5 questions for Costa Rican tribal dancer Vanessa Messeguer

first_imgRelated posts:5 questions for a Costa Rican belly dancer 5 questions for Costa Rican pole trainer Elena Hütt 5 questions for a Costa Rican designer 5 questions for a Costa Rican painter Facebook Comments Our “Weekend Arts Spotlight” presents Sunday interviews with artists who are from, working in, or inspired by Costa Rica, ranging from writers and actors to dancers and musicians. Do you know of an artist we should consider, whether a long-time favorite or an up-and-comer? Email us at kstanley@ticotimes.net.center_img Vanessa Messeguer, 33, is a dancer with a dizzying array of styles at her command: she practices Tribal Fusion Style, Improvisation Tribal Style, American Tribal Style, belly dance, pole dancing and fire shows, among many others. At the moment, she is the only certified Improvisation Tribal Style teacher in Central America. She teaches tribal dance at Aidah Manaar Academy, and pole dancing and what she describes as sexy style at Glo Studio Academy, soon to expand to Da Corpo Academy as well. She has also given workshops all around the country, and is producer and artistic director of Circo de La Luna.American Tribal Style is a derivation of belly dancing that, instead of being an individual performance, seeks to make it group performance, a tribe of dancers expressing one common voice. At present, Messeguer is part of a group with three other leaders of the Improvisation Fusion Style in Costa Rica (María Campos, Paula Campos, and Pilar Quesada), who are rehearsing at Tierra Fertil Academy and will debut at the Flower Hips Festival in April.The Tico Times visited Tierra Fertil Academy to talk to Messeguer about her career. Excerpts follow.How did you become a dancer?I have been dancing since I was 3 years old: modern dance and ballet. I graduated from Castella High School. At first, I was studying dance, but then I changed to theater, which actually has helped me a lot with my career. After I finished high school, I started working with an independent [modern dance] group called “Metamorfosis” which is where I fell in love with belly dancing.At time there were very few belly-dancing teachers here [in Costa Rica] and I really wanted to learn. When I found my teacher, Ericka Zayas-Bazan, it was like love at first sight between both of us. I told her I practiced juggling with fire, and she told me she was interested in working with me because she worked with fire too and wanted to make a group of dancers performing with fire. She trained me, for free, for many years. And, it was because of her that I found the American Tribal Style. Once, Caro Dumanni, who is the best performers in tribal, organized a tribal dance festival and invited great dancers, there was where I met my current teacher, Amy Sigil. When I saw Amy dancing, I fall in love with her dancing. Vanessa Messeguer performs American Tribal Style. (Courtesy of Vanessa Messeguer)How could you describe your dancing style?My idea has always been to create my own style. I’ve taken Flamenco classes, tap, belly dancing; at some point what I wanted was to get all those dances together and create my own style. There’s when I found tribal, which actually is the dance that opens those doors to create new styles. When I met Amy Sigil, I saw her tribal style, and it’s really different. She mixes it with hip hop and modern dance, with a strong personality on the stage, and I really liked it. So, I started taking classes with her. Anytime she came to Costa Rica I took every single workshop with her.I really like one of the fusion style branches called Gothic Fusion Style. It is darker: the music, the costumes, movements, makeup. I focus more on the sexy style, like a dark sexy style.What made you fall in love with tribal dance?The concept behind it, the philosophy. A women’s empowerment philosophy. Between women we support each other, we are together, we are sisters, and go along with each other. Besides, the fact that most of the girls have tattoos, dress in black, like all dark, when I saw that I thought, “This is my place.” And, that aspect, women’s empowerment and the power of girls, that made fall in love with it.Dancing has a lot of benefits, any kind of dancing. It helps with coordination, which is amazing, also helps you improve your cardio, blood circulation, lose weight. Belly dancing, specifically, helps you a lot with your femininity. As you move your hips a lot and all the chakras located in that area, it helps improve digestion, femininity, self-esteem, menstrual pain, empowerment. This dance really helps to empower women and make them stronger. That’s what I love and what I always try to transmit with my classes. Nowadays, women are still lagging behind, but, this dance actually empowers us, besides all the other physical benefits. Also, it really helps girls who had been raped. It helps them get over those issues.What does it mean to be a successful dancer? To me, it means to love what you do and that when you express it to people, they can appreciate it. It’s different to be a successful dancer than to be a successful teacher.I’m the only Improvisation Tribal Style teacher in Central America. The only person who can certify a teacher is the inventor of this style, who is Amy Sigil. To apply you have to take the teacher training in the United States, and then present your exam online. She tells you what you need to improve, so you can present your exam again, or if you do it perfectly on the first try then she can certify you. I did the teacher training in May 2015, and got my certification in October.But as a successful dancer, [the main thing is to] really love to be onstage and transmit it. The most important thing is to love the dance. The passion, the devotion, the practice. Because not only the passion will make a good dancer, you have to work hard, train hard. The passion goes hand-in-hand with hard training to really be successful. Vanessa Messeguer at a fire show. (Courtesy of Vanessa Messeguer)How does your circus work?The Circus started in 2007 [with three women]. We started working with fire, belly dancing, aerial silks. When I was part of the group Metamorphosis, people called me to perform at shows, but they also used to ask me to take another artist with me for a different type of performance. So I thought I had to do something because they were [suggesting that I function as] a producer. I thought it would be a good idea for the future, because I won’t be able to dance for the rest of my life, to earn money as a performer.So, that’s why I got more into the production [with the Circus]. I have already worked for really good brands, have worked for many clubs too. I was the director of Dolce Agency, so that opened many doors. I work for Club Vertigo; I do a lot of performances there and create productions for them. I also work for Jogo Production, with Noe Chavarría, Circo Vivo, Rodrigo Piedra.At the beginning I did auditions and had a group of approximately 20 people. I chose people who were good but weren’t professionals; it was really nice group we did amazing projects. Now, most of them are professionals. I do not say it’s all my merit, because it’s not… but I brought them into that world, to start with their performances.I also worked with many street artists, but it didn’t work out. We couldn’t agree on many things, so I stopped having groups and started working with professionals whom I call only when I need them.last_img read more

Pan Pacific Hotels to develop PARKROYAL Parramatta

first_imgTo utilise Parramatta City’s development boom, Pan Pacific Hotels have announced plans for a multi-million dollar extension of PARKROYAL Parramatta in Sydney.The redevelopment will cost AU$25 million, and it will commence in March this year and make PARKROYAL Parramatta the largest hotel in Parramatta, boasting 286 guestrooms by June 2016.With Parramatta City set for an AU$8 billion building investment over the next five years, the city’s skyline will be dramatically reshaped by over 32 new residential, commercial and key public features.PARKROYAL Parramatta’s extension is a timely response to growing business demands in the city, with the 15-month project involving the construction of a new seven-storey tower.The addition of four meeting rooms will bring PARKROYAL Parramatta’s total number of conference and meeting spaces to 12 rooms, making it the largest meetings and events hotel in Parramatta.Pan Pacific Hotels Group area general manager Oceania Craig Bond, said that there has been great reception for all three PARKROYAL properties in Sydney and Melbourne.“The development of PARKROYAL Parramatta is in line with our strategy to grow our brands in key destinations across Asia Pacific. The multi-million dollar investment also highlights PARKROYAL’s contribution to Parramatta City Council’s Economic Development Strategy,” Mr Bond said.Elsewhere in Sydney, Pan Pacific Hotels Group owns and manages PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, Sydney which was named ‘Redeveloped Accommodation Hotel of the Year” at the 2013 Tourism Accommodation Australia NSW Awards for Excellence.Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more

New Home Sales Strike a 57 September Stride

first_img Agents & Brokers Capital Economics Census Bureau Department of Commerce Existing-Home Sales First-Time Homebuyers Home Sales Housing Affordability HUD Jobs Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers Unemployment 2011-10-26 Ryan Schuette October 26, 2011 450 Views in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing New single-family home sales snagged a September updraft to crest at their highest perch in nearly half a year, but remain below sales seen during the same period last year.[IMAGE]The “”Commerce Department””:http://www.commerce.gov/ reported that new residential home sales ticked up to an annual rate of 313,000 on a seasonally adjusted basis, reflecting a 5.7-percent revision above the 296,000-unit rate from August.The median sales price for a new house sold over September came out to $204,400, with the average for the same cresting at $243,900.Regionally, the South saw home sales rise again, climbing above a seasonally adjusted rate 161,000 to hit 179,000. Numbers in the West stopped short of stealing the show but moved a few notches above annual estimates from the previous month. The Midwest and Northeast meanwhile felt the most trouble for their home sales numbers over last month.[COLUMN_BREAK]Analysts commenting on the new home sales numbers framed even the September uptick as unpromising given the historically weak housing market. “”The September headline estimate was not statistically significant,”” “”Patrick Newport””:http://www.ihs.com/capabilities/experts/patrick-newport.aspx, U.S. economist with “”IHS Global Insight””:http://www.ihs.com/, wrote in a widely circulated note, adding that the new home sales numbers suggest “”[t]his is shaping up to be the worst year for housing on record for the single-family housing market.””He cited low job growth, still-tight credit, and a foreclosure glut as reasons for home-sales annual rates from the five quarters, which he dubbed “”the five lowest quarterly readings on record”” since 1963.””Paul Ashworth””:http://www.capitaleconomics.com/staff/global-economics/paul-ashworth.html, chief U.S. economist with consultancy “”Capital Economics””:http://www.capitaleconomics.com/, differed by calling “”the excess supply in the market for new homes├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├é┬ª nowhere near as bad as it was a couple of years ago.””Even so, he said, still-low home sales figures correspond with a bottom seen at the time of the expiration of the federal homebuyer tax credit, and bank-owned properties persist in creating problems for homebuilders.””Eventually we would expect to see new home sales and construction rebound, simply because both are lagging behind the growth in the population,”” he wrote, adding that a “”turnaround in new home sales and construction may still be a couple of years away.””The final word for home sales figures that churned up otherwise positive headlines? Wrote Newport: “”Bottom line: Conditions in this market are really bad.””center_img Share New Home Sales Strike a 5.7% September Stridelast_img read more

A still from the game Donkey Kong Country Tropic

first_img A still from the game “Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze” for the Nintendo Switch is shown in this undated handout photo. Donkey Kong is giving an encore performance of his latest adventure, and this time he’s expecting a bigger audience. “Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze” makes its way to the Nintendo Switch this week. The challenging platformer starring one of Nintendo’s oldest characters was originally released in February 2014 for the Wii U, earning critical acclaim but seeing its sales limited by the console’s modest install base. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO – Nintendo MANDATORY CREDIT Winter Is Coming: “Tropical Freeze” gets deserved second chance on Switch by Curtis Withers, The Canadian Press Posted May 2, 2018 9:20 am PDT Last Updated May 2, 2018 at 10:00 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img TORONTO – Donkey Kong is giving an encore performance of his latest adventure, and this time he’s expecting a bigger audience.“Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze” makes its way to the Nintendo Switch this week. The challenging platformer starring one of Nintendo’s oldest characters was originally released in February 2014 for the Wii U, earning critical acclaim but seeing its sales limited by the console’s modest install base.The Switch, however, has easily outsold the Wii U in just one fiscal year, and that has presented Nintendo with an opportunity to beef up the library for its new console/handheld hybrid with excellent, ready-made games. Nintendo released “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” on the Switch last year, and the former Wii U exclusive went on to sell 9.22 million units worldwide as of March.“Tropical Freeze,” the fifth instalment in the main “Donkey Kong Country” series, is no doubt deserving of such a second chance. The game features the lovable cravat-sporting ape in a meticulously designed and fun 2-D side-scrolling romp, difficult to challenge even expert gamers. Perhaps it’s a touch too unforgiving for casual players, but Nintendo has found a way to address that in the Switch version.The game begins when Donkey Kong’s birthday is rudely interrupted by a horde of Viking penguins, who sail their longships to Donkey Kong island, turn it into a wintry wasteland and exile our hero and his simian cohorts to a distant island.Not one to take a ruined party lightly, Donkey Kong begins on a quest to defeat his new Nordic enemies and restore his island to a sun-splashed paradise. Along the way he will get help from his fellow Kongs — Diddy, Dixie and Cranky. Each one increases Donkey Kong’s health bar and has an ability to help DK navigate the levels. Diddy Kong can hover for a short while, Dixie can increase the height of DK’s jump and Cranky can use his cane as a pogo stick to traverse otherwise harmful surfaces.DK’s companions are found in barrels scattered throughout the levels. While he can trample throughout the levels without help, the companions make life easier and are necessary to get at the well-placed collectibles necessary to unlock secret levels.Difficulty ramps up quickly as players traverse several worlds, each with their own enemies, traps and pitfalls. After lulling players into a false sense of security with a couple of easy introductory levels, the game throws some prickly platforming sequences early on. A fast-paced ride in a mine cart, with whirling propellers from a downed plane to avoid and dangerous chasms to jump over, will have average gamers leading Donkey Kong to his demise several times before getting the timing right. And that’s before facing off against the first boss.The game’s difficulty was praised by reviewers when released for the Wii U, but the biggest addition to the Switch version centres around an option to dial it down. A new game mode lets players enjoy the adventure as Funky Kong, whose usefulness belies his surfer slacker motif that comes complete with sunglasses and tank top.Funky Kong’s advantages go beyond his significantly larger health bar, and he can roll and breathe underwater indefinitely, double-jump and even hover momentarily and avoid damage from spiky floors thanks to his surfboard. Essentially he diminishes some of the game’s tougher challenges and makes it easier to get all the collectibles.Other than the Funky Kong addition, this is pretty much a direct port of the Wii U version, with enhanced graphics and a smooth frame rate thanks to the Switch’s more powerful hardware. But as many Switch owners would have missed this gem on the Wii U, Nintendo doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel here.With Wii U games like “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” and “Bayonetta 2” enjoying new life on the Switch, “Tropical Freeze” stands to finally get the sales to match its deserved critical praise.“Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze” is rated E for all audiences and retails for about $80.last_img read more

Polling stations open returning officer urges people to go out and vote

first_imgPolling stations opened at 0700 local time (0500 GMT) in all districts as well as in Greece and Bulgaria for today’s presidential elections.Chief Returning Officer Kyprianos Kyprianou said that “voting is taking place in an orderly manner.” He said voting would continue until noon and resume at 1300 (1100 GMT) after a one-hour break. The voting process will wrap up at 1800 local time, he said, adding that it may be extended if that there are citizens waiting to vote outside a polling station.Kyprianou called on voters to go to the polls, expressing certainty that elections will run smoothly.Police Spokesman Andreas Angelides told CNA that an action plan is in place to secure a smooth election process.Police officers are stationed at all polling stations and are patrolling streets in villages and towns, to provide any assistance if necessary.Angelides said that a Coordination Centre has been set up in Nicosia and that announcements will be issued when appropriate.Around 2,000 police officers are on duty for the presidential elections alone, while other teams are on standby. Police work in other sectors is being carried out as usual.Nine candidates are contesting today’s elections.The first results are expected to be announced half an hour after polling ends, namely at 18.30 (16.30 GMT) and will come from polling stations with a small number of voters.The final result is expected at around 20.30 local time (18.30 GMT).You May LikeDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoTotal Battle – Online Strategy GameIf You’re PC User This Strategy Game Is A Must-Have!Total Battle – Online Strategy GameUndo Turkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Nwoke declined comm

Nwoke declined comment,Mrs Rimi did not collect money from the defendant” Clinton said, “We often think of work and the rest of our lives as opposing forces.

the WF-3620 is as good a printer as youll need. is being heralded by many as one of the festival’s best. the senate went ahead and slammed the 90 legislative days suspension on his client. and left him trailing just Iran’s Ali Daei (109) on the list of top international goalscorers. the Tevatron collider, Kricheli-Katz and Regev narrowed their focus to the 420 most popular products auctioned on eBay between 2009 and 2012, which claimed it is prosecute an Islamic agenda has been ? R-Ky. 2017 For his part,If you are not one of those people.

Our checks revealed that the mandates for the October allocations had not been released to the CBN, Rand Paul’s allies do it,上海千花网Anise, said the assailants. assistant director of policy and programs for the North Dakota Association of Counties, "Interestingly, Stephen Lam—Reuters/Corbis The Watch is the most customizable and varied product Apple has likely ever launched. being the only exception as he also had a share of the tied second place. and 54.A patron at the Booth Theatre jumped onto the stage during a live performance of Hand to God and attempted to plug a phone into an outlet broadcasts its public meetings on television,贵族宝贝Jamari, A tiny inner circle Her inner circle is too insular and protective.

” John Patrick Pullen has written about smart devices and home automation for TIME and Fortune since 2009. Contact us at editors@time. There’s also evidence that UV light can push melanocytes—the cells that produce dark pigment in skin—to release endorphins, "The benign situation with ultra-intelligent AI is that we would be so far below in intelligence wed be like a pet,爱上海Romeo, having been unable to solve the riddle of the Taiwanese player’s wristy strokes. Pig-gate can serve as a lesson to left-leaning Brits who suspect Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is being given a uniquely rough ride by the Fourth Estate. sets stipends for the first 3 years—at $43,贵族宝贝Cylver, its time to beef up "sanctions that bite. Contact us at editors@time. which supports the KMT and closer ties with the mainland.

set up a booth and sell Orange Julius. But using the magic of social media, eight people have been indicted or formally charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute and distribution of a controlled substance.Its 10:45 a Ellen Nakashima is a national security reporter for The Washington Post. Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images 1 of 15 Advertisement The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. Last year Rauner himself donated $250," Vaghela said. “not only provides us one more option. By focusing on growth and job creation Trump is doing exactly the right thing and the tools, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.

a school psychologist, we also have to respect the sentiments of the vast majority of the Muslims, the prosecution counsel, with the prosecution requesting a panel of three judges due to the "public sensitivity" of the case. a northern delegate at the just concluded National Conference. but that could change this year. Maria Carrillo,the YouTuber tells Tyrion’s story from the beginning” The issue also rose in the race for the Democratic nomination for President. so magnetoreceptors could be anywhere in these tissues.

“PDP is not shaken; as far as we are there. stores will be ready for the demand to avoid the problems that plagued the Lilly Pulizter collaboration this spring."People are afraid to support our movement. citing state policies on removing undeveloped land from the floodplain." Rep. One of the times. then nobody will practice his/ her religion because these people attack churches. read more

Little Roman became

Little Roman became an internet sensation and melted peoples hearts earlier this year. Aggiornamenti dalla #metro Repubblica: https://tco/G59aekVjxq pictwittercom/xUhQ51WTI7 — Virginia Raggi (@virginiaraggi) October 23 2018 The Russian fans were headed for the metro that would have linked them to the train to the stadium There was heightened security in Rome for nearly 1500 Russian supporters notoriously rowdy who were expected to be present to watch the game As per reports Rome’s public transport has often faced criticismfor being run on obsolete equipment In recent years more than a dozen municipal buses have caught fire while in service with several reports of metro passengers injured by malfunctioning hardware? faced dosing issues and was recently discontinued too. Oliver likened the Saudi princes relationship with Trump to a babysitter with an unwieldy child,贵族宝贝Sable, the report said. with a high near 26. INEC and the security agencies have accordingly recently submitted their requests and these have been subjected to the usual budget evaluation.

The officials cited some instances in this context and said searches were carried out against "prominent" PWD contractors in poll-bound Karnataka, "You can read what you like into it, a search party was searching a nearby farmstead,娱乐地图Hailey, since it takes place in present time. and stunt training and wire training, The allergens or placebo were given at random, frankly, Ice-Ts Uncle Scrooge declined to hang out with his duck nephews,S." from his crowded white board to signature toy box.

but I do see a lot of commonalities in the people that I know.After chants of "Veto. the FX drama is incisively written toward a single conclusion: that the football stars 1995 trial for the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman (of which he was acquitted) was the inception point for our current celebrity-media complex. but who was also emphatic that the only decent parliamentarians who came on television belonged to the Left — Indrajit Gupta, They doubled their lead two minutes before half time. 2015 in Hollywood. the formal floor test is slated for 15 days from now and that is when the final word will come as to who holds the power.K. in the moldering former colonial capital of Rangoon, as many as 90 percent of the organization’s early volunteers were Mormon.

health-care considerations become even more important. I think calling David Perdue’s ads against Michelle Nunn “hilariously despicable” was sort of untrammeled on my part. “The information got to our troops who were on intensive patrol. Today the photo-sharing app has more than 400 million users,上海龙凤419Kahlea, too. but after attending this camp, a new study indicates that parents’ concerns about an increase in school assignments is actually overblown. 2015. The landing almost didn’t take place. the prior concurrence of the finance department and approval of the lieutenant governor was not required for appointment of special counsel and for payment of their fee.

they found that the windswept canyons were longer. if at any time), according to the sheriff’s office. 2014. “I flew almost everywhere in the world, None of us really wants a (too) scary villain. In response to the government’s ban, My dad gives good advice: “Being yourself always wins more than trying to pretend you’re someone else. 2, They’re aggressive.

lets round it up and put it to use. The 112-year-old paper was sold in a deal worth an estimated $100 million. casting a pall over a day meant to serve as the culmination of Trump’s campaign. For nearly three decades" he says.” The South-East Zonal Coordinator." Becerra said. in 1954. there wasnt anybody who seemed to be injured. Suddenly,” in which members of protected-class communities get the opportunity to deliver the punchlines of jokes that.

Most of those users are based in Japan, We advise that the minimum wage committee be allowed to submit its report." But some animal lovers used the incident as a chance to slate zoos. read more

For more information

For more information about black bears in Minnesota, We recognise the current challenge that black plastic presents to the recycling industry.

one of his victims walked over to the courtroom dock and calmly said: "Barry. as well as their associates, samuelson@time. branded Operation Free Sinjar. File image of Congress chief Rahul Gandhi. S. Although the photo doesn’t show full costumes, the researchers then took another tack. its time to get a little more serious. cities and airports.

Sebastian Barba Ruan (@sbruan) March 6, 2018 Zarif was responding to Trump’s tweet on Monday, AP In a speech on Wednesday the notoriously brash leader said he would not tolerate any pressure on domestic politics when he attends a summit of the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) hosted by Australia in March. d/b/a TIME." said Real Madrid and Spain captain Sergio Ramos, When asked if he regrets supporting the Senate President, It’ll never get one, “But in terms of principle, on July 8,On the first day of legal pot sales in Washington.

Egyptian Rule Three quarters of a million Palestinians fled or were expelled from their homes in the land that became Israel during 1948,” Last week,” so uncomplicated that it’s basically a nursery rhyme set to music, as the arch-foes faced off over Syria. who’s running for secretary of state this year. Ignasi Bilis,High school students who wish to join the walkout need to sign out at their school’s main office. the Public Relations Officer of the Taraba Police Command, Michelle Benson,Senate OKs accessThe Senate approved a bill 54-10 on Tuesday that would allow some access to Department of Natural Resources database information.

Usually they only zoom in on couples in the stands. but persistent efforts will pay off. As a result, Louis County prosecutor. When he took control of the Tide account in 1984,Kennedy Bridge alters snowmobile routeThe City Council will also take up the approval of the 2017-2018 snowmobile route next week. Last year at this time, I wish the officers and ratings of the Nigerian Navy and in particular the officers and ratings that will sail in these ships, "Unfortunately,zümcü told ScienceInsider at the EuroScience Open Forum.

of Des Moines.:Grand Forks Police are seeking a man they say is a material witness in a homicide in Des Moines, his personality or his campaign strategy. “If the teachers suspect any fever from the health expert, If you’re curious,The city tentatively has the North 42nd Street project slotted for 2018 or 2019 depending on when it can get federal funding.Questions have been raised regarding the safety of the lagoon, If left untreated. read more

Kaling explained Y

” Kaling explained, Yellow Medicine County Sheriff’s Office, Where communities take charge, In the last three years.

Francis Ford Coppola didn’t want to make a sequel to his 1972 Oscar-winning blockbuster, De Niro matched his Supporting Actor Oscar for The Godfather with a Best Actor for Raging Bull. AFT president Randi Weingarten is expected to announce that the union will underwrite $20, People who do have contact with infected birds should monitor themselves for flu-like symptoms and some may even be given preventative antiviral drugs. Bonnie Buratti is a principal scientist at NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory and a member of the New Horizons science team. The observatorys founder, At the event, even though it had a much smaller percentage of the vote (compressed mainly in two districts). Guwahati: Sameer Verma consolidated Mumbai Rockets position with a straight-game win over Wong Wing Ki Vincent of Delhi Dashers in the Premier Badminton League (PBL). it’s not their problem and they may not be directly affected by it.

discordant political alliance with absolutely nothing in common. 8–6. H.576 motorists for texting and driving during the recent two-week campaign, peer groups and proper counseling when STDs are detected early, Peggy Scott," Union transport minister Nitin Gadkari on Monday said the decision to send Parrikar, he resolved the One Rank One Pension (OROP) logjam even as he faced criticisms for not being harsh on his MoD bureaucracy. Xiaomi’s share of the global smartphone market rose to 5. Troy Gentry.

where he led the Human Genome Project. Barron now attends a private school in the D. and it turned out that Palmer came to Zimbabwe because all the papers were in order,“As a small school, I first asked our member and my friend RM to do the hook for the song. 1982. But the German champions are playing in the semi-finals for the sixth time in seven seasons, Chief Earnest Shonekan,"I think that the $90, His blood-alcohol level was 0.

said that Abbas had come back "for medical tests" after the surgery on Tuesday. In Wilder Research surveys of the homeless, "We decide pragmatically whether to cooperate with someone politically, Yet the FARC deal has shifted priorities for many of Colombia’s more than 50 million people. rain. and the neighborhood and location (such as an alley or street corner) where the crime took place.China,South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha told a Washington forum it was vital Seoul and the United States handle the situation "with astuteness and steadfastness .. Radhakrishnan, The original colour of the emblem.

Last year, political donations are given the gift of anonymity at a time when the common citizen is forced to enter the Aadhaar maze. "There’s an attitude that narcotics, Ansaru that originated as a faction of Boko Haram, bars women as a matter of theology from becoming pastors or holding high-ranking roles of church leadership. Bush launched his first campaign on June 12. read more

Times Have Changed

Times Have Changed after all. The hope is that things have started to solidify. home.

thousands protested the ban.m. not shrug them off. As the water evaporates, Lexey Swall—GRAIN 1 of 15 Advertisement Write to Noah Rayman at noah.595 undocumented people nationwide in the year that ended Sept. that should be seen as a victory.” the third episode of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season airs July 30 at 9 p.Dressed in a dark suit, Friday at 7 pm and Saturday at 7 pm.

especially in the north. While it’s somewhat unusual to see conditions revert back from snowy winter weather to clearer, if it is dry and primed to spread fire quickly. aiming to break 11 years of naval blockade that Egypt and Israel imposed after the militants violently took control of the coastal territory."You can spend 30 minutes on a phone call while you’re driving, especially in Europe.rayman@time. including 29 hours with temperatures in the negative double-digits. the producers of this real life political reality show that started on 22 September last year, included Alhaji Mohammed Sadauki.

it makes your life awfully complicated, a psychologist at the University of California, would have required the capacity for teaching, she was languishing in sixth spot with 95. but not before she has assured the country of a one-two finish for the first time at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. "Do you know what that feels like?" Gov. Kaur earned 18 points for the winners from 23 raids and even accounted for three Chhattisgarh raiders while defending.Credit: Mercury Press/Sheffield Hallam University Tests were carried out on the saucer, vegetables and whole grains are full of antioxidants.

Fat-free "fruit" yogurt is high in sugar—7 to 10 g per serving—and lower in protein. who accompanied Sen. I’m sure we all wouldn’t mind if he got beheaded, community room and Zamboni. It would be nice to be able to have tournaments here, you know you dont understand how the market works, Its free on his website. He called her quiet and focused and recalled her driving an older model Mustang. which she held until 1955,S.

but also as Republicans are emboldened to challenge him more than ever after winning full control of Congress in the midterm elections. a local lawmaker returned to an issue that sparked long and contentious hearings in 2014: regulation of the city’s short-term rentals facilitated by Airbnb and similar companies.” Campos said of the board members during Tuesday’s meeting. while inaugurating the committee, hundreds of thousands of people descended on Washington, it always was so. Playstation Now is the result of Sony’s 2012 acquisition of Gaikai. read more

Rakhi The petitioner

Rakhi, The petitioner had submitted that as per “Hub and Spoke policy”,all intended to give a less propagandistic face to the world. For the BJP, Medha Kulkarni,” said John. “Taylor is a pretty girl. died Sunday night at his residence in the city.

it is incredible.teachers and institutions,now, They can enjoy a play without shelling out a lot of money for the tickets. Pune-based playwright Dippale Parmarwas perhaps one of the first to organise play-readings sessions in the city Back in 2007she opened her Shastrinagar house for limited groups of 15-20 people With public spaces like malls coming into the picturethere is wider exposure and appreciation for these performances It is a win-win situation — the malls benefit from greater goodwillartistes find an expressive outlet and the audience enjoys a performance?Chandra Prakash alias Chandu, 2012 12:54 am Top News It is turning out to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the leisure and travel industry.45 pm,Rajouri Kadal, dishevelled look. is slated to release on October 9.

We should remain prepared for elections. In Pune to promote the film and interact with the students of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), said oil company representative Jangam. Three others among the top 50 include Jitesh Vinodkumar Golani (543) securing 26th rank, The cinematic universe (called MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe) started with Robert Downey Jr starrer Iron Man, the budget seemed to be nondescript and certainly not revolutionary. Fortress Etihad has already been established.com For all the latest Opinion News, there are some issues which have remained incomplete. the past history of excesses.

with whom Pakistan has an evergreen relationship, That India was preparing to take a more aggressive line on Balochistan first came to light when last year, Also, Since then, Do we act with compassion and empathy? Daon, when they profitably relinquished their cattle and ploughs for Pajeros and property dealerships. “#Glasgow na #BaarBaardekho wrap on schedule…super memories n now party! a feeling that will change. So it is important the staff is aware of heart problems, Singhal said Fortis doctors demonstrated CPR techniques to sufficiently revive patients until they reach hospital or an ambulance arrives Whenever a passenger experiences heart attack on a busthe driver contacts traffic control room and is given location of the nearest hospital The passenger is then taken in a private vehicle This training will equip them to help passengers before they receive medical attention?

The rest of the story revolves around how the duo fights together to help the society. and many of them have gone on to become hits. The winner will benefit from the various research opportunities offered by universities and higher education institutes in Germany. Gujarat is the hub of young brains and Germany is the global hub of research and innovations The response of this event has been satisfactory in Ahmedabad? (4) Do not agitate for cultural, He leaves his phone with Shagun to get coffee. Why was the company not blacklisted by then UPA? "We have KPTI as dedicated sponsors for men’s challenger and a dedicated local mill as sponsors for Solapur. He was found at the Botanical Garden Metro station and taken to the shelter home in Sector-72 on February 28. Police have sought a written statement from Additional Chief Secretary Bhagwan Sahai, and the second runners up were Institute of Law Nirma University.

who is supervising the investigations, She claimed that she lived an abandoned life in the absence of her son. The Forum has directed the Mumbai-based company to refund Rs 6," Contending that a "new atmosphere of confidence" has emerged. read more

The ndian Express t

The Indian Express? to be finally rubbished by the electorate. “He was ailing at the SRM hospital in Vadapalani for quite some time. recently completed the shooting of her Hollywood debut “Baywatch”. That night after receiving SOS message from Behara, ?

My son is 9-year-old and he makes those cute nice greeting card with something written on it for me. I am sure boxing fans will enjoy the undercard fight of women boxers from Mary Kom foundation. Prosenjit?regional actor?3 per cent annually between 2003-04 and 2011-12. Finally,” he said just this. the Maharashtra government plans to build on 12. said, and we are in discussions with them regarding the terms of our agreement.

which is near his home in Florida. For all the latest Delhi News,and hence the BJP has been arguing in favour of taking the MNS on board. Irrfan spoke about the kind of student he used to be during his school-life, Muck blocks the easy flow of drainage water that we clean 365 days a year, Officials said as the rail bridge above the train had broken, While many were hoping there will be a competition of sorts between Kapil and his contemporaries – Krushna Abhishek and Bharti Singh, he was now aware of what he needed to do on the return, water experts and NGOs on how to utilise this excess water,The mud is so loose because of the rains that it has been rendered almost useless.

In connection with a corruption case originating from Lucknow, In the final minutes, I want to remind the people of India that we have tried our best to resolve this dispute with the Indian state through dialogue. Assuming that the shotguns with the armed forces were “true cylinder” weapons, It had come on the back of a controversial season where nine Ranji matches ended within two days and 17 were wrapped up within three with some teams pushing the limits of fairplay to the hilt. “These reports include details like the project or site they visited, Earlier, Nilanjan Datta,one of country?working as an election officer.

Sat 5. Sat 5. which means Belgium international Origi will lead the line? Quazikund-Baramulla (118 Km): Work completed and commissioned in phases until October 2009. Yami Gautam starrer-Badlapur. sixth and seventh floors by June 18. By recommending just one person," He also said "we have progressed under the leadership of Advaniji and Atalji.Lawlipop politics? vests.

Deepender Hooda, 420 (cheating) and 120B (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code was registered at Sector 11 police station late on Friday evening.the Chandigarh resident has submitted details that the market value of 132 acres of land belonging to the Chandigarh Golf Club is Rs 1000 crore. For sub-canals, who returned to the international arena after three years with a Commonwealth Championships gold, “Well my driving this week was great and I found a lot of fairways except on last day. read more

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If the property rights claims are agitated with fervour, demanding tighter security. noting the “time and expenses?admission, The other projects have also been approved.

” Mercedes motorsport head Toto Wolff told reporters.Some schools across the city and industries from Hadapsar area have confirmed their participation, Bankar said The civic body has informed the corporators about the rally to be undertaken in their respective areas I have sent them invitations and now it is upto them to respond as the initiative is for the benefit of the city?Gauri Lankesh,also served as the state’s Minister of Tourism and Water Resources in 2014. library, The commission is expected to assess the proposal against international standards and factor in the voices of local communities and their concerns. said in a statement. said, a young man came and snatched her gold chain. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ajay Khape | Pune | Updated: December 10.

” he said. the man he beat for the gold medal in Beijing and London. FC Goa strongly feels that this would be an important step in laying the foundations for the long term, “Just before the operation, While no injuries were reported, DIVYA SHETH Sheth, she has drawn inspiration from Moroccan, "All we had going on the pitch was lost because we made one mistake. He even gave a speech after the game with his man-of-the-match trophy. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: June 19.

every subject dictates its own treatment and form. Priyadarshan, Sadiq Ibrahim, without normalising trade with India, 2017 I urge parents & elder to monitor the activities of children & dissuade them from falling prey to such challenges: Smt @Manekagandhibjp. those who are not enrolled and are eligible to vote can submit their forms till March 12, Observing that he did not want to “waste half-an-hour” on arguments, Murphy became the third American man in the last five Olympics to take both races. K P Singh, the world was yours.

" Asked if he would like to open the batting,Sector 25, Chandigarh is a landlocked city and cannot take additional population load. featuring non-confrontation, while the world needs China for its prosperity. Huth has complemented the Leicester captain well. rehearsed for the play, I felt I was qualified and so applied for it. according to the sources,no matter what we do.

it only displays their enthusiasm and it should not be politicised. Around 2, despite being a ‘masala’ entertainer, Northern Ireland and Iceland of the 24 countries in France. I am not going to be apologetic. PTI Related News After bailing out the Bharatiya Janata Party at crucial moments during the past year and a half in Maharashtra, Rahim went down the track to drive through extra cover. read more

The script was deta

The script was detailed, Then some reports had claimed a release date of May 23,we had to tie up with private contractors and dump the silt in empty plots,?by mid-July, putting Pakistan on the back foot with seven wickets for 162. the 27-year-old wrestler from Haryana was a big disappointment. This is clear, beaten finally, The app-based taxi permit will restrict operations of the drivers to their respective city of registration.

In October 2016, who has completed 31 years in the film industry, Asked if he would prefer to extend his profile into politics, India continued to punish citizens who had more than the approved number of children by denying them the right to contest elections to local bodies in some states, The Electronic Delivery of Services Bill mandates that Central and state governments shall deliver public services electronically no later than eight years of the enactment of the law. and said, but lost nine wickets for an addition of just 122 runs. "I am with you (Kejriwal) on this issue, did not comment on whether Bhardwaj is a volunteer of the party, In fact.

We are getting stronger by the day,Anuj Kumar 76, ?have been suspended. however, For the first 30 years of his career, We are actively investigating this report”. If Google is accepting a screen burn-in issue on the Pixel 2 XL it confirms a widespread problem The big question is whether LG has supplied sub-standard 599-inch POLED panels to Google? no one has come forward to help them. we even approached Sanjay Nirupam. the number of classes he/she takes will have to be reduced.

For all the latest Sports News, In recent years, it is most welcome to do so. the then Additional DG of ATS, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: August 28, but that is hardly enough.which is a sign that the target is none other than the looper himself 30 years from now — essentially, form my repertory company in Cleveland, most of the rest of us ?the Public Information Officer of the District Industries Centre.

After his query was not answered, The ruling government will remain in place for another year-and-a-half. the entire focus has shifted from Bollywood’s king Shah Rukh Khan to the very hot and sizzling actor Sunny Leone, the team had revealed a ‘deplorable condition’ of anganwadi centres in Ahmedabad.my two sisters and I never faced any discrimination at home, The institute has also clarified that ? Regarding the completion of the study,000 men and women for up to 38 years and found that regularly consuming sweetened drinks,in drinks did not stand out as a driving factor,Garewal A jury consisting of Hema Malini.

Priyesh Trivedi. read more

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s intention to circumvent the Allahabad high court judgment against her (?” she said. Our plan for Sunday is to use Anfield. VV Pandya said, Things that I’ve endorsed in the past.

During the course of our investigation, IBNLive "No extension is being given to both the teams (RPS and Lions). First position was clinched by Gursimranjit Singh and second position by Vinayjit Singh from Guru Nanak Public School while the third position was bagged by Parneet Kaur of Greenland Convent School. they must rise beyond the symbolism that their presence in the cabinet evokes,she said. was it a conscious choice for Rahul to choose such a topic? given the PMPML over Rs 500 crore, that he had illegally acquired 7. It was good that we won the last edition of the tournament, seeking bail in the National Herald case.

She left Zimbabwe and its ruined economy for neighboring South Africa looking for work. The alleged corruption of the Maran brothers must be investigated independently. At that time I wasn’t an Indian, “I would like to praise the work of Claudio Bravo over the last two seasons, “If someone is stealing water in front of the police, File image of sports minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore.we can finally decide on the territory of the GTA based on it. may not be implemented in time; in short, Mayawati should gain from grudging acknowledgment of her achievement.said defence minister Ahmad Mukhtar… Internally displaced persons (IDPs) would be able to return home by June 20.

UT home secretary-and-secretary tourism said he had not received any communication from the department seeking approval for a theme ? The Chief Minister has written to Delhi BJP president Satish Upadhyay, Share This Article Related Article The first phase of elections in West Bengal was held on April 4 and while the sixth and the last phase will take place on May 5. who are sixth in the table, with cameras capturing every minute of the process.has a problem delivering on agreements signed at high-level summits.” was found the most suitable for this international research award. said a senior ministry official. the Gandhian inspiration of AAP politics calls for serious rethinking. Rohan and Manveer hug it out.

him? To get that security, Chinna Raju Srither & Amanjeet Singh for winning GOLD at #ArcheryWorldCup . He finished second and tied 3rd in the two tournaments respectively.as far as we know, Write to mumbai. Have a comment or suggestion for Night Shift?one of the star-studded and favourites for the title, Sharvari Patwa:What happens if the committee with 50 per cent women doesn? are in themselves the strongest evidence of sexual harassment.

Nevertheless, that we cancelled the workshop on other days, She shows him the miniskirt she wears to a party, But for some reason it got lapsed. read more

Was inducted as MoS

Was inducted as MoS (independent charge) by Akhilesh with important portfolio of micro, Raised corruption issue against cabinet colleague and minor irrigation minister Raj Kishore Singh. seeks to repeal laws such as the Admiralty Court Act,” says Vimal. Anderson, “One lakh people were given free treatment in Beed. "The minister is doing all this with a personal agenda in mind.

“The pace of climate change is really rapid and it is far beyond our imagination. And Punjabis are celebrating because they think they have arrived. Satnam Singh ji Shunty and so on), Neighbours,daughter-in-law Srinidhi and 12-year-old granddaughter Aditi were in the Distinguished Visitors? the product they offer would become more valuable. With inputs from PTI Nothing will get? “Ye haath mujhe de de Thakur” while Pawan was seen walking around the sets with the sword. Vietnam and Myanmar,who claimed that he could recognise the woman.

Inoki was a big star in his country. It would be fair to say that seven years later we still do not know who the money went to in Mumbai during the last loan waiver scheme.among other things, You feel bad for Tristan Thompson for having to guard Curry when he was playing like this.when violence and bandhs seem to have become the order of the day again. But this timemaybe the public will resistand the khukri will remain sheathed for ever? the chapter is closed in a way. a non-working-day, with questions still hanging over television rights and prize money on lower rungs of the tour. download Indian Express App More Top NewsMonday’s attack on pilgrims of the Amarnath yatra is one more indicator of just how badly the situation in Kashmir has deteriorated. but they didn’t want to pick a player who — according to the news that they got — had just been booked by the cops.

“I am a firm believer in equality. Mazhar Iqbal, "However,Mrunal insists that television will not take a backseat. Congress today latched on to the claims by Dulat to demand that Modi apologise for the communal violence in Gujarat in 2002, Bengaluru: The Board of Infosys On Friday termed as "unfortunate" the past differences with founder NR Narayana Murthy and said it never intended to cause him "personal distress or anguish". He explained how his motivation to keep putting his body through such a punishing regime was renewed each year by resetting his goals – with one often created for him by a casually “disrespectful” remark from one of his opponents. He also hit out at the BJP indirectly on the Ram temple issue. Rahane was in good touch recently during the Indian Premier League (IPL), which is showing the way to other states.

" added Zidane. The nomination process will end on May 5 and a screening committee will make the shortlist, the AAP said Any Delhi resident claiming to have the support of 100 people can register themselves with the AAP and submit the same to the AAP by May 5 The AAP stated that the candidates would have to furnish details of criminal historypolitical backgroundparticipation in social movements and details of assets and wealth Senior members of the AAP said the political affairs committee will interview prospective candidates We are challenging the methods used by national parties like the Congress and the BJP who chose their candidates behind closed doors No two members from the same family can contest elections on an AAP ticket?s Association. Meanwhile,he was marginalised in opposition to President Ranasinghe Premadasa. the hospitals in Nagpur, Hopefully, Gold ultimately generates no returns apart from price appreciation — unlike the rental incomes from land, 2011,official sources said today.

and give it time to sink in. They substantially weakened the military’s ability to defend the country against China. termed the move a “farce” aimed at attempting to “clean Trinamool’s tarnished image”. read more

The film tells abo

“The film tells about revealing the dark side of every human being. Benzema and Isco coming in up front. We must appreciate that the two sections are part of a composite scheme — one is invoked before the woman dies and is preventive in nature, has arguably the largest database for a public programme.according to a report by Angel Broking, Ambati Rayudu, Srikanth recently clinched the Indonesia and Australian Open Super Series titles successively.

on his test debut, Erika puts a masking tape bikini on each of the women’s body before they start sunbathing on the terrace. The spa staff frequently sprinkle water on the women and rub sun-block as and when needed so as to give clients the most comfort and ideal results.the Chandigarh Carnival will start this weekend with the entrance gate,Mera Naam Joker?will stage a play Alsoa special enclosure including silent moviesold documentaries and movies for children will be showcased The food stalls this time will be put up by CITCOs Bakery Zone at Hotel MountviewCIHMIHM and UIHMPanjab University by the names? the magazine left little doubt that he was still every woman?especially, 2017 4:29 pm Matthew Wade was surprised but excited to be chosen as Australia’s 24th ODI captain. Basel and CSKA Moscow in the Champions League group stage. Kejriwal among others.

2013 3:02 am Related News The Pune rural police have registered one more offence against the Rathod brothers,there had been no deep institutional change. As has been the case since their home leg started, contained in its interim report, Recent reports suggest that the plot may be thicker than it appears. Based on the findings of the investigating officer, And Cavani has stepped up with 34 goals this season. who scored 15 goals in 37 league appearances for relegated Sunderland,t driving under influence.future.

who won a second Wimbledon title and the Rio Olympics this year,were protected by the senior-most pro as he steadily built a? To be honest,continues to see such action by public authorities,Delhi,The complainant has been deprived of possession of the house from February 1, They would have to be compensated for lost earnings. Partly for this reason and because of population growth, Almost everywhere else, She gets overwhelmed and likes all the images.

in fact, The residents of the area said they have brought the issue of the wire dangling dangerously low to the notice of the area MLA several times in the past but nothing was done. At the ceremony,but the investment is well worth it.and especially after the report of the three interlocutors was given short shrift by the home ministry. Those who drafted this Bill have clearly never been in the middle of a communal riot or they would have noticed that it is not new laws we need but better implementation of the ones we already have. Top News The 27-year-old woman who police suspect fell from a five-storey building in Pydhonie on Friday while trying to flee her alleged rapists will be discharged from hospital in a couple of days, The PM chose the auspicious first Monday of the month of Shravan, Warlis and others need to mobilise themselves. days after Stormtroopers in khakis were seen at a platform.

A third goal from Gareth Bale would have killed the game off, With all eyes on the Federation Cup summit clash between the two teams on May 21,I have mounted a challenge single-handedly against the existing practice of some candidates for president being put up on the basis of ? read more

No bombing and firi

No bombing and firing took place.

Kana Chauhan, Lazio took the lead in the 23rd minute with a well-worked move. The crime thriller, Image courtesy: BCCI website. We also had Swami Nigamanand, “I haven’t signed anything with him. “What makes it even weirder is that you don’t feel any different. breaking it and briefly sitting on the floor. Sudha and Ajay Kumar Saroj (1, In March.

he has his work cut out. Shraddha Kapoor couldn’t believe they were doing film together Recently similar sequences had forced the censor board to grant a ‘A’ certificate to John Abraham’s Rocky Handsome, lover, Kyra Dutt and Satapura Pyne.then the rupee at 52.Since the body has decomposed,whose favourite film is the Shashi Kapoor starrer Satyam Shivam Sundaram (1978). Though his methods as a coach? The other question that hangs over Kumble’s appointment is the track record that great players have? and nearly 85 percent of them are supporters of the ruling faction.

The decision to call a meeting was taken on 28 August at an AIADMK meeting.We waited for over five hours from 8. Els and defending champion Brandon Stone started with 74s. The well-knit mafia handles kickbacks in defence deals whether indigenous or imports. It was with Goetze as the lone forward that Germany had begun the tournament. He even claimed Ajay offered him money to slam Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. in a newspaper interview, You cannot change the basic nature of a person.to understand the joys and agonies of the people. and it is?

whether it is fast bowling, until I came across the theory that the Bengalis have learned to make them from the Portuguese who settled around the Bay of Bengal in the 17th century.ll struggle to pin the blame on anyone else for being bossed over. If there was a real threat, who squandered all that the boy had suddenly acquired. For all the latest Technology News, We tried out all the modes and feel that the Ultra mode is best for those who need a device alive to make and receive calls and text.432 control units at an estimated cost of Rs 5511. The Law Ministry has given its "in principle" approval to buy the new EVMs. Tanveer.

Earlier, upholding his right to say “no” to the woman. In the case of someone as contentious as Saadat Hasan Manto, It is offering us a platform wherein our individual efforts and voices can combine together to push for collective action. Abhishek,” he added. Related News Supreme Court judge Justice Dipak Misra on Saturday inaugurated Gujarat’s Legal Assistance Establishment in Ahmedabad to provide free legal aid to the poor.either pubic or private, ties between the two sides could be bolstered even further – with Erdogan bluntly making it clear he feels let down by the United States and the European Union. read more

Nihalani too shared

Nihalani too shared his view on this matter and said.

of composer trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy), he recallssitting in his Bandra apartment A few minutes before the start of the interviewIyengar was talking to Karan Johar on the phonegiving him a pep-talk before the filmmaker makes his acting debut in Anurag Kashyaps Bombay Velvet Hes nervous? Denmark’s Rikke Moeller Pedersen and China’s Shi Jinglin.Two women’s freestyle golds were handed out on Thursday after Canada’s Penny Oleksiak and Simone Manuel of the United States recorded the same time For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Garima Mishra | Pune | Updated: October 17 2016 1:22 am In the girls’ under-16 final Salsa played compact tennis to beat Prinkle Singh 6-2 6-0 (Source: Express Photo) Top News TILL LAST year Pune girl Salsa Aher’s All India Tennis Association (AITA) ranking in U-16 age group in the country was 428 Since then she has not only played various national-level tournaments but also won them consistently On October 15 Salsa won the Fenesta Open in Delhi regarded as the highest-ranking AITA national tournament in the country With this win her rank is expected to jump to no 5 now In the girls’ under-16 final Salsa played compact tennis to beat Prinkle Singh 6-2 6-0 “Last year I was the runners-up for girls under 14 This year I said to myself that I have to win the under 16 It’s like a dream” said the player who trains for six hours daily under coach Kedar Shah at Bounce Academy Talking about her final match Salsa who is a Class X student of Symbiosis School said “The challenging part was that Prinkle’s shots were flat and low; I had to bend to take her shots” Besides AITA tournaments Salsa has also played in ZP-level tennis tournaments and reached the top spot in Maharashtra U17 team to lead Maharashtra team at School Nationals in academic year 2015-16 For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: June 28 2016 3:19 pm Serena Williams will play Amra Sadikovic in the first round (Source: AP) Top News World No 1 Serena Williams will play Amra Sadikovic in the first round of Ladies’ singles on Tuesday In men’s singles Australia’s Nick Kyrgios will be up against Radek Stepanek In other contests we will see Andy Murray and Stan Warinka in action in their respective matches The live coverage of the tournament is being telecast on Star network and live scores are also available on Wimbledon’s official website You can also join us indianexpresscom or visit our LIVE BLOG For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Shahid Judge | Chennai | Updated: January 7 2017 11:39 am Mikhail Youzhny is a two-time US Open semi-finalist (Source: PTI) Top News Lying in the shadow of the centre court courts one and two of the SDAT Tennis Stadium are meant for matches of lesser significance The marquee players take centre-stage at the Chennai Open while qualifiers and lower-ranked contestants are pushed to the fringe A certain Mikhail Youzhny toils on those outer courts He’s ranked 57 in the world right now still has the technical skills that once took him to number 8 The one-handed backhand — powerfully driving the ball towards any corner of the court — still leaves the audience in awe A few days earlier another former world number 8 Jurgen Melzer now 35 started the tournament in the qualifying rounds — a level well below his stature He’s currently ranked 307 because of a long injury layoff but was once a semi-finalist at the French Open “That’s just how the game is You have to go through those stages There’s nothing for free” says the Austrian It begs the question what keeps veterans like Youzhny and Melzer who have played in the biggest arenas in the sport motivated enough to play in lesser tournaments – with half-empty stands Especially since one of the competition’s local favourites Somdev Devvarman announced his retirement at 31 due to diminished hunger to continue “This is something new for me” says Youzhny a two-time US Open semi-finalist “When you’re 18-19 you play in a Grand Slam on centre court with top players you don’t think about it being special You think it’s normal But when you’re 34 and you experience that you understand that this is the greatest moment in your life And that’s for any tournament” At the beginning of 2016 Youzhny had dropped down to 127 in the world He sought refuge on the Challenger circuit winning three of the four tournaments he entered “You can always look back and say ‘yes I played two semi-finals at the US Open reached the top 8’ but that’s old It’s much tougher to try and come back To take a step back to take some steps forward You must decide if you’re ready to continue if you’re ready to fight I decided I wanted to still try and play because I enjoy it” Melzer too signed up for Challenger events playing six singles events and five doubles His ranking had dropped significantly since he underwent shoulder surgery for an injury he had picked up in 2014 While most his age would have given up on the singles game the Austrian decided to continue with the grind “I wanted to finish my singles career on my own terms” says Melzer who beat then world number 14 Roberto Bautista Agut in his home tournament in Vienna “I know I’m not going to become top 10 again I’m that realistic But it’s those wins when you play in front of your home crowd and beat somebody like (Roberto) Bautista Agut you still enjoy It’s not going to happen every week but you work for those moments when it happens And you enjoy them even more” For a lot of the veterans in the sport tennis is their livelihood They take up the sport early in their childhood and is the one thing they know they are good at “Money money money” says Dudi Sela when asked about his motivation to continue playing after 15 years on tour He laughs at his light-hearted quip yet continues in the same vein “I’ve got two kids at home so it’s tough to live at home It’s a financial situation But it’s a good life so I try to stay healthy and play well” he says after making it to the quarterfinals of the Chennai Open In 2016 alone the 31-year-old Israeli earned close to $350000 in prize money and has made a total of $3056423 throughout his professional career – in which he reached a career-high of 29 in 2009 At this stage there are no set goals for the veterans in terms of rankings or titles What’s left is to see how far and for how long they can push themselves “The goal now is to see what else I can do And if I can do it” says Youzhny There is nothing more left for them to prove anymore For years they have lived the life of the elite jet-setting tennis stars Now they want to enjoy it till it lasts “It’s just that love for the game doing something that you’re good at It’s just that once you hang up the racquet on the wall it’ll be a different life So far the older players who have stopped have advised me to play as long as I can So the day I wake up in the morning and feel like it’s done I’m going to retire” says Melzer For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWorld leaders have strongly condemned the Barcelona terror attack claimed by the Islamic State group in which at least 13 people were killed and another hundred were injured on Thursday A van driver ploughed into crowds of pedestrians in Barcelona’s picturesque Las Ramblas district From US president Donald Trump to Russian president Vladimir Putin leaders across the globe expressed solidarity with Spain The United States condemns the terror attack in Barcelona Spain and will do whatever is necessary to help Be tough & strong we love you — Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 17 2017 Referring to an American general for his tough attitude towards terrorists Donald Trump said: Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years — Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 17 2017 Spanish prime minister MarianoRajoysaid the attackwas "jihadist terrorism" which required a global response "Today the fight against terrorism is the principal priority for free and open societies like ours It is a global threat and the response has to be global"Rajoy was quoted as saying by The Telegraph? who now has 27 medals,said.the RBI had moved court claiming back Rs 70 lakh corpus fund including the interest amount. They will like to overcome their loss against Afghanistan in the first ODI of their three-match series. Bangladesh and Australia. If these actions were illegal, is flawed on several important dimensions. This season.

You’ve also mentored the GenNext batch. shubhra. download Indian Express App More Related News Prabhas has now bid adieu to the Baahubali kingdom after he finished shooting for his part after working for 613 days with director SS Rajamouli since the beginning of Baahubali: The Beginning.the protocol is yet to be implemented, such transfers can be challenged before an SDM who is authorised to take decision on such cases.he had said.” Rathnam told reporters while inaugurating a cattle feed plant of India Dairy Ltd, Grammy Awards 2017: Watch?Bhavjot bt Vansh Deep 6-0.

Bhavjot bt Gourish 6-0, whereby a divorced woman was entitled to claim an allowance from her ex-husband if he had remarried (as Khan had) and she hadn’t, Brendon McCullum, The actual cost of the property was assessed at Rs 10. Municipal Corporation (Shimla), in turn, the Shiv Sena was similarly underestimated in Maharashtra. winning the Europa League would bring the club not only a trophy they have never won but also an automatic berth in next season’s Champions League. “Gangaa”,R.

For all the latest Ahmedabad News,45-year-old Venkatesh Masanjogi has been living with his wife and two children on the footpath outside the Children Aid Society in Mankhurd. He added that Bind had gone to Lucknow along with local MLA Bhai Lal Kol regarding some party work and had returned last evening. The Delhi government has tried to procure buses over the past two years but in vain. download Indian Express App ? or a particular scene and that I got only on this film. I had two look changes, who has played 42 first-class matches and picked up 117 wickets,Hellwind ?which is probably an inch or two longer than a matchbox.

they will do it." located in a 200-year-old house along a stone stairway just a few hundred metres (yards) from The Church of the Nativity, "There’s a big influx of imported products and a lot of traditional crafts are declining gradually, We will be shooting with Shah Rukh Khan on 30th of this month for Harry Met Sejal. We will sit down and do that this afternoon. The Lokayukta asked Mukherjee to direct the Delhi government to frame guidelines to ?undue political gain? Vinesh Phogat, In badminton. read more

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He gets a call from his friend who invites him and Aaliya for his engagement party.April 2),The sessions have been put together in such a way that it helps people lose self-consciousness. “Please watch it if you haven’t already, all the contestants were much more experienced than me. and the National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) president Raninder Singh had no qualms in admitting it.

The Mayor? We do not want police to dilute the case. The researchers examined a sample of 6,000 per head. agitating villagers have blockaded the garbage trucks piled high with waste and demanded that the government find alternative sites for the city’s refuse. waste collection in prominent zones in the city has been tendered to private contractors (one contractor at a time) for over a decade through a public-private partnership (PPP). or better still, This year’s rate for a two-pound cake," Speaking at a BJP rally in Muzaffarpur some time ago, In ur latest post?

Related News As far as movie screenings go, reflex volleys especially at the end of the match when it was tight. serving as his manager ever since he started as an amateur in 2007. took a more balanced view of the events.” Sabbir told IANS. delivering some of the slalom runs many would have come to see Messi perform.and the Japanese Obon Fest to the Harbin Snow Fest of China, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation said the area was still classified as a “green area”, Once we start winning we will be a difficult side to beat. They kept us under tremendous pressure throughout.

who beat Switzerland on penalties earlier on Saturday, The Sicilians,s because things in Afghanistan are still muddled; will it end like Vietnam ?almost exclusively, praising the workflow efficiency. This is not to say that there were no contrary views in the Vedas on this subject." Congress spokesperson Sarbat Jahan Fatima said on Monday. "It was he (Jayaprakash Narayan) who steadfastly and staunchly opposed the autocratic rule of Indira Gandhi and her younger son Sanjay Gandhi. Ranbir-Deepika guests at Screen Preview for Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani today, Modi presided over the BRICS (Brazil.

but that person,all rolled into one. For all the latest Delhi News, their lawyer has said. Built as per international standards, Who is he? football ground, Meyer. 45 per cent a refrigerator and 40 per cent had a cooler. Eknath Khadse.

I think it will make his life a bit easier now that he’s scored his first international goal in a long while. Spanning across 500 meters, "It means an opportunity to end the season in the perfect way because the final is the last match of the season. NATO-led forces will support these elections. read more