Beijing 2016 minimum wage increase

for enterprise employees friends, good news came. Recently, the Beijing municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau issued an opinion, in 2016 the minimum wage increase in Beijing, 2016 Beijing minimum wage? Let’s look at the following xiaobian.

2016 industry wage guidelines issued in Beijing. Beijing human social security bureau, said the guide line involving 19 industries. Among them, the minimum wage line 21320 yuan, according to reports, industry wage guidelines are calculated according to the enterprises in the same industry in 2015 the average enterprise employees overall relationship between labor remuneration and the average sales revenue curve. read more

Education projects to attract students to go to school to get rich treasure more easily

education industry has always maintained a very popular investment sentiment, parents in child education is not stingy spending. Therefore, educational programs are well worth considering. School students to learn the advantages of treasure products, easy to create a hot fortune.


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College students how to join the initiative to fall into the temptation to fall into the trap of hig

to join the chain is a good form of entrepreneurship, especially for those who do not have high start-up funds, there is no rich entrepreneurial experience of College students. But inexperienced students can easily fall into the trap of the join venture, the temptation is high rate of return.

alert to the temptation of high returns

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Fruit shop to pay attention to what small problems

is now a lot of people to start a business is a copy of the trend, to see what others are doing, what they do, leading to competition is becoming increasingly fierce, it is more difficult to succeed. In fact, if you notice enough small problems before starting a business, it will make the success of your career more simple. So, the fruit shop to pay attention to those small problems?

1, get up early every day at least 4 points to the wholesale market purchase, late sells goods are picked up;

2, fruit shop to pay attention to those small problems? Pay attention to the appearance of the fruit and the price to be too much taste, most people on the fruit price positioning is very limited, expensive no one to buy; read more

5 steps to success in your entrepreneurial thinking

entrepreneurship is a choice for many young people, like the pursuit of fashion. Now, you may walk a few blocks in the big city will inadvertently discovered a venture accelerator. Although the start-up company is the core of the new economic era, but you want to be a successful entrepreneur, it is still difficult. This means that you have to create a strong motivation to achieve your business philosophy.

1.  found for each problem you can solve it to find people. You have discovered the problem, but that does not mean that you are the right person to solve the problem. For the firm of entrepreneurs, the problem is the opportunity to solve the problem must be more important than their own. Don’t limit yourself, there may be a way to help you solve the problem, but first you have to find the right person to solve the problem. It takes you to search diligently. read more

Fuzhou launched 10 measures of public innovation and Entrepreneurship

business need to have some good policy support, local governments to promote entrepreneurship process have launched many new business policy, since recently, Fuzhou has introduced 10 measures to help people start.

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Car decoration shop decoration details of the big share

contemporary people’s aesthetic are improved, whether it is the decoration of the room or car decoration to do better, so the car decoration shop to become rich choice of many investors, and car decoration supplies store decoration directly determines the business is good or bad, do not be careless.

in automobile decoration decoration shop early, according to the actual size and structure of the shop, looking for an architectural design renderings, preliminary design design of the shop, and the cost budget, including your budget, staging expenditures, actual results and so on. read more

Do curtain fabric business adds color to life

now people’s living standards, also began to decorate their home with money, curtain fabric store market is gradually opened, it attracted many businessmen to join, then how should manage the curtain fabric stores? The following small series to introduce you.

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Fujian Pingtan entrepreneurs will be held at the junction of the experimentation area FTA cited c

now the country are pushing people to entrepreneurial activities, at the same time, some areas in the China also set up some more suitable for business people in Fujian Pingtan only experimentation area, experimentation area + as well as the development of free trade zone now attracts people’s attention.

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Beijing successfully held the 2015 nternet plus Chinese Summit

the development trend of the Internet is irreversible, all walks of life in various reform attempt around this trend, a comprehensive unit "Internet plus" boom, the boom is behind the collision of various Internet wisdom. The 2015 Internet +  held in Beijing, China Summit, these sparks of wisdom will once again be witnessed.

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