EHF EURO 2012 TOP 10 Losers Experts Wenta Scandinavians…

Bogdan WentaEHF EURO 2012ExpertsNorway handballRussian handball ← Previous Story Enid Tahirovic is on the End of career: “Last games against Germany” Next Story → Darko Stanic is the Highest-Paid Athlete in Macedonia presents the EHF EURO 2012 TOP 10 Losers list.1. WHERE HAVE THE „EXPERTS“ BEEN?What happened with the French „Experts“ in Serbia? We heard a lot of theory, from problems among players (younger VS older), to problem with Onesta, motivation, etc. However, French domination is over. We will see, do they still have golden quality in London. Karabatic, Omeyer and Co were to bad, out of the rhythm…2.IS WENTA „GAME OVER“*?There is no doubt that Poland has TOP quality. We saw that in win against European champion, Denmark, but also, against Germany. Obviosly, they have some other problem. Luck of motivation and character is so „live“ and depends from game to game. Maybe it’s time that their legend, Bogdan Wenta says „it is enough“, to prolonge a Era of current generation, who can play better and more consistently with some refreshment and the “new words” from the locker room…3. OLAFFUR’S KIDS NEED DADDYThere were no leaders among Icelanders in Serbia. That wasn’t Gudmundur Gudmundsson, most of the time so angry and unable to control the team. That weren’t young Aron Palmarsson or Alexander Petersson, who have only average tournament. This team still need Olaffur Stefansson, even as some kind of advisor…4. SWEDISH „BACK TO REALITY“The fourth place at the last year World Championship in Malmo was just a „home team song“. Sweden has no TOP quality in that measure to obtain in TOP 4, but another thing is lack of  fighting spirit and character, when you see them on the court. They are now out of TOP 4, but with these level of performance, TOP 8 is also a questionable for the future.5. BALKAN WARStupid things happened in Belgrade before and during the semifinal match between Serbia and Croatia. Some IDIOT from the tribune hit Zarko Sesum in his eye with metal coin, broke dreams of one young sport athlete to play the big final in his own country.6. RUSSIA MUST TO CHANGEThey played in their stereotypes. With full strength, with no creation and with same tacticts since many years. Russian handball and players are „boring“. It’s time for some changes. It is a time for legendary Maximov to leave and give a chance to some younger coach with a new ideas…7. GERMAN „MATCH BALLS“They were to lucky to enter the Main Round with 4 points. After draw with Serbia in „Belgrade Arena“ in the Round 1, Handball Europe said „Germans are Germans“, but Germans didn’t use fantastic opportunity to qualify for the semifinal. They missed two semifinal chances, without a „real“ leader among the players…8. NORWEGIAN WITHOUT HEARTThey were angry against Slovenian „let them to shoot“ last minute tactics against Iceland, but there is no any kind of justification for Norwegian last game against Croatia. „Without heart“, what is totally unacceptable for the team, where 10 from 16 players are playing in Norwegian League and maybe dreaming about full „proffesional“ career abroad.9. HUNGARIAN „BATTERY LOW“The biggest problem for Lajos Mocsa was in the Main Round that most of the players aren’t the leaders in their teams. The players were „empty“ without a chance to got the wings from the enthusiastic fans in Novi Sad.10. CZECHS AND SLOVAK – SAME STORYThey have problem to obtain a winning mentality. Slovak had very tough group, but humiliation in match against Poland is unacceptable. On the other side, Czech Republic had clear situation, but again, Jicha and company were affraid of the Hell in Nis (they already lost two WCh against Serbia in that Hall) read more

EHF CL Round 9 Match of the Week Metalurgs triumph in Plock

← Previous Story Allison Pineau is leaving Metz Handball Next Story → Fans opinion: Dujshebaev will stay in Madrid! With majority of the votes, fans on Facebook decided that the match in Polish Plock, between home team, Orlen Wisla dna Metalurg Skopje (20:24) was the best match of the EHF Champions League Round 9. About 48% percents of all votes got the fantastic performance of Lino Cervar’s team, while match between Montpellier and AG Copenhagen has support of 39%. Third place won a C.O Zagreb’s triumph in Barcelona with 13% of all votes. Best handball matchesMetalurg SkopjeOrlen Wisla Plock read more

Qatar crush Russia – Polish Eagles beat Czech Republic

handball friendly matchesPolandQatar 2015qatar vs russia handball In the last match of the tournament in Doha, Qatar beat Russi 33:22, taking the winning trophy after both teams beat Serbia in the previous two days…Macedonia beat Israel 42:32 in the second friendly match which was close for the media purpose.Poland overplayed Czech Republic 29:22, while Slovakia beat Hungary 27:26 in the second day of Christmas Cup. ← Previous Story Latvia wins Riga Council Cup 2014 Next Story → Luc Abalo in doubt for WCh 2015 read more

France beat Spain with amazing Omeyer between the posts

← Previous Story Qatar beat Poland for the final! Next Story → Nikola Karabatic scores 1000th goal for France France will fight for the fifth gold at the World Championships on Sunday against Qatar in LUSAIL Arena. Amazing performance of legendary Thierry Omeyer between the posts provided an fantastic result for the French „Expert“, who beat, once again, Spain 26:22 (16:13). „Titi“ saved 20 balls, five 7-meters throw and was a main person of another French win against the team, who they beat in Olympic quarter-final and EHF EURO 2014 semi-final…STATISTICSFinal – Sunday 19.15 local time… read more

EHF CL 20152016 Group C FC Porto and Meshkov Brest convincing at

← Previous Story FLENSATION over poor PSG – Wisla save fortress against Veszprem! Next Story → Veszprem part ways with Antonio Carlos Ortega! FC Porto handballMeshkov BrestRK VojvodinaVELUX EHF Champions League 2015/2016 FC Porto and Meshkov Brest celebrated easy wins at the start of the VELUX EHF Champions League Group C. After tight match between Chekhovskie Medvedi and Naturhouse La Rioja 27:26, much more relaxed 60 minutes for the home teams have been seen in Portugal and Belarus.Portuguese champions overplayed Slovakian Tatran Presov 33:23 (14:11) with Duarte and Cuni Morales in the main roles with six goals, while only Slovenian playmaker in Slovakian best side Vasja Furlan could follow the rhytm of the winners – with seven succcesful atempts.Serbian champions RK Vojvodina were on line with Meshkov Brest 34:22 (15:14) in the first half on their debut in European elite competition, but Kristopans, Atman and Co. pushed the tempo in the second half to secure easy and convincing triumph. Kristopans, Stojkovic and Vukic netted five goals each, while Rastvorcev scored seven for the Serbs. read more

Handball goalkeepers Mecca in Omis has seventh edition

Seven years in a row area between Split and Makarska becoming the most popular destination for handball goalkeepers. Unique in his quality and atmosphere of Croatian seaside, International Handball Goalkeepers Camp in city of Omis provoken a lot of attention and confirmed status of prestigious event for handball goalkeepers between two seasons.The number of 150 young goalies, from U13 to senior, from USA to Algeria, who spent fantastic seven days in Camp, describe experience in the best possible way.Young goalies had a chance to work twice a day with some of the older colleagues who can only watch on TV during VELUX EHF Champions League Final4 in Cologne, where Roland Mikler (Telekom Veszprem) and Borko Ristovski (FC Barcelona Lassa) were fighting for an European title.The Camp’s guest was also Vive Tauron Kielce goalie FIlip Ivic, while other demonstrators were Croatian goalies who are also playing abroad, Sandro Uvodic (Bregenz Handball), Mario Percin and Dino Spiranec (Germany) supported by Croatian NT goalie Ivana Kapitanovic (RK Podravka Vegeta).The list of coaches was also impressive. The “handball father” of Roland Mikler, Telekom Veszprem goalkeeper’s youth coach Haris Porobic was there, but also EX-CL winner with RK Zagreb, Vladimir Vujovic, legendary Yugoslav goalie from 80’s Mirko Basic, EX-ZRK Buducnost and Montenegrian NT goalkeeper’s coach Vlatko Djonovic, Fikret Handan from Swedish Savehof HK Fikret Handan, Polish coach Tomasz Blaskiewicz, while inovative approach to training process brought Vanja Radic, goalkeepers coach from Finland, with reach experience of working at Camps in dozen countries.Something new in terms of psychical preparation, young goalies could see in work with Marina Skrobot, fitness coach from Pula.FANTASTIC CONDITIONS IN OMISInovative approach in a work with goalies was established through partnership with Sports Science Innovations company. Camp participants could work with Witty lights, but also Neurotrackers and 3D glasses, with the clear goal – improvement in reaction. We did our best to raise level of Camp in comparation with previous years. Camp is worldwide known for our target group, but we tried to put whole event a step up with moving to Omis. We had two brand-new halls only 100  meters from the Camp where participants were based, two minutes from the beach. That made training process and complete experience of players, coaches and parents much more colorful – said Camp director Mario Čaljkusic.Omis becoming a real home of handball. Masters Handball World Cup took place in Omis earlier this year, but organizers already book the same place for second edition between May 10-13, 2018. Goalkeepers Camp will take place in the June 2018 on the same place. Omis and handball – successful story. ← Previous Story Adam Wiśniewski is new Orlen Wisla Plock president! Next Story → Slovenia and Macedonia co-host in race for Men’s EHF EURO 2022 and EURO 2024 read more

EHF Cup Berlin win in Porto – Tatabanya with 1 to Chambery

← Previous Story World Handball left back 2017? Next Story → Zlatko Saracevic overtakes RK PPD Zagreb EHF Cup Here are the complete results of the Men’s EHF Cup – Round 3 which have been played during last weekend.The second leg will be held next Saturday and Sunday all over Europe.Results:Lugi HF 29 – 29 Pfadi Winterthur Cyeb Budakalasz 27 – 35 Helvetia Anaitasuna HK Malmo 25 – 23 Bjerringbro-SilkeborgSC Magdeburg  27 – 25 Dobrogea Sud Tatabanya Carbonex 25 – 24 Chambery SavoieFraikin BM Granollers  28 – 21 Balatonfuredi Saint Raphael 40 – 29 DubravaKS Gwardia Opole 30 – 25 Koper 2013 FC Porto Vitalis 27 – 30 Fuchse Berlin KS Azoty Pulawy  30 – 27 Team Tvis Holstebro Wacker Thun 19 – 17 Alpla HC HardSKA Minsk 36 – 28 Naturhouse La Rioja  Ribe-Esbjerg HH 29 – 26 Nasice NexeFrisch Auf Goppingen  27 – 27 OIF Arendal read more

Beach handballs success in YOG Buenos Aires 2018 should be a booster

argentinaBeach handballcroatiaParis 2024Thomas BachTokyo 2020YOG Buenos Aires 2018Youth Olympic Games It’s been only four days since IOC president Thomas Bach declared the closure of the third edition of the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires and the Olympic flame was extinguished; nevertheless, the fire is still burning strong on many of us on this southern capital.The Olympic spirit invaded the country for the entire duration of the Games; people responded in an overwhelming way, packing all venues and parks all 12 days of competition. A record breaking audience of 200,000 people attended the first ever opening ceremony that took place outside of a stadium, in a place none other than the iconic Obelisk, in the heart of the city. It’s true, the Olympic pass was free of charge and Argentinians tend to make use of whatever is free, but that doesn’t mean that the audience was not genuine.On day 2 of competition, on October 8th, beach handball made its Olympic debut and that first day was a great measure of what it would be for all 6 days of competition in Parque Sarmiento, a part of Tecnópolis Park. The dynamism of the sport, the 360º jumpshots, the kempas and the nail-biting shoot-outs caught everyone’s attention and catapulted it to the top of the rakings among all 32 sports in the YOG programme. The fact that Argentina got medals in both women’s and men’s competition was definitely a plus. The support was massive throughout the competition and the main court, with a 1,300 seat capacity was rarely empty (only maybe on the first two days). It was hard to believe that, at times, people were queing under the burning sun, with hopes of getting in. Not just one or two people, we’re talking about lines of more than 200 metres. Plus all of the people that piled up against the fences that separated the pedestrian path from the mixed zone and field of play.The Argentinian Handball Confederation (CAH) seized the moment by posting on Saturday afternoon, after the success of the national teams, a tweet that called out for beach handball enthusiasts, asking their age and region, in order to catch the momentum and somehow reply the constant question raised shortly after the beginning of the competition in the Youth Olympic Games: “Where can I practice beach handball?”. Until yesterday, and according with an article published by the CAH, they had received more than 1,000 emails requesting information regarding where to practise this ‘new’ sport.It is hard to believe that only three years ago, all beach handball teams from Argentina trained in a single court that had stones mingled with the little sand that was left; players and coaching staff had to arrive early in order to have time to clean the court before trainings. Hard to imagine that the goals had to be set up every single day, because the existing ones were beach soccer goals, which were bigger. Trainings had to be during the day, because there was no lighting surrounding the court. Ironically, or not, the five courts that will now stay for good, the ones that saw all 24 Olympic participating teams warming-up and playing official matches, are within walking distance from that single lightless court that saw the beginning of this Argentinian dream.Beach Handball Women’s Tournament match between Croatia and Argentina at The Beach Handball Arena, Tecnopolis Park, YOG Buenos Aires 2018. Photo: Alex D’Addese for OIS/IOC.Three years ago, the IOC announced that they would replace indoor handball for it’s sandy version. Only then, most of the teams that would take part in Buenos Aires 2018 found out that they had to change their entire plans. Beach handball is an absolutely different sport from the one played indoors, and when you’re looking forward to an Olympic appearance, it can definitely be traumatic to have to change your entire planification and strategy. Most of the Argentinian boys and girls that were getting ready for this YOG were not familiar with beach handball at all. But there weren’t many options, everyone had to change their footwear and overall dresscode and learn new techniques and moves.The journey to Buenos Aires 2018 was not smooth at all, that’s why the results were even more satisfying and rewarding for Argentina. Both women’s and men’s teams were third in last year’s Youth World Championship in Mauritius, and that boosted their hopes for the Olympic debut on home soil. The support of the home crowd was unexpectedly overwhelming and a help in the nerve-racking moments (aka shoot-outs). Media were talking about beach handball and its spectacular moves; and of course, there was also room for a polemic discussion, more proper of the past century than of this one: the size of the bikinis. Fortunately, the results turned out to be much more praised and had much coverage than that untimely conversation.The boys picked themselves up from the lost semifinal and won the bronze medal match, while the girls thrilled everyone with the gold medal in a 2-0 final against Croatia. According to many media outlets, beach handball was one of the sports that caught most attention and reached the highest peak ratings on television during the Games. The ‘Kamikazes’ (a name that was chosen by a specialized journalist that accompanied the woman’s national team since their very beginnings, now passed on to the youth team) were on the cover of many national newspapers the morning after their coronation as Olympic champions and have been to nearly every single one of the major TV stations and sports channels in the country. A mediatic moment for beach handball like never before. Will the CAH be able to keep up the momentum and take advantage of this new beach handball fever?If we talk about the success of the sport in its Olympic debut, we must say that maybe if Argentina hadn’t obtained medals in both men’s and women’s, the excitement wouldn’t have been so resounding. But the crowds spoke for themselves. If the appearance of beach handball in the Youth Olympic Games programme was a test to check its viability and possibilities to be an exhibition sport in Tokyo 2020 or to go straight into Paris 2024, then we must be calm and assertive: beach handball will, sooner or later, have to be a part of the Olympic programme. It has all of the seasoning needed to be one of the starring sports and IOC president Thomas Bach himself enjoyed the show from the stands on the final day, accompanied by IHF president Hassan Moustafa, who attended every single day of the competition.Beach handball has given the CAH the only medals in its 97 years of history (the women’s 2nd place in World Games in Wrocław 2017, the two bronze medals in Mauritius 2017 and a bronze and gold on YOG Buenos Aires 2018), so maybe it’s time for Argentina to make use of the inertia and further develop this discipline; and for the IHF to use the success of the YOG Buenos Aires 2018 to boost the idea of having the sport in the Olympic programme in the near future, without having to replace it for its indoor version. It has been proven, particularly in the past two editions of the Summer Olympic Games, that handball is one of the most successful sports; and having the example of indoor volleyball and beach volleyball coexisting since Atlanta 1996, there shouldn’t be any problems for these two disciplines to do the same. ← Previous Story Do you remember Mimi Kraus? Next Story → Pick Szeged conquer Veszprem Arena read more

Transplant Association We need to ensure ambulance breakdown doesnt happen again

first_imgHSE has ‘no plans’ to provide ambulance staff with stab vests>BUMBLEance: The ambulance specially made for critically-ill kids> THE IRISH HEART and Transplant Association has said that it is “incumbent that the authorities investigate the incident” where an ambulance broke down while carrying a transplant patient from Cork to Dublin.It is understood the HSE has launched an investigation into the incident.Transplant operationThe patient received a call on Thursday afternoon and was told to report to the Mater Hospital in Dublin to undergo a transplant operation.After the ambulance broke down, gardaí escorted the patient to Dublin, where the patient underwent a successful operation.Speaking to, Brendan Gilligan of the IHLTA said “we need to make sure that it doesn’t happen again, for everyone’s sake. People need to realise that the timescale is very important. Surgeons need to operate as soon as possible as the timescale from the time of harvesting the organs to the transplant operation is tight”.He said that the full investigation needed to be done as to why the ambulance broke down and so as to ensure it could never happen again.“The patient was very fortunate that the gardaí were there to bring them to the Mater. I know the operation went alright, which is the good news here,” he said.Few and far betweenHe said that incidents of this kind are “few and far between,” but said that the experience of waiting to get the call, then having to rush into hospital can be stressful enough for the patient, without having mishaps like this happening, he said.He said it was also important to remember the donor’s family at this time. “It was their loved one that has given someone else a second chance at life, it’s important we remember that” he saidlast_img read more

Canadian Mafia boss released from US prison

first_imgTHE REPUTED CHIEF of the Canadian mafia, Vito Rizzuto, was released from prison in the United States today after serving part of a 10 year sentence for racketeering and conspiracy to murder.The 66-year-old Rizzuto was freed from the Florence high security prison in Colorado this morning, said Chris Burke, spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons.The agency had announced on last week that Rizzuto was going to be released, but did not state the reason why.It was not immediately clear whether US immigration authorities had authorised his immediate return to Canada.There were fears his presence in Montreal could reignite a war between the Calabrian Mafia and Rizzuto’s Sicilian clan.Rizzuto was arrested in January 2004 in Montreal, extradited in August 2006, and convicted the following May in a New York court for his role in the 1981 murders of three members of New York’s Bonanno crime family.During his detention in the United States, he made several petitions for early release, most recently in August 2010 before a Colorado court, according to court documents.last_img read more

Two viable explosive devices discovered in Limerick

first_imgTWO VIABLE EXPLOSIVE devices were discovered in a rural part of Limerick late last night.An Army bomb disposal team was called to the area on the outskirts of Limerick City at around 9.45pm on Friday night. The two Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) were located on a rural road in Donoughmore.The devices were made safe at the scene. They were then handed over to Gardaí as part of an investigation into the incident.The scene was declared safe just before 11pm.This is the 156th callout so far this year for the Army’s bomb disposal teams and the 73rd IED.Read: Residents evacuated as explosive device made safe in Kildare > Read: Government criticised over Defence Force allowances and Ombudsman downgrade >last_img read more

Man injects himself in the groin on the Luas

first_imgThis guy came along and we knew from the start he was kind of a drug addict.She explained how the man “sat down beside this young guy” first, before getting up and sitting beside her friend and then “he just started injecting himself with heroin.”He sat down and started preparing more of it and put it into tin foil and it was kind of a bit of a shock to see something like that happening on the Luas.There were about 30 people on the Luas at the time.  Transdev, the Luas operators, said they haven’t received any reports about this incident.On the safety section of the Luas website, passengers are advised to report incidents of anti social behaviour on board the trams and at the stops. The site also assures people that:Luas is a safe, frequent, clean and reliable transport service which last year transported over 25.4 million people. Let’s all work together to keep it this way.Two arrested over fatal shooting at Luas tracks>Luas passengers who may have witnessed gangland killing asked to contact gardaí> PASSENGERS ON THE Luas line were horrified last week after seeing a man drop his trousers and inject himself.It happened  on the Luas red line last Thursday at around 3pm.A woman spoke on RTÉ’s Liveline today about the incident, saying she was “shocked” and that it made her “feel a bit sick”.Cliona Coughlan said that she was on the Luas with her friend when:last_img read more

What ever happened to Fine Gaels Five Point Plan

first_imgWe have renegotiated Ireland’s bailout loans, saving Irish taxpayers €9 billion. We’ve closed down Anglo and Irish Nationwide, and the renegotiated deal on the Promissory Notes will cut our borrowing costs by €20 billion over the next ten years and, of course, we have successfully exited the bailout.Through burden-sharing with junior bondholders and securing private capital investment, the cost of recapitalising the banks has been halved.We’re on track to meet our deficit reduction targets, income tax has been maintained and we have safeguarded our corporation tax rate. We continue to push our European colleagues for retroactive recapitalisation of Irish banks. BACK IN THE 2011 general election campaign, we all heard a lot about Fine Gael’s Five Point Plan.There were promises of job creation, political reform and taking on the bondholders. Now, almost three years on, we have exited the bailout and Fine Gael is still the most popular party in the country, but how many of those promises did they keep?A spokesperson for the party said that, while the programme for government sets out the coalitions priorities, rather than solely those of Fine Geal, “significant progress has been made” in implementing the Five Point Plan.1. Jobs: Protecting and Creating JobsThe plan, and the campaign overall, put a great emphasis on jobs, promising to create, on average, 20,000 each year.While there are no concrete figures for the total number of jobs created across industries, the number of people in employment increased by 58,000 in 2013 and the Fine Gael spokesperson was also eager to reference these “58,000 new jobs”. Just recently IDA Ireland announced its client companies created 13,367 jobs, having created 12,722 the previous year.(Image: James Horan/Photocall Ireland)However, despite the numerous jobs announcements over the last few years, unemployment has remained high, with most recent statistics putting it at 12.4 per cent, and it has been argued that much of the recent decline can be attributed to emigration.WelfareChanges to the welfare system to encourage job creation also formed part of the plan and while the government has hailed some of its initiatives, like Jobridge, as a success, it has been the subject of a number of controversies.BusinessAs the Fine Gael spokesperson pointed out, the plan promised to make Ireland one of the best countries in the would in which to do business and last month Forbes said we were actually the best.(Image: Brian Lawless/PA)As part of this, the plan also pledged to cut employers PRSI tax, which it did in May 2011 (but recently reversed), and to abolish the air departure tax, a measure which was announced in Budget 2014. NewEra has been established to manage commercial investment in the areas of energy, broadband and water, and to manage State assets effectively to maximise their potential.The economy has grown for three consecutive years following four years of decline, though exports have played a huge part in this while GNP growth still suffers.2. Budget: Fixing the deficit – jobs protected by no income tax increases and cutting wasteOn this point, the Fine Gael spokesperson told us the party has made “major progress”. Despite this progress, our deficit remains at over €7 billion.In the Five Point Plan, Fine Gael also said it would “take on the big vested interests that have contributed to the current crisis – the bankers, the bondholders, the developers and the unions”. We’ll leave it to you guys to decide whether or not they were successful on that point.3. Public Sector: Smaller, better government – services you need are prioritised over back-room wasteThe Five Point Plan said our public sector was “too large, too inefficient and too expensive”.With eventual success in negotiations with public sector unions on the two public pay agreements, it could be argued that Fine Gael has kept its promise to cut waste in the public services.The party’s spokesperson said:Public service numbers are nearly 30,000 or 9 per cent below the peak of 320,000 in 2008. By 2015, public service numbers will be at 282,500; an overall reduction of 37,000. These reductions have cut the public sector pay bill by €3 billion.However there were many criticisms of the government’s handling of the negotiations and many said the cuts did not go far enough.(Image: Julien Behal/PA)It also promised to “improve the quality of public services by prioritising frontline services – that’s teachers, health professionals, gardaí, local authority services”.Over the past three years, most of the workers who fall into these groups have taken some kind of industrial action because of cuts. While the bulk of their opposition was in relation to pay, many of the frontline workers also voiced concerns that certain moves, like closing garda stations for example, would significantly impact on the services they provide.(Image: Fine Gael/Flickr)One area in which the Fine Gael seems to be moving slowly is in its commitment to merge or abolish 145 quangos. Despite an announcement at the start of 2012 that this would be done with 48 quangos, the process has been completed with just 43 to date with 63 still in the process of rationalisation.4. Politics: Politicians taking the leadThe number of TDs will be cut at the next election and the number of councillors will also be reduced by a third, in keeping with the plan’s promise to reduce the number of politicians by 35 per cent. On top of this the government is abolishing 80 town councils, three county councils and seven regional assemblies.Shared services for the public service have been established, and the local government reform plan, Putting People First, will deliver €450 million in savings, according to Fine Gael. The local government model is set to “change significantly” this year, according to Minister Phil Hogan, with property tax funds finally being used to fund local services and Irish Water taking over the delivery of water services.ReformThe Fine Gael spokesperson said:On the issue of ‘New Politics’, we have cut politicians’ pay and expenses and we’ve increased Dáil sitting days by a third. Gender quotas will bring more women into politics and the Constitutional Convention is giving citizens a direct voice.Despite these reforms, the Taoiseach has ruled out any prospect of loosening the strict party whip system that applies to votes in the Dáil and Seanad.The party has also pointed out that, as promised, a referendum was held on the abolition of the Seanad. However the government’s campaign, led by Fine Gael TD and Minister Ricahard Bruton, was not a success with 51.7 per cent of people in the country voting to keep the Seanad.While the spokesperson conceded the government has reduced the number of Oireachtas committees, they pointed out that legislation has been published to “strengthen their powers”.“We have have delivered on other specific commitments, such as legislation to strengthen Freedom of Information, give whistle-blowers greater protection and establish a register for lobbyists,” they said.The Freedom of Information legislation was a contentious issue in the later half of 2013, as Minister Brendan Howlin sought to add an amendment to the new bill which would have increased charges and then later backtracked.5. Health: A completely new healthcare systemA completely new healthcare system may have been an ambitious aim to begin with and there has been no end to criticisms of the government’s management of it since taking power. The bulk of this criticism has been levelled at Minister for Health James Reilly, with numerous calls for him to resign over the last three years.(Image: Laura Hutton Photocall Ireland)Most recently, the HSE has been slammed for failing to identify issues with payments to high-level staff in some of the voluntary organisations it funds.The removal of discretionary medical cards from some vulnerable groups in society in Budget 2014 has been one of the most contentious topics and a further €619 million will be cut from spending this year.Primary care and waiting listsFigures in February last year showed that 72,000 people were still on primary care waiting lists despite Fine Gael’s promise to “see to it that a network of purpose built primary care centres is delivered”. The party has said this week that more people are being treated in the community through the roll out of primary care centres with approximately one primary care centre being opened a month, and 34 completed since they took office.Special Delivery Units have been established to tackle waiting lists and so far the number of people on trolleys has been cut by a third 0verall, with some progress on reducing the time people have to wait for in-patient treatments.(Image: Shutterstock)Just this week, figures showed that almost 60,000 people were still forced to wait on trolleys in Emergency Departments across the country last year – an increase on the previous year. More than 2,100 beds have also been closed in the past five years.Free GP careOne of the positive announcements in Budget 2014, was the introduction of free GP care for children aged 5 and under, though not everyone was so supportive of it. Reilly said that this was the first step in rolling out free GP care to everyone by 2016.As set out in the Five Point Plan, the introduction of Universal Health Insurance will take two terms in government, but the party said it will “continue to put the building blocks in place to allow this to happen”.SmokingA major success for Reilly has been in the campaign to reduce the number of people smoking. He was very active in encouraging the European Parliament to pass a vote on cigarette packaging, and there are now just a couple if hospitals across the country which do not have a smoke free campus.(Image: Niall Carson/PA)“Work will continue”“Just over half way through the Government’s term in office, Fine Gael has succeeded in implementing a significant majority of its Five Point Plan to get Ireland working,” the Fine Gael spokesperson told this week. “This work will continue for the remainder of this government’s term.”If you’re interested in reading the plan in full, you can find it here.Read: Fine Gael tops latest poll as Taoiseach sees jump in satisfaction levels>Poll: How would you vote if a general election was held today?>last_img read more

34 dead as Ebola confirmed as source of Guinea epidemic

first_imgGUINEA HAS IDENTIFIED the Ebola virus as the source of a highly contagious epidemic raging through its southern forests, as the death toll rises to 34.Experts in the west African nation had been unable to identify the disease, whose symptoms — diarrhoea, vomiting and bleeding — were first observed six weeks ago, but scientists in the French city of Lyon yesterday confirmed it was Ebola, the Guinean health ministry said.“We got the first results from Lyon yesterday which informed us of the presence of the Ebola virus as the cause of this outbreak,” Sakoba Keita, the ministry’s chief disease prevention officer told AFP.Up to today we have identified 49 cases with 34 deaths in four prefectures.To date, no treatment or vaccine is available for Ebola, which kills between 25 and 90 percent of those who fall sick, depending on the strain of the virus, according to the World Health Organisation.The disease is transmitted by direct contact with blood, faeces or sweat, or by sexual contact or unprotected handling of contaminated corpses.Medical aid group Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said in a statement it would strengthen its team of 24 doctors, nurses, logisticians and experts in hygiene and sanitation already in Guinea.The organisation has set up isolation units for suspected cases in the southern region of Nzerekore and is looking for people who may have had contact with the infected.“These structures are essential to prevent the spread of the disease, which is highly contagious,” said MSF tropical medicine adviser Esther Sterk said.Specialised staff are providing care to patients showing signs of infection.MSF said it was sending around 33 tonnes of medicines and isolation, sanitation and protective equipment in two planes leaving from Belgium and France.OutbreaksEbola, one of the world’s most virulent diseases, was first discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 1976 and the country has had eight outbreaks.The most recent epidemic, in the DRC, infected 62 people and left 34 dead between May and November 2012, according to the country’s health ministry.There are fears it could be used in a biological weapons attack.According to researchers, the virus multiplies quickly, overwhelming the immune system’s ability to fight the infection.The French embassy in the Liberian capital Monrovia released a travel advisory warning French citizens against travel to the affected parts of Guinea or areas of northern Liberia near the border between the countries.It said anyone who had to travel to southern Guinea should “strictly respect the hygiene rules, not consume the meat of animals killed by hunting and stay away from areas of high density of population like markets and football grounds”.A medic in Monrovia told AFP on condition of anonymity that Liberia was at considerable risk from the disease.“We have a 90 percent chance of having cases in Monrovia because about 80 percent of goods on the Liberian market come from Guinea,” he said.- © AFP, 2014Read: New book documents the rise in pandemic diseases and wonders what’s nextRead: 14 dead in first major outbreak of Ebola since 2009last_img read more

Missing Limerick teen found safe and well

first_imgUpdated 26/06/2014GARDAÍ HAVE CONFIRMED today that a teen who went missing last month has now been located.Catherine O’Connell had gone missing from Limerick City on 15 May. Gardaí issued an appeal for assistance tracing the 17-year-old a week later.This morning they said the teen had been found “safe and well”. They thanked the public and the media for their assistance.First published 21/05/2014last_img

Google now has a form for those who want to be forgotten

first_imgEUROPEANS CAN REQUEST that Google ‘forgets’ about them from today.If follows a European Court of Justice ruling that individuals have the right to have links to information about them deleted from searches under certain circumstances, such as it being outdated or inaccurate.However, this only applies to websites being linked to from Google search results, and not the information on the website itself.For example, a link from Google to a webpage mentioning an individual could be blocked, but the webpage would still be accessible – just not from Google.To comply with the recent ruling, Google launched a webform available for Europeans to request the removal of results from the search engine.It asks those applying to identify who they are, which specific links they want removed from search results and why.Photo IDThose making requests must prove they are who they say they are by providing digital copies of a form of photo identification such as national identity cards or drivers’ licenses.They are also asked to electronically sign the request.Requests will be reviewed individually by someone at Google, and not handled by automated software.Google declined to estimate how long it might be until links begin disappearing, saying factors such as whether requests are clear cut will affect how long it takes.“We’re working to finalize our implementation of removal requests under European data protection law as soon as possible,” Google said in a note atop the web form.In the meantime, please fill out the form… and we will notify you when we start processing your request.The form explained that Google will look at whether the targeted results are in the public interest, such as information about financial scams, professional malpractice, criminal convictions or public misconduct by government officials.Google described the form as “an initial effort” and explained it will work with data protection authorities in the months ahead to refine the process.In an email to, a Google spokesperson saidThe court’s ruling requires Google to make difficult judgments about an individual’s right to be forgotten and the public’s right to know. We’re creating an expert advisory committee to take a thorough look at these issues. We’ll also be working with data protection authorities and others as we implement this ruling.”Analysts said the global impact of the ruling was not immediately clear, but that it could raise some tricky issues in Europe and beyond.Worries also arose that letting people edit their online histories could hamper investigative journalism.The case highlights growing concerns about so-called online reputation management, which has spawned an industry that helps eliminate or minimize damaging information online.- © AFP, 2014, additional reporting by Nicky RyanRead: Europe struck wrong balance on ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling, says Google boss >More: 8 Google search trends that prove Ireland’s glory days are truly over >last_img read more

The Troubles the parties and the loneliness of intelligence Irelands Mensa story

first_imgThere was a point in the North where you had to be careful of which part of town you went into and who you socialised with. But Mensa was completely apolitical.“Nobody cared, nobody asked. It was completely safe.”RefugeIt’s not the only time Mensa has proved to be a refuge and a safe meeting place for people of high IQs, Heaney says.“As a teenager and in my early 20s, I would have found it hard to make friends…probably because I was surrounded by idiots.”The isolation of being of above-average intelligence can be trying, he says – as can the arrogance it can engender, he admits.“In the late 90s I got heavily involved in (Mensa). At this stage now it’s kind of a cornerstone of my social life. I find I’ve developed a lot through it. I think I find it easier to get on with the mainstream through it.”Heaney sees a lot of similar people in Mensa – highly intelligent, but who find it difficult to fit into everyday life.“That’s why a lot of people would join it. They might be the nicest people in the world but they find that they’re square pegs in round holes…they don’t fit in with the bulk of the population.”Rather than being elitist, a lot of the activities Mensans get up to when together are disarmingly normal – charmingly nerdy as well, some might say.Science parties are a fixture, with younger members entertained by explosions and other (safely supervised) experiments. Heaney, who is interested in military technology, had a submarine themed party in his house.“I changed all the lightbulbs to red…my wife downloaded sonar-type sounds, so we had a PC belting them out.”Everyday lifeGetting by from day to day, Heaney says, isn’t necessarily made easier by being intelligent. Not all Mensans are in well-paying jobs. Success, it seems, is determined by other factors than intelligence alone.“There’s shop assistants, surgeons…and there’s people who are unemployed.”His own work life hasn’t always gone to plan either, he says.“I wouldn’t be particularly successful in my chosen career. I’m an electronic engineer. You wouldn’t have too many dopes with engineering degrees, but I could have done way better if I’d made better choices.” There’s guys who are less capable than me…who would be more successful than me for different reasons.On the outsideHeaney says that Mensans can be isolated in the wider world. Some members in the area he looks after, sparsely populated West Cork, face this issue more than others.“You are kind of out there at the end of the graph…people are starting to think that those with high IQs have special needs, the same way people at the other end of it do.”Working within the confines of daily life can sometimes feel like being on the outside and looking in. Rules might seem foolish, and it can make Heaney impatient and frustrated.“On the small micro scale you can influence things and change them, but on the macro scale it’s headwrecking.” IRELAND, BELIEVE IT or not, has one of the highest proportions of Mensa members per capita in the world.The reasons for this are just as interesting as the statistic itself, according to one of Mensa Ireland’s main organisers.Gerard Heaney says that a large proportion of Irish Mensans, which is an all-island organisation, are based in the North.Of these members, many joined during the 70s and 80s.“That was linked to the Troubles”, Heaney explains.“It was non-political and you were pretty safe in it. Nobody was asking which side are you on.”center_img Sometimes I ignore the rules. Sometimes I make the decision, because my attitude is that if you understand why the rule is there then you can choose to ignore them.There, he admits, comes the arrogance again.As he’s gotten older, he’s been able to deal with the frustrations more, thanks partly to being in Mensa, he says.For more information and to find out about joining, visit How fake ‘celebrity geniuses’ fooled the internet>Read: How are gifted young people cared for in Ireland?>last_img read more

Opinion Are you hiring Heres how to choose the right employee for

first_imgFROM A RECENT survey in the US, 34% of employers who had made a bad hire said “it just didn’t work out”. My interpretation of this is that “the chemistry was wrong”.Most employers think in terms of qualifications, skills and experience when they are looking to hire a person for their organisation – I call this “mind and body”. You can get most of this information from a CV, and it will tell you whether the person is technically qualified to do the job, but it won’t give you any indication as to whether or not they will actually do the job, do it well and love doing it. I call this “heart and spirit”. This is a person’s passion for the job and is what really determines their performance. You can only discover this through a hiring process which includes assessment of the personality, characteristics, motivation and values of the person sitting in front of you.What are you actually looking for?But before you can do that, you need to have defined what sort of personality and characteristics you are looking for – otherwise you won’t be able to recognise whether or not the person you are interviewing has the right ones. You need to consider what type of temperament and personality style is required for the job. Do you need somebody patient and reserved who is happy to follow a system without question and carry out repetitive tasks or you do you need somebody outgoing and dynamic who can think on their feet and make it up as they go along?You need to think about what attributes and characteristics the person needs to have to be able to do the job well. Do they need to be efficient, accurate, friendly, a multi-tasker, decisive, etc? You need to recognise the culture of your organisation and what values a new employee needs to have to fit in with that. How do you treat your customers, suppliers and your existing team members? You want to attract somebody who shares these values.You need to be aware of your own management style and what type of person will suit that. Are you very controlling – always watching what they are doing? Or will they not see you from one end of the week to the next?The interviewSo how do you find all this out in an interview? Ask them about the other jobs they are applying for. This will tell you if they specifically want to do this type of job or if they are randomly looking at all sorts of jobs without any real focus. Ask them what’s important to them in a job. This will give you an idea of whether your company and this role can fulfil their needs.Ask them what they want to achieve in life. This will tell you what they are passionate about and if they have any vision. Ask them how they see your company helping them achieve their own goals. This will tell you if they have thought seriously about working for you. Ask them what one thing made them apply for this job. This will tell you about motivates them. Ask them about the best and worst bosses they ever had. This will tell you whether or not they will get on with your management style. Ask them what they think the job is really all about. This will tell you what they want the job to be about, for example beware the person at an interview for a sales role who tells you the job is about customer service – they probably don’t like asking for the sale.Ultimately, you are trying to find out if they will be happy doing this job and working for you – because if they are happy they are much more likely to perform well.What about job applicants?If you are a job applicant, consider things from the employer’s point of view. They need to be sure that they are hiring the right person for the job and that they will get a return on their investment in you. They want to know not only if you have the capability to do the job, but if you will be motivated and happy doing it. They want to know if you are the best performer for the role – they are not looking for a body who needs an income – they are looking for a person who cares and takes pride in their work.So you need to be able to articulate what you are really good at, why you are passionate about this particular job as well as demonstrating competency to do it. From your point of view, the two most important things are to do your research and be yourself. No matter how badly you want a job, you still need to make sure the job you get, is the right one for you. You need to enjoy your work, feel proud of the organisation and feel that you are competent and successful in your role.So check out the company and job before you apply and trust that if they don’t select you, it wasn’t right for you.Jane Hogan is an international award winning business coach and co-founder of The Business Practice who specialises in Talent Acquisition. Prior to setting up her own business in 2005, Jane worked as a Senior Management Consultant with Fujitsu for five years, and as a Business Consultant with British Airways for 10 years.  She has a Science Degree from Trinity College, Dublin and a post-graduate diploma in Business and Executive Coaching. thebusinesspractice.ielast_img read more

Farmer killed in Kerry tractor crash

first_imgA 50-YEAR-OLD farmer has died in a road traffic accident in Kerry.The incident occurred at Behenagh, Kielduff in Tralee at approximately midday. No other vehicles were involved.The victim was the sole occupant of his tractor, which struck a ditch.An Garda Síochána has confirmed that the man was pronounced dead at the scene and was taken to Tralee General Hospital where a post-mortem has taken place.The road was initially closed to facilitate Garda forensic collision investigators but has since reopened.Gardaí are appealing for witnesses, or anyone who was in the Kielduff area between 11.45am and 12.15pm today, to contact them at Tralee Garda Station (066 7102300), The Garda Confidential Line (1800 666 111) or any Garda Station.last_img read more

PS3 version of Portal 2 to ship with Steam be infinitely superior

first_imgGenerally speaking, when a game comes out on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, I pick up the Xbox 360 version… but man, there’s absolutely nothing to recommend buying Valve Software‘s upcoming physics FPS puzzler Portal 2 on the 360.Check this out. Valve has just announced that when Portal 2 comes to the PS3, it will ship with Steam, and allow Portal 2 players to game cross-platform chat and multiplayer with PC and Mac gamers. Not only that, but thanks to Steam’s cloud-based save storage, your save game will be synced across the PC, Mac and PS3: start up a game of Portal 2 on your PC and you can effortlessly continue it on your PS3. I know what you’re thinking: what’s the chance of owning more than one version of Portal 2. Excellent, as it turns out, especially if you buy Portal 2 on the PS3, because PS3 Portal 2 will be a Steam Play title, allowing anyone who owns it to download and play the Mac and PC versions of the same title.You know, I love my Xbox 360, and Xbox Live in general, but the ways in which Portal 2 are going to excel on the PS3 platform really stress the weaknesses of Microsoft’s extremely closed and tight-fisted approach to their online multiplayer serviceRead more at Destructoidlast_img read more