For Dell Veterans, Veterans Day Lasts All Year Long

first_imgVeterans Day has been celebrated at Dell in a myriad of ways over Army Veteran Alejandro Rivas’ 19-year career. Currently he works on the Global Talent Management team in HR, but he’s also worked in other areas of Dell, including manufacturing. Celebrations have been inclusive of all areas of Dell and span the country. They range from ceremonial in nature to supporting programs like the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.“I’ve been involved with Veterans Day celebrations over the last 19 years at Dell, and this was prior to having our employee resource groups,” Rivas (pictured above) said. “We raise the flag at our main building, Round Rock One in Texas, and have guest speakers join us to celebrate.”Veterans Employee Resource Group Program Manager Tina Schroer fondly recalled the 2015 celebration.“We had a local high school band perform,” she said. “The community group did an awesome job with planning the event. The military side and the civilians we work with all pulled together.”Navy Lieutenant Commander Cherry Lynch (pictured below), who works in Dell’s Resolution Expert Center said, “A lot of us come in our uniforms, if we can still fit in them!”Hiring, Supporting VetsAt Dell, however, support for our veterans extends far beyond Veterans Day celebrations.Five years ago, EMC was a founding member of the Veterans Job Mission, a small coalition of 11 leading companies committed to hiring 100,000 Veterans by 2020. It’s snowballed and has resulted in hiring more than 340,000 veterans to date.“As a first step into the whole recruiting realm, it’s just been breathtaking,” said Lou Candiello (pictured below), a Marine veteran who is responsible for military recruiting at Dell.Moreover, both Dell and EMC were active participants in the White House’s Joining Forces program prior to integrating this past August. The company committed to hiring 2,000 veterans between now and 2020. The national initiative, which just celebrated five years, was created to expand employment and career development for veterans and military spouses.“Dell EMC was selected to participate in the Joining Forces anniversary celebration at The White House,” Candiello said. “One of our military spouses actually received recognition from the First Lady, which was wonderful.”Yvonne Neal, Federal Services Program Manager and a military spouse, knows firsthand the support Dell gives to vets and spouses.“I was working for Dell when my husband came up on orders to leave. My manager at the time connected me with a federal manager who said, ‘Do you have a laptop? Do you have a phone? You can work anywhere,’” Neal said. “I moved to that team and I stayed for almost five years.”Paying it forward; vets recruiting vetsCandiello feels veterans are an untapped talent resource and is proud Dell recognizes the value they bring to the workforce. In addition to the active military recruiting process, once hired, there are also numerous programs and employee affinity groups to support veterans.“I think that a big part of supporting veterans within the company is the mentoring process,” Brad Johnson, a Navy veteran who works in Dell EMC’s Federal Division said. “We have some very structured programs to help both mentoring and advancement.”Johnson himself (pictured above) was hired through a Navy referral.“Someone I served with on submarines—and who was familiar with my skills and the way that I worked—said, ‘You know what? You should really look at this organization,’” Johnson said. “I now help hiring managers understand what value they get when they hire a veteran into the company and why these people will be successful. The culture here fits. The work ethic fits. The mission support fits.”Rivas (pictured below) agrees the culture is an excellent fit for veterans. Even after 19 years, he has no intention to go anywhere else and is excited that Dell is continuing to push for hiring more veterans, while creating even more support for those who are on board already.“There’s a huge movement now in Dell with regard to the veteran population,” Rivas said. “We have a lot of ex-military people out in the workforce; how do we get them into Dell and not just that, but—taking it a step further—how do we transition them into Dell?”Dell supports veterans through a number of programs, including employee affinity groups at both the national and local levels. The company is hosting celebrations across the country during the week of Veterans Day 2016. Find out more at;</p><p>last_img read more

Three Ways to Declutter Your Data Center

first_imgGoing into the season of staycations and the dreaded garage and spare room clean-outs, people are in the process of decluttering and making their spaces more efficient. The same process could be applied to reviewing drive performance and capacity options for the servers in your data center. Many companies purchase new drives every year and there are some things to stop and consider to help ensure your long-term ROI.Sometimes bigger is betterDell EMC just introduced 3.5” 14TB HDDs for select PowerEdge servers that can offer up to a 40 percent increase in capacity compared to 3.5” 10TB HDDs.  If you are storing data-heavy workloads such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), SQL, medical records and scientific data, these may be the ideal drives for your data center. In fact, if you are using the PowerEdge T640, you can now store 252TB for data-intensive workloads. And while you are cleaning out old boxes of high school memorabilia or old CDs, keep in mind that 1 terabyte storage can contain the equivalent of 1428 CD-ROMs or 17,000 hours of compressed audio.[1] So the T640 can hold the equivalent of nearly 360,000 CD-ROMs or over 4 million hours of compressed audio![2] If you upgrade your capacity, you can increase your system’s lifespan. Just like adding a bedroom or two may help you stay longer in your current home.“Check out the whopping 252TB of storage you can pack into the #PowerEdge T640 with these 14TB drives from @ToshibaStorage! #DellTechWorld“— Dell EMC Servers (@DellEMCServers) May 2, 2018SharePerformance is keyA huge bureau with drawers that don’t open is fairly useless if you can’t get to your items quickly. Don’t forget to look at your preferred capacity to see what the potential performance impact may be. It may be worth upgrading to a new size or type of drive to optimize performance. Part of our process for qualifying drives includes performance benchmark testing.  So with our PowerEdge HDD specifications, you can easily see that the 2.4TB 2.5” HDD offers better performance for sequential read workloads than the 1.8TB 2.5” HDD, for example.Secure use and reuseWe all want to make sure our items are stored safely, whether it’s Granny’s silver candlesticks or critical customer data. PowerEdge next-generation servers offer a cyber-resilient architecture to protect your data throughout your server lifecycle.  All firmware for critical components (NICs, HBAs, RAID, CPLD, storage drives, PSUs, etc.) is validated using cryptographic signatures to ensure that authentic firmware is running in the server.In addition, Dell EMC is focused on ensuring that security and quality control processes are in place to help prevent counterfeit components and malware from infiltrating our supply chain. These controls span our end-to-end product lifecycle including design, supplier selection, production, delivery, services and support.Just as you would run through an old wallet or pocketbook to remove personal items before donating it to a secondhand shop, you would want to remove data before reusing, disposing or donating hardware. When retiring or repurposing a system or array the next-generation PowerEdge servers can help you to permanently and quickly erase content from HDDs or SSDs. Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs) offer locking protection that binds the storage drive to the server and RAID card used. Even if the drive ends up in unauthorized hands, it cannot be accessed without supplying the required locking passphrase.Keep it simple It is easy to choose Dell EMC Enterprise drives when you purchase new PowerEdge servers or when adding a new drive to an existing system. Minimize worry with a hardware warranty for Dell EMC Enterprise drives and an option to choose the ProSupport extended warranty offering.  Plus, Dell EMC provides an online firmware update capability for drives that reduces downtime due to firmware maintenance.Wishing you a wonderful, clutter-free summer! Please follow us @DellEMCServers and LinkedIn to let us know how you balance performance and capacity in your data center. Contact your Dell representative to discuss the best PowerEdge drive options to optimize your workloads.[1][2]  Capacity may vary due to size and type of file and/or operating environment.last_img read more

Autopsy: Texas man died of neck injuries in animal attack

first_imgLIPAN, Texas (AP) — The final autopsy for a Texas man who sheriff’s officials believe was killed by a mountain lion found he died from neck injuries due to an animal attack, though state wildlife officials don’t believe a wild animal was to blame. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office ruled that 28-year-old Christopher Allen Whiteley’s cause of death last month was from neck injuries due to an animal attack. The manner of death was ruled an accident. The Hood County sheriff’s office said Tuesday that there’s still a disagreement with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department on whether Whiteley was killed by a mountain lion.last_img read more