“There are facts that I have no control over that have surprised me negatively”

first_imgSo will football be different from now on?I wish it to be so. The world of football has an opportunity to restructure on a perspective aligned with the objectives of sustainable development, promoting the fight for equality and economically managing everything that is the football economy. I firmly believe it.What do you take away from your time on the Barça board of directors?Many good things. The pride of a job well done, for having served thinking of the good of the club and that of the members. I have taken many formidable experiences, many friendships and above all I take with me the fact that I have been able to contribute to the development of women’s football, which is wonderful, football that must continue along this line of growth and that has wonderful people in its structure.I am proud to have made this club speak in feminine and I believe that we have offered a new voice on the presence of women in sport in particular, but in each and every one of the social and professional layers, in general.Don’t you have the perception of not having finished the job at the forefront of women’s football when leaving office?I have contributed as much before I did many others contributed. This starts long ago. With the magnificent players, the great coach and the great manager of the team (Markel Zubizarreta), the women’s team will continue to flourish and as one more member, I will enjoy it with passion and knowing that this project also has a little bit of me.We are all expendable, sometimes we are necessary and we would have to remember it more often. Barça has 120 years of history. This is still the best club in the world.And don’t you have aspirations to be part of a future directive?Life is very long and our vital moments are changing. I will continue to be a member and with this decision I am not slamming anything. I will continue to contribute to my club from wherever I can. The president himself, the board mates, the house workers and the soccer players who have contacted me these days have told them that I am here for what they need.Can you imagine becoming in the future the first president of the club?I am 44 years old and I do not rule out that on the way I have left I will cross again with some responsibility, with a position in this institution that I love so much. Of course I don’t rule it out. I am a member, I can. We all know the way. In life you can never rule anything out, the future is always about to be written.And from now on will you belong to the Barça environment …?I believe in a collaborative world, in a participatory world, in which each one knows how to exercise their functions within their framework and contributing to the flourishing of that of others and therefore if that is an environment, I will be an environment, because adding everyone wins.In this sense, it is evident that all projects need a leader, a leader who has to know how to guide a group, make decisions and why they arise and we need them. Most of us want to work for the good of things. In the current situation of pandemic, we are already seeing it, with the sacrifice of everyone, when everything seems to be sinking, each person brings out the best in themselves to carry out monumental challenges. The former director of FC Barcelona Maria Teixidor, the secretary of the board of directors and head of women’s football who submitted his resignation a couple of days ago along with five other executives, assured that he closes a stage after “the idea has been maturing for a while.”Teixidor, the great promoter of women’s football and one of the great assets of the management team, does not rule out in a future re-occupying positions of responsibility in the entity. “To be the first woman president of Barça? In life you can never rule anything out, the future is always about to be written,” she told EFE in a telephone conversation.Why are you leaving office? Had you thought about it for a long time?First of all I want to distance myself from the demonstrations that have been made (by Emili Rousaud and Jordi Calsamiglia) and give my own version. We agreed to resign at the same time because we considered that it was better for the club to do it in an act unit and not for a stream of exits that was worse for the institution. Then everyone has their personal reasons. Up to here is the joint action, beyond this, all the actions and readings to do are absolutely individual.When did you decide to leave the board?April 9, which is when I report it directly to the President. I have explained the reasons to him in a private conversation. I leave it because I have closed a stage. Especially for that. The decision has been maturing for a while.Was Bartomeu surprised by the decision?The President, whom I have known for 30 years, and with whom I have a long friendship with both him and his family, was the first person to communicate this decision. He understood her perfectly. He is a generous person and I wish him and all the colleagues on the Board the best.And what does the so-called ‘Barçagate’ have to do with your decision?It is an episode of which I know few details, it is under investigation by the internal organs of the club and I want to make it very clear that in recent years this club has endowed itself with high standards in its control structures. We have a code of ethics, a control and transparency commission that I have had the honor of chairing. In this case, the president commissioned an external audit at a meeting of the delegate commission in which I was present. I am absolutely sure and convinced that when the conclusions of all these investigations are reached, you will know perfectly how to act.Are you surprised by Rousaud’s statements – “Someone may have reached into the box”?I am not going to comment on statements that Emili Rousaud or Jordi Calsamiglia make in a personal capacity.But is the moment very complicated?I close this stage because there are certain decisions and events that have appeared lately about which I do not have, have not had control or capacity to act, that have surprised me negatively and with which I do not agree.And is there also the complicated management of the pandemic?The current moment of a pandemic is complex. I think that due to the exceptional nature of the moment, courageous decisions are needed because the future is very complex, very uncertain and will impact at all levels. There are no precedents to handle this situation and I am of the opinion that you have to be ambitious and you have to take steps to reformulate football management in some way.last_img read more

AFL Completes ‘Operation Watch Over’ in Mali

first_imgA Platoon of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) assigned with the United Nations peacekeeping force in Mali will for the first time participate in the medal parade in that West African state.To form part of the ceremony, the Minister of National Defense, Brownie J. Samukai, Jr., as head of an 18-man delegation departed the country on Wednesday for Mali to observe the AFL’s participation in the UN Medal Parade.Minister Samukai was authorized by the Commander-In-Chief (C-I-C) of the army and President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, to participate in the first Medal Parade for the AFL troops serving under the MINUSMA mission in Diabali, Mali.Minister Samukai is being accompanied by the Chief of Staff (COS) of the AFL, Brigadier General Daniel Dee Ziankahn among others to witness the ceremony that is scheduled for Friday, June 6 in Mali. While in Mali, the Liberian delegation will assess the status, conditions and well-being of the troops and will hold discussions with Malian authorities on bilateral security cooperation, and with MINUSMA authorities on the rotation of AFL troops.Last year, C-I-C Sirleaf ordered enhanced Infantry Platoon of AFL personnel to Mali to form a part of the peacekeeping operations in June 2013.Prior to departing for Mali, Chief of Staff Ziankahn participated in the third and final leg of the AFL training, code named “Bonfire: Operation Watch Over III.” The exercise was implemented by the AFL in collaboration with authorities at the Ministry of National Defense in Monrovia. Defense authorities were represented at the occasion by the Deputy Minister for Operations, Saint Jerome Larbelee, while other representatives were officials from the offices of the Grand Bassa County Superintendent as well as mentors of the AFL.The well-attended exercise, which climaxed the Bonfire exercise ‘Watch Over’ was held on Wednesday, June 4, in Little Bassa, Grand Bassa County amidst drumming and singing of various Liberian songs led by the AFL Band Unit.Operation Watch Over, according to COS Ziankahn, is part of the AFL’s training involving field exercises where the soldiers are divided into factions fighting a ‘mock war.’ One fighting force used gorilla or jungle/rebel tactics, while the other, under government soldiers’ command, countered the rebel force using conventional warfare tactics.The Little Bassa ceremony was the third and final of a series of such trainings, which the AFL has used over the years to exercise the skills they acquired while in training, and at the same time, socialize with residents of local communities.“Operation Watch Over” is intended to also expose the troops to the different terrains across the country in case of any eventuality so that they will be prepared to defend and protect the territorial limits of Liberia.It is also intended to build the bridge of confidence between civilians and the new army, which operates on the motto, “A Force for Good”.“Because we are a civilian army…, we are obliged to maintain such status where the civilians will build confidence in the men and women of the AFL,” AFL’s 23rd Infantry Brigade Commander, Colonel Prince C. Johnson interjected.Several community members, including Moses Wee, Esther Garmai and Annie Koon, said they had hoped for the return of the soldiers to their community to entertain or reliev them of their various health situation free-of-charge.During the climax of the exercise, the AFL medical outreach team performed medical services for the community and shared gift items that included food and non-food items.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Christian Community Joins Ebola Fight

first_imgAt least 67 Christian denominational leaders have agreed to provide hand washing buckets at their churches in order to prevent the virus. They also pledged to work with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) and partners in reporting suspected Ebola cases within their communities and churches.These religious leaders are joining the fight in the wake of persistent reports from the Health Ministry that some Christian leaders, especially pastors and “praying mothers” are hiding suspected persons within their churches in the name of praying for those persons to recover from whatever sicknesses that they might be suffering from.Speaking on behalf of him and his colleagues after a one-day workshop held at the MoHSW, Catholic Archbishop Lewis Ziegler made a passionate plead to the public, including the Christian Community, to see the Ebola outbreak as a national emergency. He said Christians should not doubt the reality of the Ebola outbreak in Liberia but should instead work closely with the Health Ministry and partners in containing the spread of the virus which has claimed lives and continues to affect the health of Liberians.The Catholic Archbishop further urged the public to stop the state of denial and limit contacts with bodies of people infected, died or suspected of dying of Ebola. He also appealed to the public against performing the usual religious, traditional and other burial rites for those dying or suspected of dying of Ebola because these practices expose those taking part in them to the virus.Meanwhile, the MoHSW has reported that the deadly Ebola Virus has now spread its tentacle to Bomi, which is the fourth county to fall within grasp of the disease. In Bomi, which is on the highway to neighboring Sierra Leone, one of the hardest hit countries in the Mano River Union (MRU), has reported one confirmed death from the virus.Bomi now follows Lofa, Montserrado and Margibi counties, where the virus has taken at least 46 lives since the outbreak was reported March 22, 2014 to present.The disease spread through physical contact with victim. The virus also spreads sweat, saliva, blood by touching the vomit or urine of somebody who is sick with Ebola. Other means through which the disease spread include handshakes, kissing, and direct contact with body fluids of infected or dead persons or animals.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

CDC Lawmaker Disrupts Court Hearing

first_imgA lawmaker of the main opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), was thrown out of the Monrovia City Courtroom last Friday for arguing with the judge at the start of a pretrial hearing involving four partisans of the party.Solomon George, who is Montserrado County District #7 Representative, got into a heated exchange with Magistrate James Dudu, who had sent his party’s youth chair Jefferson Korjee to jail, on Wednesday, November 5.The confrontation took place when Rep. George entered the courtroom as Magistrate Dudu was presiding over the case of Mulbah Morlu and two other CDC members.Without regard for the hearing taking place, Rep. George called out to Morlu, “My general in the struggle, this is truly a CDC general.”His action was met with a swift response from Magistrate Dudu: “Who are you? Don’t you know that we are in session? Who do you think you are?”The Magistrate then warned the CDC lawyer that he would be thrown out of the courtroom by officers if he continued to misbehave.  Later, Magistrate Dudu advised Rep. George to sit down or politely leave the courtroom.Rep. George was however forced to leave the courtroom. As he was led outside, he made these threatening statements: “I want you to remember that there is a time and season for everything. This is your time, but one day our time will come and you people will see what we will do with you.”The altercation took place at the start of a hearing that was supposed to focus largely on lawyers securing a criminal appearance bond for Morlu and other co-defendants.Korjee, Morlu and the co-defendants were charged with aggravated assault and kidnapping and sent to jail when their lawyers and fellow CDC partisans failed to raise the bond in time for their release. They were accused of torturing one Gbeh Salinto Montgomery, believed to be one of the youth executives of the party.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Exclusive – Lay off Levy! Sugar slams Spurs stars and gives backing to under-fire chairman

first_imgLord Sugar has launched an impassioned defence of Tottenham’s chairman Daniel Levy, telling fans who want him out: ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about!”An increasing number of Spurs supporters are losing patience with Levy after a poor start to the new season, with many holding him responsible for the club’s disastrous dealings in the transfer market in recent seasons.But Sugar insists he does deserve any criticism for the job he has done at White Hart Lane and has pointed the finger of blame at technical director Franco Baldini for the host of big-money buys that have failed to make an impact at the north London club.Speaking on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, the club’s former chairman: “All you can expect from a chairman is the following: to provide the money for your football staff to do what they want to do, negotiate hard and bitterly if one of your best players has got a death wish to want to leave, and to provide an environment like a new stadium or training ground and all that kind of stuff. That is all the chairman can do.“People saying ‘Levy out, Levy out’, they don’t know what they are talking about. If Spurs are going to progress, he is their best ally. All he can do is listen to the managers that he appoints.“They got £100million a year ago for the sale of Gareth Bale. They went out and spent it on seven players. Baldini, or whatever his name is, and Andre Villas-Boas must have had some input into that and therein lies the problem, in my opinion.“If we have bought the wrong players and the money has been used irresponsibly, you have got to look at the person that guided you in that direction.”Manager Mauricio Pochettino is also coming under pressure just three months into the job, with the 2-1 defeat at home to Stoke last weekend leaving Tottenham 12th in the Premier League.But Sugar insists it is the under-performing players, not the Argentine, who should be in the firing line.“We have got a new manager and the fans have got to be patient. We have to give the man a chance,” he urged.“Many of these foreign players that were brought in see the Premier League as the land of milk and honey and half of them I don’t know who they think they are.“MP [Pochettino] has got to have a very, very stern talk to those guys because they are the ones letting everybody down, including him. It is disgusting the way some of them have been playing.“I am no football expert, but I have been watching the team for God knows how many years and you can see from the body language –  a couple of guys work their hearts out and the rest of them, I don’t know what they think they are doing. They need to be read the riot act by the manager.“The fault lies with the players, the overpaid players – God knows who they think they are. There have been no grafters on the pitch in the last two home games against Newcastle and Stoke.“MP has got to get hold of them and realise who is going to fight for him properly and who is not and despite what we paid for them, if they are not going to work, you have got to chuck them out.”last_img read more

Prop. 49 comes back to haunt

first_img At the same time Schwarzenegger is pumping money into after-school programs, he is proposing cuts in other social service programs, such as withholding $48 million in cost-of-living adjustments to senior citizens and others on the State Supplementary Program, he noted. “This requires a certain amount of money (be allocated) even if the programs aren’t ready to go,” Laird said. “It would be more important to have the flexibility to spend only when they’re ready, rather than to have to hold money back that isn’t ready to be used, when seniors aren’t getting their (SSP) cost-of-living increase.” Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuez, D-Los Angeles, and Legislative Analyst Elizabeth Hill have suggested that the state should consider asking voters to modify the measure, possibly on the June ballot. There are at least two other major “auto-pilot” ballot measures that restrict the state’s ability to spend funds: Proposition 98, which guarantees substantial funding for education, locking up more than 40 percent of the state general fund; and Proposition 42, which dedicates the sales tax on gasoline to transportation projects. Last year, when Schwarzenegger launched his budget and government reform proposals, he complained about those measures tying his hands when it came to shaping the state’s spending priorities. But Propositions 98 and 42 can be suspended by a two-thirds vote of the Legislature. Proposition 49 cannot. Schwarzenegger argues that 49 is different because it only is triggered after state revenues increase by a certain amount. “Prop. 49 was done in the most responsible way because what we did was instead of wanting to increase taxes … we went the responsible way by saying, OK, let us go and say that we want to have money for after-school programs, but only if our revenues hit a certain level,” the governor said during his press conference to release the budget. “So we waited for four years. It was passed in 2002, now it’s 2006. We waited for four years, and now in this new budget year it will kick in. So I think that’s the right way to go, that you wait your turn rather than just forcing your way in and crowding out other programs.” Those who run after-school programs said they are desperately needed. They help keep children busy and out of trouble after class and provide them with additional education and physical fitness at a time when California’s schools are lagging other states in test scores, and its children are dealing with unprecedented levels of childhood obesity. They also help economic development by allowing parents to remain at work when their children finish school, supporters say. Carla Sanger, president of the nationally recognized L.A.’s BEST after-school program, said it is still unclear how the new state funding will affect her programs because she anticipates a decrease in federal funds. L.A.’s BEST, or Better Educated Students for Tomorrow, was established in 1988 and now serves 24,000 children in 147 schools throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District. Schwarzenegger consulted Sanger as he was crafting Proposition 49. L.A.’s BEST is planning to release a study soon that shows substantial benefits for the kids in the program, including significantly lower dropout rates, she said. The program more than pays for itself in several ways beyond just the direct benefit to children, Sanger argued. For one, it helps increase school attendance, which is important to local districts that receive funding partly based on average daily attendance. It also provides additional benefits to the community, including jobs and serving as an entry point for teacher training. “This is probably one of the most important programs that government could fund,” Sanger said. Her program is funded through $21 million in grants; $9.9 million from the state general fund; about $6 million from the city of Los Angeles and $3.5 million in federal funds. L.A. Unified provides free facilities and insurance, which she estimates is worth around $15 million. The free program is focused in the city’s poorer neighborhoods but does not require parents to show any income eligibility. Michelle Diggs, who runs the L.A.’s BEST after-school program at Limerick Elementary School in Northridge, said there is a strong demand for expansion of her program and others like it throughout the San Fernando Valley. The program is not, as some critics think, just baby-sitting for busy parents, she said. It offers recreational and educational activities, from helping kids with their homework to aerobics and quilting. The school’s Spanish-speaking parents particularly appreciate the homework help, Diggs said, because they themselves are often not able to help with English-language assignments. Her program has 220 children and a waiting list of 45 more. She had been expecting to reduce it to 200 next year, although that could change if the additional state funding comes through. “It’s so hard because the parents don’t understand,” Diggs said. “I say, Look, we can only take so many.” Harrison Sheppard, (916) 446-6723 harrison.sheppard@dailynews.com 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! SACRAMENTO – For the first time since then-private citizen Arnold Schwarzenegger persuaded voters to pass Proposition 49 in 2002, the state will start spending more than $500 million on after-school programs next year. Under Schwarzenegger’s proposed 2006-07 budget, the state will spend an additional $428 million on after-school programs under Proposition 49, bringing the total funding for those programs to $550 million. That is new spending required for the first time under Proposition 49 as triggered by an increase in state revenue, although it is not supported by new taxes or other revenue sources. But some critics say the measure is an example of the “auto-pilot spending” that now-Gov. Schwarzenegger has derided since taking office, and some Democratic legislators think the state should ask voters to repeal or modify it. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORESanta Anita opens winter meet Saturday with loaded card Among the groups who opposed the measure in 2002 was the League of Women Voters of California, which argues that the state’s current fiscal situation justifies the concerns expressed then. “We opposed Proposition 49 because we thought it was poor policy,” said league program director Trudy Schafer. “It’s more of the auto-pilot spending that many policymakers object to, including the governor himself. We think what we’re seeing now is an illustration of the things we objected to.” Even though the program has a trigger tied to revenue, she said, it is still taking more decision-making authority out of the hands of the state officials elected to make budget and policy decisions. Assemblyman John Laird, D-Santa Cruz, chairman of the budget committee, agrees Prop. 49 seems to fit the governor’s definition of “auto-pilot spending.” One of the problems, he said, is the state has to allocate the funds even if the programs aren’t ready to spend the money immediately, meaning funds could sit around unspent while other, more needy programs remain underfunded. last_img read more

DD Fitness: This trick WILL help you lose weight

first_imgIf you have been on the internet in the last few months, you will have seen links to different weight loss products that usually start with ‘This one weird Trick’.They usually are aimed at removing belly fat, shrinking your waist, taking a pill or herb to eradicate fat or dropping 20lbs in a week or numerous other ridiculous weight loss myths that are aimed at getting you to click on the link.The thing is, there is already one weird trick that is proven to help you get results time and time again. Want to lose weight? This will help.Want to get in shape and look great on the beach? This will help.Want to be able to finally stick to a plan? This will help.So, what is this miracle cure that will help you to achieve the goals that have eluded you for so long? Consistency.Say what now?This can’t be right, surely there must be some sort of trick, or weird diet, or magic pill that I have to use in order to get where I want to be?You would think that, wouldn’t you?After all we have been lead to believe that if you want to achieve something, there has to be a quick fix that can help you to get there as fast as possible. In the age of instant gratification that we live in, people are too impatient.There are thousands of products on the market, that will ‘help’ you to lose weight.I use the word ‘help’ loosely because the product isn’t what is ‘helping’ you to lose the weight.It is the ridiculously low-calorie intake that they recommend you eat along with their ‘miracle’ product. Wait, low calories help with weight loss?Who would have thunk it?The problem with these products is that they are not sustainable in the long term and once normal eating resumes, your weight returns to normal and may even increase.But what if you didn’t always go for the extreme version every time you set a goal?What if you set out a plan and actually allowed yourself a realistic period of time to reach it?What if you built failure into your plan, so that if you had a bad day or a family occasion, you could deal with it and move on, instead of going on a month-long bender.The extremists will tell you to avoid everything and only to eat ‘clean’ food.Don’t drink anything except water and God forbid you might put something in your water to flavour it.Oh, and avoid sugar, because sugar is the devil, you know, just like fat and carbs were before it.Oh yeah, don’t drink diet drinks either, because chemicals.Only eat green veg.Only eat plain meats and fish, no flavourings, because you lose weight faster when you suffer more…..And don’t eat the green M&M’s because apparently they make you horny, and you definitely don’t want to be hungry and horny at the same time?Where was I?Oh, yeah, extreme diets.Do you think you could stick to the above list?I can guarantee that you can’tWillpower is finite.No one can be 100% strict, 100% of the time, and by trying to do so, you’re setting yourself up for failure.You would be better aiming to be 80% compliant ALL the time, than trying to achieve 100% perfection and only getting 50% most of the time, and being completely off the wagon the other 50%.80% is better than 50%. Dieting comes down to being “GOOD” consistently.When I say ‘good’, I mean getting protein at every meal, eating enough vegetables with each meal, drinking enough water throughout the day and using carbs as needed, having an occasional treat and getting back on track afterwards.If you consistently did this for 80% of your meals throughout the week and allowed for social occasions and family events when they popped up, you will still lose weight.‘But it’s not that simple’It actually is.You just don’t want to believe that something that sounds boring can actually be what you need.Unless you are preparing for a stage show or for a magazine cover shoot you don’t have to go to the extremes with your diet.If you are looking to lose some weight and actually keep it off, “Consistency” is the one weird trick that will help you to get there every time.Be sure to keep up with all my articles and posts through my website and socials here:https://www.rushefitness.ie/https://www.facebook.com/rushefitness/https://www.instagram.com/rushefitness/DD Fitness: This trick WILL help you lose weight was last modified: July 13th, 2018 by Emmet RusheShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:emmet rushefitnesstrickweightlast_img read more

Santa Clara officials preparing in case Raiders eye Levi’s Stadium

first_imgSANTA CLARA — If the Raiders make good on their pledge this week to bolt Oakland a year before their new Las Vegas stadium is ready, experts say their most likely move would be a temporary revival of an old idea: sharing Levi’s Stadium with the 49ers.On Thursday, Santa Clara officials said they were dusting off documents for such a plan to be ready in case the Silver and Black come calling. But Mayor Lisa Gillmor said the city had yet to hear from Raiders executives, a day after the team cut …last_img read more

No order from NCP brass to back BJP in Ahmednagar: Pawar

first_imgDenying that there was any directive from the party brass to back the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Ahmednagar civic body, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar on Sunday said the Ahmednagar incident will not impact the Congress-NCP alliance in the upcoming elections.Call for investigationSpeaking to reporters in Ahmednagar, Mr. Pawar admonished the 18 refractory NCP corporators who voted for the BJP in the Ahmednagar Municipal Corporation (AMC), while stating that their actions would be investigated in the next five days.“After I made it clear that the party will not ally with the BJP, it escapes me how [the NCP corporators] disobeyed my orders and decided to tie up with the saffron party,” said Mr. Pawar, who hinted that even the NCP’s MLAs in Ahmednagar could be questioned.“Even the party’s State president [Jayant Patil] had given explicit instructions to the corporators not to vote for the BJP…this is a very serious affair and merits a stern investigation,” the NCP chief said.Written explanationsHe said that written explanations had been sought from the errant NCP corporators asking them to justify their action.“Despite the Sena winning the maximum seats and the NCP emerging second in the AMC poll, the civic body now has a Mayor and Deputy Mayor from the BJP,” he said.He, however, refused to say what penalty would be meted out to the rebel corporators. “The Ahmednagar incident will not have any impact on the Congress-NCP alliance at the Centre and the State,” he said.Mr. Pawar reiterated the need for Opposition parties to come together to defeat the BJP but refused again to comment on who would lead the mega-coalition.The Congress and the NCP had jointly contested the recently concluded Dhule and Ahmednagar civic polls. The Sena, which won 24 seats, emerged as the largest party while the NCP secured 18, the BJP 14 and the Congress five seats respectively. Yet, the NCP supported the BJP in the Mayoral elections held on December 28, which led to a BJP Mayor and Deputy Mayor being elected in the 68-member AMC.last_img read more

Injury bug bites again as Virgil Van Dijk and Mo Salah both pull out…

first_imgAdvertisementMohamed Salah is heading back to Melwood following his muscle injury, picked up in Egypt’s dominating 4-1 victory over Swaziland this Friday. The Puskas award winner will not be available in Egypt’s next match, although it is believed that he won’t be out for long. Hany Ramzy, Egypt assistant coach told Bein Sports: “The initial diagnosis, according to the team doctor, is a strong muscle strain. It is not a tear. I think it is not serious.”The 26 year old forward netted 44 times for the Reds last season and is a key member to Jurgen Klopp’s squad.More worries for the Reds as Liverpool’s main man in defense Virgil van Dijk adds to the club’s injury concerns as he has left the national squad due to a rib issue. The defender played the full match and drew first blood against Germany with a astonihing headed finish. Van Dijk was influencial in Netherland’s comfortable 3-0 victory over the Germans at the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam. Another Liverpool player Georginio Wijnaldum ws also on the scoresheet.In less than a day after the match the Dutch football association, KNVB released a statement saying the centre back wouldn’t be travelling with the squad to face their next opponent Belgium on Tuesday. The statement read: “After consultation, it was decided to use the player only for the game against Germany.”Although the good news is that Dejan Lovren has recently returned to full fitness and we could see him pairing up with Joe Gomez, who has been promising alongside Van Dijk this season.The Reds face Huddersfield Town on Saturday before playing Red Star Belgrade in their Champions League group stage clash at Anfield this Wednesday.Advertisementlast_img read more