Shanghai dragon new discovery the chain optimization content is a cloud user experience is king


a lot of people in the analysis of user experience, and often ignore the analysis of the domain name, and put more efforts on site design and architecture, the author believes that the domain name is very high importance to enhance the user experience, an easy to remember domain name, it is easy to let the user without the aid of search engines can enter the website, such as the domain name is love love Shanghai Shanghai Chinese Pinyin, is easy to remember, so as not to make a search in Google, love Shanghai, love Shanghai in search of Google inside jokes read more

Sohu blog the chain began to add nofollow

Figure 1

browser with nofollow plug-in display, so figure in the red box marked effect:

you can also go to the Sohu blog try, the link is indeed by the addition of nofollow. In this way, I believe that many Sohu like author in some blog account owners have to be hit. Although the link is added nofollow, but after all, it is not easy to keep account, such an excellent platform, will not give up, then the Sohu after the chain was coupled with nofollow, how are we going to do


, plain text links read more