Zozulia: “They called me fascist, then Nazi and soon they will say that I am fag”

first_imgAt the conclusion of the match played at Carlos Belmonte last Saturday and ending with a draw at one on the scoreboard, the Ukrainian striker in an interview with a Ukrainian media charged against the fans of Lightning by pointing out that “When it all started I was a fascist. Then they started checking my facebook and I became a Nazi. Recently they called me racist and today I didn’t listen but they told me that they yelled at me ‘communist’; People don’t clear up. Soon they will say that I am fag. Maricón is gay in Spanish. I’m already waiting for him “.Zozulia already participated last December in the match held at the Vallecas stadium between Rayo Vallecano and Albacete which was suspended for insults to the Ukrainian footballer. The game is still undated for the second half to resume and those 45 minutes, The Manchego team must play with 10 players for being expelled Eddy Silvestre. Roman Zozulia returns to the news after the celebration of the match between Albacete and Rayo Vallecano.last_img read more

Kalinic the wanderer

first_imgIt was already in the past winter market, to return him to the rojiblanco club, he had not met expectations, he did not want it, or, failing that, refer you to any other interested club. But there was not and, in the end, he accepted what was signed. Kalinic stayed to play the second part of the season with Roma. But neither: two months later nothing has changed. The Croatian footballer has barely participated in 10% of the minutes played by the team in Calcio, nine games. Thirteen are in total, 498 ‘, and only two goals and two assists (numbers, by the way, similar to those of Diego Costa in Atlético de Madrid, two goals and three assists).Rome’s plans for the futureTwo million last summer from the loan (plus nine if he executed the purchase option) Kalinic cost Roma last summer, a footballer whose market value is currently, according to the specialized page Transfermarkt, of 8.5 million. A Rome that looks to the future without it but in a clear way, as the page reported yesterday Dailynews2, in information collected by Sports world, edition Athletic, in Spain. Looking for a striker under the age of 28 and the names he is considering with Mariano’s (Real Madrid) and Wout Weghorst (Wolfsburg). Kalinic, what was said, will again wander Europe, looking for his place. As soon as summer arrives and it becomes clear what will happen to the leagues once the coronavirus passes, Nikola Kalinic will have to pack again. It is the chronicle of an announced death: his with Roma, a club to which he was transferred last summer, after a season in which things have not ended. As in the rojiblanco club, as in Milan. He has been a club per season since he scored 20 goals in 42 games in 2016-17, his best numbers. Since then, each year, his goal score has decreased. The 6 he did with Milan, something that earned him the Golden Bidone (an award given by readers of Calciobidoni.it to the ‘most disappointing player of the year’), there were 4 with Atlético and two are with Roma. He left with a purchase option that the Italian club should exercise at the end of this season but will not exercise. Return Kalinic to Atlético. last_img read more

Saúl: “ERTE? Nothing has been communicated to us 100%”

first_imgFourth captain of Atlético and one of the rojiblancos faces of solidarity during the crisis caused by the coronavirus, for the campaign that he leads from the first day, #SaldremosTogether, Saúl Ñíguez has spoken during this weekend of the decision announced last Thursday by the club: a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) that would affect all club employees, players and coaches of the first team included, during this break due to the global pandemic, with Spain in a state of alarm for 15 days. He spoke it into the microphones of Game time, the Cope, and it was as it always is: direct and clear. “Nothing has been communicated to us 100%. When they tell us, we will talk to them and try to reach an agreement. We’ll talk to the press later, if the club wants. “ Also, Saúl conveyed his condolences and condolences to the Christian Michola family, 14-year-old footballer belonging to the Infantil C rojiblanco who died on Saturday (“Words at the moment are worth very little. It is very negative news. Whatever the family needs, the club will be there“) and spoke about that campaign he leads, the #SaldremosTogether to help the most affected by the coronavirus, self-employed and SMEs. “The movement I have created has me quite busy,” he began. “On the second day of confinement, I spoke to my manager after seeing so many negative things on television. If our businesses go bad, imagine the others. In two hours we found a solidary solution. It is going very well. In the first days we had 1,600 companies. On the fourth day, more than 20,000. I thank the media for trying to help people who need it, people are the true heroes, “he revealed.“During the year we also try to help, although we prefer many things that do not transcend. Hopefully with this initiative many businesses can be saved. We will have to distribute the funds, advertising. I hope we can save these companies and that I can get back to normal as soon as possible“added the rojiblanco midfielder.last_img read more

“There are facts that I have no control over that have surprised me negatively”

first_imgSo will football be different from now on?I wish it to be so. The world of football has an opportunity to restructure on a perspective aligned with the objectives of sustainable development, promoting the fight for equality and economically managing everything that is the football economy. I firmly believe it.What do you take away from your time on the Barça board of directors?Many good things. The pride of a job well done, for having served thinking of the good of the club and that of the members. I have taken many formidable experiences, many friendships and above all I take with me the fact that I have been able to contribute to the development of women’s football, which is wonderful, football that must continue along this line of growth and that has wonderful people in its structure.I am proud to have made this club speak in feminine and I believe that we have offered a new voice on the presence of women in sport in particular, but in each and every one of the social and professional layers, in general.Don’t you have the perception of not having finished the job at the forefront of women’s football when leaving office?I have contributed as much before I did many others contributed. This starts long ago. With the magnificent players, the great coach and the great manager of the team (Markel Zubizarreta), the women’s team will continue to flourish and as one more member, I will enjoy it with passion and knowing that this project also has a little bit of me.We are all expendable, sometimes we are necessary and we would have to remember it more often. Barça has 120 years of history. This is still the best club in the world.And don’t you have aspirations to be part of a future directive?Life is very long and our vital moments are changing. I will continue to be a member and with this decision I am not slamming anything. I will continue to contribute to my club from wherever I can. The president himself, the board mates, the house workers and the soccer players who have contacted me these days have told them that I am here for what they need.Can you imagine becoming in the future the first president of the club?I am 44 years old and I do not rule out that on the way I have left I will cross again with some responsibility, with a position in this institution that I love so much. Of course I don’t rule it out. I am a member, I can. We all know the way. In life you can never rule anything out, the future is always about to be written.And from now on will you belong to the Barça environment …?I believe in a collaborative world, in a participatory world, in which each one knows how to exercise their functions within their framework and contributing to the flourishing of that of others and therefore if that is an environment, I will be an environment, because adding everyone wins.In this sense, it is evident that all projects need a leader, a leader who has to know how to guide a group, make decisions and why they arise and we need them. Most of us want to work for the good of things. In the current situation of pandemic, we are already seeing it, with the sacrifice of everyone, when everything seems to be sinking, each person brings out the best in themselves to carry out monumental challenges. The former director of FC Barcelona Maria Teixidor, the secretary of the board of directors and head of women’s football who submitted his resignation a couple of days ago along with five other executives, assured that he closes a stage after “the idea has been maturing for a while.”Teixidor, the great promoter of women’s football and one of the great assets of the management team, does not rule out in a future re-occupying positions of responsibility in the entity. “To be the first woman president of Barça? In life you can never rule anything out, the future is always about to be written,” she told EFE in a telephone conversation.Why are you leaving office? Had you thought about it for a long time?First of all I want to distance myself from the demonstrations that have been made (by Emili Rousaud and Jordi Calsamiglia) and give my own version. We agreed to resign at the same time because we considered that it was better for the club to do it in an act unit and not for a stream of exits that was worse for the institution. Then everyone has their personal reasons. Up to here is the joint action, beyond this, all the actions and readings to do are absolutely individual.When did you decide to leave the board?April 9, which is when I report it directly to the President. I have explained the reasons to him in a private conversation. I leave it because I have closed a stage. Especially for that. The decision has been maturing for a while.Was Bartomeu surprised by the decision?The President, whom I have known for 30 years, and with whom I have a long friendship with both him and his family, was the first person to communicate this decision. He understood her perfectly. He is a generous person and I wish him and all the colleagues on the Board the best.And what does the so-called ‘Barçagate’ have to do with your decision?It is an episode of which I know few details, it is under investigation by the internal organs of the club and I want to make it very clear that in recent years this club has endowed itself with high standards in its control structures. We have a code of ethics, a control and transparency commission that I have had the honor of chairing. In this case, the president commissioned an external audit at a meeting of the delegate commission in which I was present. I am absolutely sure and convinced that when the conclusions of all these investigations are reached, you will know perfectly how to act.Are you surprised by Rousaud’s statements – “Someone may have reached into the box”?I am not going to comment on statements that Emili Rousaud or Jordi Calsamiglia make in a personal capacity.But is the moment very complicated?I close this stage because there are certain decisions and events that have appeared lately about which I do not have, have not had control or capacity to act, that have surprised me negatively and with which I do not agree.And is there also the complicated management of the pandemic?The current moment of a pandemic is complex. I think that due to the exceptional nature of the moment, courageous decisions are needed because the future is very complex, very uncertain and will impact at all levels. There are no precedents to handle this situation and I am of the opinion that you have to be ambitious and you have to take steps to reformulate football management in some way.last_img read more