This year Xining farm house village with ink

Recently, a reporter from the Xining city cultural radio and Television Bureau, this year, 202 farm house supporting engineering of Xining city construction plan has been fully launched in July, is expected to before October of this year, Xining city will achieve all of the village has its own farm house.

farm house project is the Xining municipal government to protect the basic cultural rights and interests of farmers and the implementation of a Huimin project, but also an important part of building a new socialist countryside. Farm house construction has been built to 729 last year, this year, Xining plans to re build the 202 farmers. read more

7 provinces and cities of 20 enterprises will be added to the fair

to speed up the development of light industry in our province, for a number of light industrial projects landing local, realize the Green Fair this year on light industrial projects signed a breakthrough, recently, the provincial commerce department, the provincial Economic Commission, Haidong Industrial Park has been to Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other 7 provinces to carry out light industry investment projects, with more than 20 light industrial enterprises reached a preliminary investment intentions, especially oil processing, production, bio pharmaceutical project of Fuzhuan tea. read more

Huangyuan accelerate the pace of industrial quality and efficiency

in order to adapt to the economic development trend of the new normal industry, this year Huangyuan will unswervingly push forward the new industrialization, speeding up the construction, from Dahua Industrial Park to speed up the intensive processing industry development, accelerate the construction of industrial projects and accelerate the development of small and micro enterprises in four aspects, to speed up the pace of industrial quality and efficiency, efforts to optimize the industrial structure, cultivate competitive industries and promote the development the level of.

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Pollutant discharge permit management system

With the economic and social development and the development of city construction, the total air pollutant in our city has increased, but due to geographical and meteorological conditions in Xining is not conducive to the spread of pollutants, emissions control alone, can not solve the problem, there is an urgent need to control the total discharge of pollutants. Therefore, in the "Xining City Air Pollution Control Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") clearly stipulates that the city will implement the emission combined management system for controlling the total emission of major air pollutants concentration and control of atmospheric pollutants.The specified read more

Held in the province of the theme of the theme of the scene singing Conference

sponsored by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Bureau of SMG to not forget the early heart · temper forward — Qinghai province to commemorate the victory of the long march of Red Army 80 anniversary masses theme singing meeting, held in the sunning Plaza on the afternoon of September 27th.

singing meeting by "red memory" "days" "Man Road" "road to revival" "dream" and other chapters China. Singing meeting pitched loud chorus of "blessing of the motherland" kicked off. I come from the provincial departments, all sectors of the cadres and the masses, the PLA soldiers and armed police officers and soldiers, singing people for having heard it many times and encouraging red classic songs of several generations, as well as excellent song creation in the new time, cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs, recalling the history of the future. "Red memory" in the text of the "ten" Nanhu boat "send" Red Army "red song", "text" in the "days" "Red Mountain Grassland" is not afraid of difficult expedition and other songs, expressed the people deeply cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs ";" Man Road passage, full field singing "March of the volunteers", each unit of singing "hero hymn" "red song" "unity is strength" and other songs, refreshing, passionate. "Road to revival" and "dream" Chinese chapters, each unit of singing "in the field of hope" into the "new era" "China dream" and other songs, the expression of the plateau children of all nationalities blessing to the motherland. Our province through the crowd singing meeting theme, sing red classics, recalling the martyrs, to relive the glorious history of the Red Army in Chinese under the leadership of the Communist Party’s propaganda extremely hard and bitter important status in the Long March, China revolutionary history and the history of our army, vigorously carry forward the spirit of the long march and the national spirit, showing the good spirit of our province cadres and the masses of all walks of life breath cohesion business officers. read more

How to do a good job in the jewelry store franchisee

jewelry shop franchisee in the choice of investment before the opening should make preparations in various aspects of the market, if you examine it carefully, grasp the details of the market more conducive to business to make the right investment decision, the need to focus on what factors? Come and see.

l, features: including the total population and density, age distribution, the average level of education, the proportion of housing ownership, the total disposable income, occupation distribution, etc.. read more

Distribution center so that merchants are greatly increased confidence

November 17th, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center official operation second days, thousands of Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market traders have been moved into the new premises, the new market environment, the advanced scientific management philosophy and culture of the market facilities, so many businesses have confidence.

at 9 kilometers from the city of the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center door, a car to transport vegetables vehicles neatly lined up in order to enter the channel mouth, a row of large trucks parked in a neat and orderly trading area, all handling personnel busy taking everything in good order and well arranged, each user gets a phone order…… Vegetable wholesale large Yang boss engaged in vegetable business for over 10 years, the municipal government departments at all levels and efforts, finally ushered in the formal operation of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural distribution center, which for his long-term business, is a very good thing. According to the Relocation Notice, he one day ahead of their reserves of vegetables are packed, until November 16th 4 in the morning, he personally took 8 cars into the new car go forward with great strength and vigour of vegetables. See the venue wide, complete facilities, the service functions of the new market, Yang boss said that in the future to do business in such an environment more confidence. read more

A string of Huimin small creative warm hearts