Links how much impact on the site

but because of a chain implicated off muddleheaded keywords, but realized that looks like a check for Links too many people have the habit of gesanchaiwu. Today, how to give you an analysis of the website Links problems will affect how the website.

chain is actually outside the chain of a chain, but is actually equivalent to the external evaluation, an example before we took over the helpless. Jordan (high weight website) that you played good basketball (external evaluation, higher authority is the chain of high quality, of course, here we can understand Cheng Youlian), this one evaluation (chain), the value is very high, of course, you may not pushovers, if you are McGrady (assumed, seriously you lose), you also give an evaluation of Jordan: Jordan is a basketball God ah (the chain is also a authoritative). This time, two evaluation (chain) constitute our known Links. read more

Novice exchange Links reduce the number of individual links to avoid

of course, if there are other what reason, I myself pondering over the past few days has been routinely updated on the website Web site, and not what the virus, so the most likely reason is the reasons for the decline in ranking. Many people may think that remove the single link on the site’s ranking is not affected, after all is single, I can make your website can not vote, do not vote on your website; have impact on the site should be the website of others give me the link, if the other website snapshot, ranking problems, so I the site will cause problems. read more

Lu Guofu how to analyze competitor data

four website

snapshot of love

we can examine the website content, see what is included in the page, and then obtained his citation rate. This is he can judge the weight of the site of what is in a position.

three is included in the site of

four websiteWe can view the

domain name


ranking on the site before the update frequency and the quality of the article, the article is original? Is not your theme? There is no article in.

I remember Shanghai Longfeng before a new sites should be how to carry out said, to talk about how to analyze competitor ranking reasons, we can only find these data, so we can achieve the "enemy battle", an excellent Shanghai dragon ER must be a qualified data analysts, we only do these analysis data, then in accordance with the plan to implement, so as to more than our competitors! Now Wuhan Shanghai dragon according to a point of their own experience to discuss how to analyze competitor analysis, we only need us to optimize the industry top three natural site data (the former three Shanghai love does not contain their own products and the inside pages), because the site 80% data is ranked among the top three websites that we! Where to start? read more

You don’t know about those chain addition and subtraction principle


Many people love to do

the role of the chain, I don’t need to give you more explanation or processing, the core is the right opposition. But the construction of the chain now is no longer Shanghai dragon Er can wantonly hair, not good years of effort or the customer’s business is not easy to be destroyed on one day, turn on! Said in a large fish before you have not yet turn into a dried fish by the sun, so the play is the Shanghai dragon "defensive back".

who have not been to the emergency played drip (explosion hit the teacher once, hey, what is the link of emergency)? Is there something like this, when you some ranking has been stalled, or some web pages not frequently not included, is not where to go outside the chain.? and this movement is actually go to the emergency room available for the performance of drip. Because of a period of time suddenly produced a large number of links, if the search engine can in a short time to detect these links is very easy to be punished right down. Don’t let the chain as the site of the Shanghai dragon booster, straw, this is the wrong approach, will only make you more confused deeper. read more

Original and enduring is the guarantee of the success of the website optimization

know what search engines love, what users really need, the implementation of site optimization on many simple. Since users and search engines have important content, I insist on doing as in the past to the quality to win the trust of the original content, search and content. Often the website construction and website optimization company complained: "who does not know the original King ah, but only so much content, the day to write what?" how not? Since the choice of search engine marketing, we must practice their own beliefs. The original is not difficult, just tell the truth, just say to see the transformation of language can be written. The original is not to write about, almost every industry and every sub industry, have some news every day, every day is around which to interpret it. " read more

What search mode search results APP blue

Alibaba on 2014 launch of the search brand. According to the CNZZ data center data traffic statistics agency show that in March 2015, what mobile search share reached 13.35%, followed by Shanghai in second followed by love. (hehe)

According to Ceng Honglei



addition, in content aggregation, blue mode no longer stay in Box Computing the first result or the first screen optimization, but the search results will make the overall combing. In technical breakthrough, blue mode hope that through machine learning and knowledge map for multi user search intention accurately meet the demand. read more

Liu son Guerrilla break the monopoly spell bidding

so to guerrilla, fanned, long front, the battlefield is not fixed, crush one by one to break the siege. Then pull back, grassroots webmaster how to fight guerrilla warfare? Willow following suggestions are given:

1. guerrilla

therefore suggest you webmaster more concentrate on the long tail word. Many people may ask, although the long tail word good push, but the search volume is too small to do here? "Thought of a classical formula of long tail theory" in a huge number of (a number of long tail keywords X) a minimal number (searches each long tail keywords) = a huge market. Meaning that, although each a long tail word search quantity is relatively small, but you can do, can do a lot of the long tail, it still can form a massive search traffic. read more

To love Shanghai webmaster message reminder tool is reliable

yesterday day Shanghai update proportion is not small, there are a lot of friends respond to your own site is down right, one of my small enterprises can not survive, not only be right down, also be deleted Shanghai love home. In the love of Shanghai statistics background saw the news to remind, there are two messages to remind the site server has a problem, love Shanghai spiders can access to this site. Because every day I open this site is normal speed, so it is not every day to check whether the new sites have been grabbing abnormal points ranking, yesterday afternoon after all 100. Initially suspected of server instability caused by K, here is the screenshot capture abnormal: read more

The Qixi Festival do Shanghai dragon with cowboy

in August 2nd this year just to catch up with China’s traditional festivals – the Qixi Festival. The Qixi Festival in China is a very beautiful legend, every year at the beginning of July seven, the will meet in the bridge. About the legend can be said to be China’s next generation hanging wire catch Pax beautiful story, and the cowherd can be said to be the originator of hanging wire counterattack circles. Dongguan Shanghai dragon -AJ in this paper is not to say what a romantic love story, I want to say is how can we learn the essence of how successful counter attack from the big cowboy hanging wire hanging wire as originator of Shanghai dragon. read more

The new site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization should pay attention to these five questions

search engine in the climb up to take the most attention is the content of Web site content is high quality, one might think the search engine is not, how can it be my judge whether the content of high quality, although the search engine is not a person, but it is very intelligent and has its own set of rules for judging your website whether the content of high quality, the proposed site as far as possible to increase the number of original high quality content, and regular release, which is conducive to increase the site, will let the search engine spiders habit in a certain period of time often visit your site. read more