US tax cuts Fiscal pros weigh in on how Canada should respond

first_imgWASHINGTON, United States of America – While they have slightly differing views on the landmark tax cuts just adopted in the U.S., and their potential effect on Canada, some of the country’s leading fiscal-policy experts agree on one thing.In short: Don’t expect Canada to engage in a corporate-tax-cut-war with the U.S. That’s according to three prominent fiscal experts contacted by The Canadian Press as the U.S. passed a bill that will make it cheaper to do business down south.Kevin Page, Jack Mintz, and Kevin Milligan all agreed Canada has different policy tools to respond. And they expressed doubt the likeliest tool involves taking a chainsaw to corporate tax rates.The University of Calgary’s Mintz believes Canada should worry about its neighbour’s tax reform; he’s expressed it in National Post pieces with titles like, “Trump’s tax tsunami is about to wallop Canadian jobs and investment.”His view is that for several decades Canada had two business advantages: lower corporate taxes, and free trade. Now the taxes are about equal, and free trade is in jeopardy. He said Canadian businesses also face new challenges, like carbon taxes; while the U.S. eliminates regulations.But he said Canadian policy-makers can respond with a variety of solutions. One is tax rates. Others include simplifying regulation, or designing tax policy to benefit investment, say, by steering the proceeds of carbon taxes back to businesses.“There are a gamut of different policies,” he said in an interview.“It’s wrong to think that a single nugget is going to solve, deal, with the issue.”He suggests Canadians seek some clues in an annual World Bank document. In the bank’s annual Doing Business report, Canada scores high in several places — it’s No. 2 in the world for ease of starting a business.But it points to sore spots.Overall, Canada ranks as the 22nd-best country to run a business, sandwiched between Lithuania and Malaysia — 13 spots behind its neighbour, the U.S. It’s 57th in dealing with construction permits, and 108th in getting electricity.Page, Canada’s first parliamentary budget officer, also doubts copycat tax cuts are coming.“I think it is unlikely Canada will try to match U.S. tax cuts,” Page said in an email.“Tax reform pressures will likely build in Canada over the next few years leading up to the 2019 elections but it is more likely to have a broader agenda than tax reductions , including fairness, sustainability, growth, (the) environment.”He said corporate income taxes are one important cost of doing business — but that companies look at a variety of things: dividend, capital and payroll taxes; regulations; and production costs like wages.He said Canada might even draw some early benefit from the U.S. tax bill. That’s because economic growth in the U.S. tends to spill into Canada. Scotiabank’s models estimate that for every percentage point of growth in the U.S., there’s a half-point growth in Canada.Page said he expects a short-term positive impact for Canada. But he said that dissipates as the bill’s less-desirable aspects kick in — like the $1.5 trillion added to the debt, Republicans’ talk of offsetting that through social-spending cuts, growing inequality, and the diminished fiscal manoeuvring room whenever another recession hits.He offers a term to describe the temporary boost for Canada: “A sugar high.”Kevin Milligan, a UBC economist who has advised the Trudeau Liberals on tax reform, said he’s not nearly as concerned about this bill as he would be if it gave U.S. businesses a permanent tax advantage of, say, five percentage points, rather than simply putting the countries at similar rates.“Then we’d be in a world where we’d be really, perhaps, in trouble — where you’d see firms wanting … to shift profits out of Canada. The fact that we’re tied, at about the same rate, means there’s no incentive to move profit,” he said.“That’s why I don’t have apocalyptic concerns that some others might have expressed.”He said businesses will continue making choices based on numerous factors, like the cost of providing health insurance to employees, a significant issue in the U.S.; good transit links; pleasant communities; workforce training; and the ability to attract talented immigrants — an area where Canada has gained some advantage, he said, given the current U.S. political climate.“So that’s the question,” Milligan said.“Are we best off getting into a tax-rate competition with the U.S., or competing on other grounds?”last_img read more

2018 Juno Awards will be mix of celebration and reckoning

Financial and industrials weigh on TSX loonie climbs against US dollar

first_imgTORONTO — The key financial and industrial sectors weighed on Canada’s main stock index in late-morning trading, while the loonie traded higher against the U.S. dollar.The S&P/TSX composite index was down 13.91 points at 15,130.97.In New York, the Dow Jones industrial average was up 50.84 points at 25,340.11. The S&P 500 index was down 0.59 of a point at 2,729.61, while the Nasdaq composite was down 37.52 points at 7,221.51.The Canadian dollar traded higher at 76.10 cents US compared with an average of 75.75 cents US on Thursday.The January crude contract was up US$1.19 at US$57.87 per barrel and the December natural gas contract was up 18.6 cents at US$4.22 per mmBTU.The December gold contract was up US$6.50 at US$1,221.50 an ounce and the December copper contract was up 2.15 cents at US$2.77 a pound.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Fez Festival: Nabil Benabdeljalil Takes Audience on a Journey from Africa…

Fez – Moroccan composer and musicologist Nabil Benabdeljalil and the Zakharif Ensemble delivered an outstanding performance on Thursday afternoon at the Batha Museum, marrying oriental and occidental melodies and taking the audience on a voyage across cultures.The ensemble approaches music holistically and interprets it as a harmony of intricate, polyphonic compositions and arrangements that connect with the spirit of tradition. The ensemble plays jazz, Moroccan, Middle Eastern, and Arabic music, classical music of the Romantic era, and classical 20th century music.Although the groups participating in the Festival this year may differ in name, kinds of music, and rhythm, they all share a pivotal theme in common: the journey of Hassan Al Wazan and his migration from Andalusia to Africa and back again to Europe. Nabil Benabdeljalil and the Zakharif Ensemble emphasized this theme performing pieces from the classical Arab repertoire infused with western tunes.Before the concert began, the organizers experienced difficulties due to rain and the heavy wind which blew tree leaves all over the tiled courtyard of the venue, causing a delay. Responding to the discomfort with the weather conditions, one spectator commented: “This is part of the sacred,.” urging listeners to smile.Finally, the group appeared on stage to a warm applause.The first two pieces were “Romance without Speech” and “The Impossible Dance,’’ both composed by Nabil Benabdeljalil. The pieces were deftly and musically played although they sounded as if they were composed of a hodge-podge of intricate musical notes, mixing Austrian, Egyptian, American, and Moroccan rhythms and tunes. The audience noticed the meticulous precision with which the group of artists played their instruments (piano, percussion, Ooud , saxophone, and percussions) to create the uncanny harmony of which Nabil Benabdeljalil is fond of. The quartet whetted the viewers’ appetite for more, transporting them to different parts of the world.The Oud player, Ozzahr Noureddine, took the audience to the winding alleys of Egypt’s old Medinas with a stunning piece of music. which took the listeners to the winding alleys of Egypt’s old Medinas. The percussionist, Youssef Outamrich, leaving his instrument for a spell, perfectly sang a captivating Mawal “Ya Lili Ya Lili.” He was much appreciated by the audience and precipitated several minutes of applause.One of the best performances of the concert was, the group played a piece called “The Child from Mrirt” (enfant de Mrirt ). Mrirt is originally a name of a small city in the Atlas Mountains whose dwellers are purely Amazigh. This captivating piece, carried the audience back to Morocco and its sacrosanct and nostalgic Amazigh roots.In an exclusive interview with Morocco World News, Nabil said that music goes beyond just entertainment. When asked about the connection with sacred music, he said that music should be spiritual in the first place, and then other indicia of the spirituality will follow.Photo Credit: Zoubir Ali© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission. read more

UN lauds Afghan forum as important step towards achieving peace

4 June 2010The United Nations today congratulated the Government and people of Afghanistan as they concluded a three-day dialogue aimed at achieving peace in the country, calling it an important step in efforts to end conflict and restore stability. The Consultative Peace Jirga, which began in Kabul on 2 June, brought together some 1,600 participants, including 300 women, to chart the way forward in the country’s peace process.“This is a significant step toward reaching out to all Afghan people to promote an inclusive dialogue aimed at achieving stability and peace in Afghanistan,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement issued by his spokesperson.“The United Nations supports these national efforts to end conflict in Afghanistan, and remains fully committed to working with the Afghan authorities and people as they strive for a peaceful life,” the statement added. Both Mr. Ban and the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) congratulated the Government and participants on the “process and outcomes” of the gathering. “The participants of the Consultative Peace Jirga have committed themselves to move forward together and reach out to communities across the country,” the mission said in a statement.“It is essential that the momentum of this Jirga is maintained and utilized to take the next steps toward the Kabul Conference in July,” it added, referring to the major international gathering on the way forward for the country that is scheduled to take place in the capital.The July meeting follows the London Conference held in January, during which the Government and its international partners jointly endorsed a strategy of transition to greater Afghan responsibility for the affairs of the country. read more

Afghanistan UN health agency sends medical supplies to avert displacement

“Though a functioning health centre alone will not keep people in a village or be the main reason why they return, it is an essential part of the jigsaw of social and economic support needed to avert displacement and encourage return,” explained WHO’s representative to Afghanistan, Dr. Said Salah Youssef.The WHO official said adequate medical care could prompt families to decide to stay in the country. “If a family member is sick, the pull of health services in both the larger towns in Afghanistan and over the border in Pakistan can tip the balance between staying and going,” said Dr. Youssef. Together with the UN and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), WHO is working to raise funds for projects which will help people to stay in their place of origin. Among other measures, the agency plans to refurbish basic health centres that have fallen into disuse because of inadequate drugs, poor equipment and lack of pay for staff.WHO also hopes to pre-position drug supplies to allow quick response to epidemics in Afghanistan. In addition, the agency is helping with water quality monitoring while supporting intensified health education campaigns. read more

UK new car market dips in February

The UK new car market dipped in February, according to figures released today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). 80,805 new cars were registered, a -2.8% drop compared with February 2017, in what is traditionally one of the quietest months of the year ahead of the March number plate change.Continuing recent trends, demand for petrol and alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFVs) rose in February, up 14.4% and 7.2% respectively, with the former driven by some new, smaller models coming to market. Registrations of new diesel cars declined -23.5%, a disappointing performance given the latest low emission vehicles can help address air quality issues.So far this year, the UK new car market has declined -5.1%, with registrations by business, private and fleet buyers all down, -29.8%, -7.1% and -2.1% respectively.Meanwhile, double digit growth for petrol and AFVs has been unable to offset the move away from diesel, which now commands a 35.6% market share. The discrepancy in demand suggests diesel car owners are keeping their older cars for longer.Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said,Although the new car market has dipped, it remains at a good level despite the drop in demand for diesel. Consumers should be reassured, however, that the latest cars are the cleanest in history and can help address air quality issues, which is why they are exempt from any restrictions.Looking ahead to the crucial number plate change month of March, we expect a further softening, given March 2017 was a record as registrations were pulled forward to avoid VED changes.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) 80,805 new cars driven off forecourts in the month, -2.8% down on 2017, as UK new car market dips.Demand for petrol and alternatively fuelled vehicles continues to rise, but diesel demand falls again.Year-to-date market for new cars down -5.1%, with 244,420 units registered nationwide.SEE CAR REGISTRATIONS BY BRANDDOWNLOAD THE PRESS RELEASE AND DATA read more

Where Oregons Fall Under Mark Helfrich Ranks AllTime

VIDEO: Ohio State’s chances are better than most No. 1 comes with its own special circumstances: SMU was given the NCAA’s “death penalty” in 1987, canceling an entire season and severely damaging the school’s football program for years after. Other cases involve a new coach coming in with disastrous results, such as when Southern Miss fell from 12-2 to 0-12 in a single season after replacing Larry Fedora with Ellis Johnson. But Helfrich oversaw the high and the low — even if the high was built from the foundation laid by Chip Kelly during his four seasons in Eugene. Now the Ducks must find a new coach for only the fifth time in four decades, and rebuild the pieces of what was a great program until very recently. Share on Facebook It wasn’t surprising that the Oregon Ducks fired head football coach Mark Helfrich on Tuesday night, given Oregon’s 4-8 overall record, its 2-7 mark within the Pac-12 and the fact that the team lost eight of its final 10 games to close the season. Even by the standards of a school that rarely changes coaches, this was a fireable type of season. What was surprising, however, was how quickly things unraveled for the Ducks. Exactly 700 days — and 26 games — ago, Oregon was coming off a 59-20 shellacking of the then-undefeated, defending-champion Florida State Seminoles, and the Ducks were 7-point favorites in the national title game against Ohio State.Then the wheels fell off. What followed was the fourth-biggest decline — at least, according to the Elo rating system we like to use here at FiveThirtyEight — for any school over a 26-game span since the AP poll ushered in college football’s modern era in 1936:1For the purposes of the chart, the 26 games had to occur over no more than four seasons, to filter out teams that went on long hiatuses from Division I-A before returning many years later. read more

Grippe les médecins manquent de vaccins en GrandeBretagne

first_imgGrippe : les médecins manquent de vaccins en Grande-BretagneAlors que l’épidémie de grippe commence à gagner l’ensemble de l’Europe, les médecins britanniques se trouvent dans une situation rare et délicate : le manque de vaccins anti-grippe.La grippe est au cœur de tous les sujets de conversation en Europe en ce moment et pour cause, plusieurs pays sont en proie à une épidémie, et les gouvernements exhortent la population à se faire vacciner. Certains Britanniques ont suivi ce conseil mais n’ont pu obtenir la piqure. En cause ? Des problèmes d’approvisionnement locaux ont fait que certains médecins ont manqué de vaccins. Si le département de la santé britannique a assuré qu’il n’y avait pas de pénurie nationale, les laboratoires Sanofi Pasteur MSD ont expliqué à l’AFP avoir été approchés par les autorités britanniques voulant savoir combien de doses de vaccins étaient éventuellement disponibles à l’importation.Et l’AFP de préciser qu’il n’existe pas de stock de vaccins national en Grande-Bretagne et qu’il appartient à chaque médecin de commander les doses dont il a besoin. Si la situation perdure, les autorités du pays envisagent de puiser dans les vaccins commandés l’année dernière contre la grippe H1N1. En Grande-Bretagne, cinquante personnes seraient mortes de la grippe cette année, explique l’Agence de protection de la santé, dont 45 du virus H1N1.Le 7 janvier 2011 à 16:17 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Victims demand arrest of Kodela Sivaram

first_imgGuntur: The victims of K-tax staged a protest before former Speaker of Assembly Dr Kodela Siva Prasada Rao’s residence in Narasaraopet town on Saturday. MRPS State president Kalva Ravi led the protests. Speaking on the occasion, Kalva Ravi alleged that Dr Kodela Siva Prasada Rao’s son Kodela Sivaram assured an attender job in the Collectorate in Guntur city and took Rs 7 lakh from Nagarjuna, a resident of Narasaraopet town. Also Read – Rs 65.30lakhs Exgratia paid to deceased family Advertise With Us He said Sivaram failed to fulfill his promise and added that when they demanded him to return money, Sivaram and his secretary Prasad were threatening them. Demanding Kodela Sivaram’s arrest, the victims raised slogans against the family members of the Dr Kodela Siva Prasada Rao and sought justice to them. They warned that they will continue their fight till they get justice. It may be mentioned that the police booked several cheating cases against Kodela Siva Prasada Rao’s son Kodela Sivaram, his daughter P Vijayalakshmi.last_img read more

Nigerian Women Lead Rallies for Their Missing Girls Worldwide

first_img( – An unprecedented surge of gatherings and rallies across the U.S. and abroad sparked by the kidnapping of over 200 Nigerian boarding school girls have made plain the growing anger and frustration of Nigerian and other women over inaction by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and his administration. After three weeks, little more than a call this week for an investigative committee has been accomplished.Since the rallies Saturday, photos of the impromptu events have appeared on Facebook and on blogs, widely exposing a story which received little press attention when the crime in the town of Chibot in the state of Borno, was first reported.From Union Square in New York City to Oakland, California, women filled public plazas with hand-written signs that read “Bring Back Our Girls” “Nigeria the World is Watching” “200 Too Many” among others. Most of the women wore headwraps or “geles” which have a spiritual significance for Yoruba women.In New York, Gugu Lethu said she was planning only to meet with a few women in Union Square to show support for the girls and mothers. However her flier for the event was passed from hand to hand and Facebook page to Twitter and close to 300 women turned up.Morgan State University also hosted a “Bring Back our Girls” rally on campus on May 7. At the event, participants marched from the University Student Center to the Academic Quad.Repercussions from the spontaneous gatherings were felt in Nigeria as the wife of President Jonathan tearfully took to the airwaves to accuse the grieving mothers of the missing girls of embarrassing her husband and to order the detention of two of the protesting mothers. She also pledged to march to the governor’s office of Borno state to demand the release of the girls although it is widely believed that the girls were spirited away to be sold as brides of men in neighboring Chad or Cameroon or to members of the terrorist group Boko Haram.Despite the tragedy, a major economic conference is expected to take place in Nigeria’s capital Abuja from May 7 to 9. President Johnson has given assurances for the safety of the foreign and African guests expected to attend. The BBC is reporting that schools and government offices are to be closed and arrests are being made.According to the website of the conference: ”The 24th World Economic Forum on Africa comes at a crucial time for the continent. Taking place under the theme, Forging Inclusive Growth, Creating Jobs.” Guests include Premier Li Keqiang of China and eleven African heads of state and government.Some 1,500 people have been killed since January 2014 due to the ongoing fighting between the insurgent Boko Haram group and the Nigerian military.A U.S. contingent in Nigeria will not be taking part in the girls’ rescue, it was clarified today. Their efforts are limited to security training and crowd control for the business event this week, reports said.Nigeria’s budget for security this year is more than $6 billion – double the allocation for education.Meanwhile, the noted author of Half of a Yellow Sun and most recently, Americanah, published a response to the tragedy called “The President I Want.” The full article can be read at: read more

New Ways to Search

first_imgFebruary 12, 2009 Register Now » Next time you need to Google something, why not try one of these upstart search engines instead?123peopleLaunched: October 2008What it is: A meta search engine that finds all publicly available information about peopleWhy you should care: Searches are real time, so information is always up-to-date and results are fresh with every search.CuilLaunched: July 2008What it is: A multifaceted search engine that analyzes text within a page containing your keywordWhy you should care: Its intuitive interface provides search tips, expanded categories and definitions for the most in-depth search possible.EcoSmartSearch.comLaunched: March 2008What it is: A Google-powered search engine that uses a black search screen, cutting down energy usage on CRT monitorsWhy you should care: If Google is your search engine of choice, then why not use it in an energy-saving format?LeapFishLaunched: November 2008What it is: A search engine that uses proprietary hyper-threading to deliver more results in a single searchWhy you should care: Its click-free search functionality makes it faster, too. The screen refreshes with results as words are typed in.RushmoreDriveLaunched: April 2008What it is: A comprehensive search engine that delivers mainstream search results as well as those specific to the black communityWhy you should care: Regardless of your ethnicity or business industry, the site gives you access to a targeted audience.SpockLaunched: August 2007What it is: A people search engine that indexes people-related documents across the webWhy you should care: Get detailed information on anyone involved with your business (employees, customers, clients and so on). Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. 2 min read This story appears in the March 2009 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »last_img read more

2 vehicles collide on Newcastle road

first_imgA Toyota Fortuner and a taxi collided on the Newcastle road (N11) today (January 20) near TFS Wholesalers.The incident took place at about 6.30pm.14 people sustained slight injuries and were transported to hospital.Sharaj Ambulance Services, ER24, traffic police and towing personnel were on scene. WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Click on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img read more

JK Tourism organises Roadshow at The Lalit New Delhi

first_imgIn order to boost tourism in the state, J&K Tourism Department is organising road shows and participating in travel marts across the nation, for interacting with stakeholders like Travel & Tour operators as well as media persons. In this direction a high profile delegation of J&K Tourism officials consisting of Secretary Tourism Farooq A Shah, Director Tourism Jammu, R K Verma, and Director Tourism Kashmir, Mahmood A Shah, CEO Yousmarg Development Authority, Bakshi Javid Humayun, and Financial Advisor, J&K Tourism, Manav Gupta, among others are in New Delhi to attend TTF. They also participated in a J&K Tourism Roadshow at The Lalit where leading travel and tour operators, travel association heads, and representatives of the media attended.The Secretary Tourism Farooq A shah while interacting with the travel & tour operators announced that an aggressive 360 degree promotional campaign is being launched to create awareness about the mesmerising destinations of all the three regions of the state – Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh. The Secretary Tourism, who is also MD JKTDC, had comprehensive brain storming session with the travel trade representatives wherein he announced that as part of an aggressive marketing campaign 10 food festivals, travel trade roadshows & golf road shows are being organised in prominent and important leisure and MICE markets. The Secretary said that in all these cities road shows will be held in order to boost tourism in J&K state in upcoming summer and prevailing winter season by showcasing the immense tourism potential of the state. Prominent citizens, media and relevant travel trade bodies will be invited to these road shows. The Secretary also said that the department is organising different events to attract tourists to Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Patnitop & other destinations. He said that Hon’ble former Chief Minister, Late Mufti Mahammad Sayeed’s vision and dream to see J&K as one of the best tourism destinations in the world can be realised only when all in Government and private sector in the state co-ordinate and co-operate for providing best service, safe atmosphere and traditional hospitality to the visiting tourists, in keeping with the culture of hospitality inherent in the people of J&K.Announcing the new slogan of J&K Tourism – See J&K in a new light, Farooq Shah invited Media, Travel & Tour operators & general people as a whole to see J&K in a new light – as a paradise for trekking with some of the best trekking circuits in the country, a shopper’s paradise with world famous products like Pashmina Shawl, Carpets, Dry Fruits, Saffron, Paper Mache & beautiful wood carvings, and as an ultimate natural destination which can offer the domestic tourists an experience better than any European destination. The state also has some of the best pilgrimage sites – famous Mata Vaishno Devi shrine and other popular temples in Jammu region, Muslim shrines, Gurdwaras and ancient temples in Kashmir valley, and countless monasteries in Ladakh.Stressing upon the slogan See J&K in a new light, the Director of Kashmir, Mahmood A Shah gave a mesmerising pictorial presentation on the high altitude lakes of Kashmir which are a whopping 2106 in number. Mahmood Shah said that these high altitude lakes offer an out of the world experience to the travellers & said that the state has many beautiful lakes other than Dal & Wullar to offer an unforgettable experience to the travellers.Farooq A shah further added that in the water bodies like Nageen Lake, Dal Lake and Jhelum river possibility of sustainable water cruise is being explored.  The Secretary Tourism elaborated on the huge potential for Golf Tourism, especially when combined with conferences, conventions and events, as the state has excellent golf courses as well as convention facilities.Farooq Shah also launched J&K Tourism/JKTDC Calendar for 2016, highlighting the beautiful tourism destinations of the state.J&K Tourism has a big delegation at TTF New Delhi, with more than 50 private stakeholders, along with the Tourism Department, JKTDC, and SKICC.Next week J&K Tourism is participating in an even bigger way at OTM Mumbai, the biggest travel tradeshow in the country, with over 150 stakeholders from the state expected to participate.last_img read more

Regent Seven Seas Cruises allsuite allbalcony

first_imgRegent Seven Seas Cruises’ all-suite, all-balcony Seven Seas Mariner commenced her 2018–19 season in local waters earlier this month, visiting Auckland as her first regional port of call.Mariner underwent a bow-to-stern refurbishment (images below) during a 20-day drydock earlier this year in Chantier Naval de Marseille, which has seen the luxury ship introduce fresh culinary experiences in newly redesigned restaurants, a redesigned pool deck, a remodelled library, new suite designs and a dramatic, elegant new ambience for all guest spaces.Seven Seas Mariner | Grand SuiteA highlight of her 2018–19 Australasian season is the 36-night Grand Voyage sailing, which circumnavigates the coast of Australia. Departing from Sydney, this all-inclusive journey will feature an Australian-orientated enrichment program, including an exclusive performance by Opera Australia in the intimate Constellation Theater and several other exclusive lectures provided by renowned experts from the likes of Australia Zoo and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.Seven Seas Mariner | Pool DeckShe will also complete a 20-night Sydney to Singapore sailing, visiting destinations ranging from Airlie Beach and Cairns to Papua New Guinea, Komodo and Bali, Broome, Tasmania and Kangaroo Island.“Since launching our regional headquarters in Sydney three years ago, we pride ourselves on leading the luxury cruise sector in Australia and New Zealand with our all-inclusive approach, including free unlimited shore excursions in over 450 ports. Our dedicated local sales and marketing team are also working closer than ever with local travel agent partners to deliver uncompromising service and personalised experiences to the most discerning of travellers,” said Steve Odell, Senior Vice President and Managing Director Asia Pacific for Regent Seven Seas Cruises.Seven Seas Mariner | Concierge Suite Seven Seas Mariner | Compass Rose Service “2018 has been an exciting year for Regent Seven Seas Cruises, with the completion of our US$125 million-dollar refurbishment program ushering in a new era of opulence for luxury cruising. We are excited to have both Seven Seas Mariner and Seven Seas Navigator in our region this 18/19 season for some 75 days, and will also be a great taste of what’s to come with the arrival of The Most Luxurious Ship Ever Built, Seven Seas Explorer, into local waters for the first time in 2020 – highlighting Regent Seven Seas Cruises commitment to growing its presence in Australia & New Zealand,” Odell added.Seven Seas Mariner | Horizon View SuiteSeven Seas Mariner | Coffee ConnectionIn addition to Seven Seas Mariner’s stunning local itineraries, Seven Seas Navigator will also explore the region this season with a 36-night Sydney to Singapore Exotic Ancient Seas voyage visiting destinations including the Whitsundays, Philippines’ islands, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Ko Samui and more; as well as a 24-night Great Barrier Reef and Coral Seas adventure from Sydney to Hong Kong via the Whitsundays, Philippines and Indonesia.Seven Seas Mariner | Canyon Ranchlast_img read more

Governor signs Rep Miller bill eliminating election loophole

first_img11Dec Governor signs Rep. Miller bill eliminating election loophole Categories: Miller News State representatives and senators who resign from office will not be allowed to run in the special election called to fill their seats after legislation introduced by state Rep. Aaron Miller was recently signed into law.Miller, who chairs the House Elections and Ethics Committee, said the legislation was drafted to close a loophole used by two former lawmakers during the 2015-16 legislative session.“The Legislature has the responsibility to oversee itself, and allowing a legislator who has resigned or been expelled to turn around and immediately run to fill vacant seat is just absurd,” said Miller, of Sturgis.Miller’s legislation clarifies that when an elected official resigns or is removed from legislative office, the resignation or removal remains in effect for the remainder of the term.“This is a simple bill,” Miller said. “It just clarifies that a resignation or expulsion remains in effect for the rest of the term. The next legislative session is a whole new ballgame, and the former legislator can run again at that time if they so choose.”House Bill 4208 is now Public Act 192 of 2017.###last_img read more

Rep Webber attends annual State of the State Address

first_img13Feb Rep. Webber attends annual State of the State Address Categories: Webber News,Webber Photos PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Mike Webber welcomed Dr. Jim Lentini, Oakland University Provost, as his guest on the House floor for the annual State of the State address.last_img

Nearing a Budget Deal Congress Remembers the Appropriations Process

Black Feminists No One Will Speak for Us but Ourselves

first_imgShare32TweetShareEmail32 SharesBy rayon Richards [CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia CommonsSeptember 27, 2018; New York TimesThere is a trend in this country of black women’s leadership that’s becoming a rising moment of women of color standing for elected office—successfully and with good ground game. This is the result of years of movement building. We are reminded of this by the full-page ad run on Wednesday in the New York Times that declares support for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Its form closely replicates an ad run in that same paper in 1991 in defense of Anita Hill. That ad contained the names of 1600 women signatories, including such luminaries as Audre Lorde and Toni Morrison. Its central statement was, “No one will speak for us but ourselves.”In this version, the names of 1600 men in tiny type surround the statement, “We believe Anita Hill. We also believe Christine Blasey Ford.” The elaboration that follows reads, in part, “For decades, a culture of misogyny has allowed men to act with impunity and without consequence. We demand an end to that culture and we pledge to do our part in dismantling it.”The 1991 ad, organized by black feminist scholars Barbara Ransby, Deborah King, and Elsa Barkley Brown, was smaller, and the $50,000 to pay for it was mostly raised in small amounts of $10 to $25 using a phone number and a post-office box.“We wanted black women’s voices to be heard, and we found her story to be believable,” said Dr. Ransby, a history professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago.Indeed, it was tweets from Tayari Jones, which have since been retweeted more than 19,000 times, recalling her participation in the ad as a 20-year-old student, that brought the 1991 ad to the attention of a new generation of activists, including Meena Harris of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign. Harris had already started to work with a nonprofit, Futures Without Violence, where male allies are speaking out. Enter Alicia Garza, cofounder of the Black Lives Matter Global Network, and a social media and crowdfunding campaign was soon launched that sought the $100,000 required to run a full-page New York Times ad.The connective tissue between the two ads, run more than a generation apart, says much about the staying power of a movement that has often been given less than a second thought by white progressives. It’s more than impressive to see it now centering itself in the forefront of an effort to reclaim the country for all of its residents.For more thoughts on the aftermath of yesterday’s Kavanaugh hearing, you can read today’s feature.—Ruth McCambridgeShare32TweetShareEmail32 Shareslast_img read more

UAE service provider Etisalat has launched 3D chan

first_imgUAE service provider Etisalat has launched 3D channel High TV on its eLive TV service.The launch is the first 3D service to be made available in the UAE, according to Etisalat. US-based High TV offers a range of entertainment programming, promising over 100 new shows and 400 new hours of 3D content each year.Rashed Alabbar, vice-president, home product marketing of Etisalat said: “We are very pleased to add High TV 3D channel to the rich bouquet of content for our eLife TV viewers. As leaders in home entertainment, Etisalat was the first in the UAE and the region to bring 3D to our customers with the broadcast of 2010 FIFA World Cup. Today, we once again become the first to launch a 24/7, dedicated 3D entertainment and lifestyle channel. Our customers will love the experience of viewing 3D TV from the comforts of their living rooms. The addition of the 3D channel strengthens our repertoire of entertainment options provided  to our customers. It also substantiates our commitment to offer the best-in-class TV entertainment to our viewers.”last_img read more