title-winning season and netting 16 times the following season as Chelsea retained their title.In 2006, he finished runner-up to Barcelona forward Ronaldinho in both the Ballon d’Or and Fifa World Player of the Year awards.Lampard scored 10 or more Premier League goals in 10 successive seasons for Chelsea and peaked with 22 as he picked up a third Premier League winner’s medal in 2009-10.After many years of agonising near misses, including a penalty shoot-out defeat against Manchester United in the 2008 final, Lampard finally capped his glittering career with Champions League glory in 2011-12.With John Terry suspended, Lampard captained underdogs Chelsea to a shock penalty shoot-out win over Bayern Munich in the German club’s own Allianz Arena.Lampard’s retirement drew tributes from across the world of football, including his old friend Terry.“The greatest player in the history of our great football club,” Terry wrote on Instagram.“All the great memories together winning trophy after trophy year after year I will never forget. You have won everything and should be extremely proud.“It’s been my pleasure and honour to play and experience all those great moments with you.“A gentleman both on and off the pitch, leader in the dressingDescription:×10.png room and if I could choose one person next to me in the trenches, it would be you.”Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher was also fulsome in his praise.“After all those Chelsea battles and Frank Lampard now retiring, I can finally admit the respect I had for him and that he was a great player,” said Carragher.LAMPARD’S CAREER FACTFILEFull name: Frank James LampardAge: 38Date of birth: June 20, 1978Place of birth: Romford, EnglandPosition: MidfielderClubs: West Ham (1995-2001), Swansea (loan, 1995-96) Chelsea (2001-2014), Manchester City (2014-15), New York City (2015-16)West Ham appearances (goals): 187 (39)Swansea appearances (goals): 9 (1)Chelsea appearances (goals): 648 (211)Manchester City appearances (goals): 38 (8)New York City appearances (goals): 31 (15)National team: England (1999-2014)Appearances (goals): 106 (29)Debut: October 10, 1999 (v Belgium)HONOURS CLUBPremier League (3): 2004-05, 2005-06, 2009-10FA Cup (4): 2006-07, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2011-12League Cup (2): 2004-05, 2006-07Community Shield (2): 2005, 2009Champions League (1): 2011-12Europa League (1): 2012-13Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Former England and Chelsea midfield star Frank Lampard retired yesterday aged 38 years, calling time on a playing career that will be remembered as one of the Premier League’s finest.Lampard did not reveal what he plans to do next, but said he was grateful to the Football Association for the opportunity to do his coaching badges, suggesting he may go into management.Chelsea’s record goalscorer said he had turned down “a number of exciting offers” to carry on playing in Britain and abroad.“After 21 incredible years I have decided that now is the right time to finish my career as a professional footballer,” Lampard wrote on Facebook.last_img read more

Former Nigeria International, Kingsley Onye, Blasts Rohr

first_img“Their performance at the last Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt was not impressive at all”, said the left footed defender who was a member of the Flying Eagles squad that placed third in the then World Youth Championship now renamed U20 World Cup.The performance remains evergreen considering that it is the 1989 squad that did better emerging runners-up in Saudi Arabia.To Onye, Nigeria’s football is currently sliding considering the results posted by the various national teams including the beach soccer squad, the U23 side, the Super Falcons and also the U17 team.He faulted the lingering goalkeeping problems the Super Eagles have been having for nearly five years now and advocated for a thorough search for Nigerian players within the country and around the globe.In the face of the dwindling standard, he singled out Samuel Chukwueze as a striker to watch while also lending his support for the efforts to make Queens Park Rangers midfielder, Eze to switch allegiance to Nigeria.Onye called on the involvement of some Nigerian former internationals to get integrated into the coaching class so as to regenerate the stars.“Lets look towards people like Taribo West, Nwankwo Kanu as former players who could help develop new talents”, remarked Onye.“Kanu can be inspirational to the up coming stars. With a combination with another star like Taribo they can combine to give ideas on how international assignments are executed having been there before and having trained under some of the best coaches in Europe apart from playing for top clubs.”Surprisingly, Austin Jay Jay Okocha was conspicuously absent in his list. He explained that a player like Okocha is exceptional and his skills are difficult to replicate.Onye explained that while Samson Siasia and Christian Chukwu were on the saddle as Super Eagles’ manager, he acted as scouts for them.But it has been difficult to point out a Nigerian coach to handle the Super Eagles owing to their lining towards nepotism.He found it difficult to name a current Nigerian coach as a possible successor to the troubled Gernot Rohr as he described Manu Garba as having led the worse Nigerian U17 team in history.On Imama Amapakabo, Onye said that the U23 coach was to be a member of their 1985 Flying Eagles to Soviet Union but was decamped as a goalkeeper. “He nearly took Rangers down the season after the club won the Nigerian league in 2016.He believed that Nigeria might have to look to the members of the 1994 Super Eagles to get a successor to Gernot Rohr whose contract he believed should not be renewed.Meanwhile, embattled coach has explained the ‎true state of his contract with the Nigeria Football Federation ( NFF) as the row over extending his contract continue to be in public discuss.Although the coach is pushing for an extension, however fresh clauses in the supposed new agreement is what is making the the two parties not to shift stand.” My contract will expire in June 2020, we have started the qualifiers in a good way now to qualify. So I am ready to discuss because I have also other Federations who want to have me but I tell them that for the moment my priority is to discuss with the NFF.” That’s the situation but after the 1st of January, I am free to sign where I want after the 1st of July I will be free to sign where I want. This is the situation that is why I think the next step will be to wait and see what the NFF is doing.“We have our team, our plan, our project ‎. We have our program to go to the AFCON and to start well in the World Cup qualifiers because everybody want to go to the World Cup and this team has a good chance to go there”,Rohr told this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Femi SolajaNigeria’s Super Eagles’ manager, Gernot Rohr seems to be at the centre of the storm. Only two days ago, his employer, Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), issued him a query over breach of contract agreement and for this and others reasons, former Nigerian international, Kingsley Onye has teamed up with those who believe the coach has not done enough to be retained as Super Eagles gaffer.Onye, who is based in the United Kingdom, in a telephone interview with ThisdaySports yesterday expressed his disgust at the levels at which the Super Eagles are currently operating.last_img read more

Kevin Prince Boateng opens up about fun Barca experience

first_imgGhana’s Kevin Prince Boateng has described his stint with Barcelona as unbelievable and a period in his career he will always cherish.The 33 year old who currently plays for Besiktas joined the Catalan giants in the latter part of the 2018/2019 season but made only a handful of appearances.Recounting his Barcelona experience he admitted that while the lack of playing time was disappointing the experience in totality was exceptional.“To come back to this big stage at age 32 one more time just to be there was crazy.“I realized this when I signed because on the key of my car was written my name “Prince”“I didn’t have that for a long time.“Then I was taking pictures and we did the press conference.“Then I told myself that i’m back on the big stage now.“Personally it was unbelievable,but football-wise it was really difficult.” he confessed in his conversation with Montreal Impact head coach Thierry Henry.He still appeared in awe of how the people of Catalonia received him during his stay and even joked that he won’t allow anyone to downplay his time with the Spanish giants despite the lack of playing time and impact.“I didn’t play a lot but I walked down the streets and people went nuts and even today people say he played in Barcelona.“I’ll take that and no one can take it away from me whether it was four games or five games  I played in the starting eleven at Camp Nou.It is my agenda,” he laughed as he recounted.The veteran has confessed to using his off time during the Covid – 19 pandemic to perfect his Turkish as he looks to settle in with current club Besiktaslast_img read more