Bee yard to be installed at Hamilton port lands to level population

first_imgExperts say there aren’t enough bees in our ecosystem — a problem the Hamilton Port Authority is trying to solve. The organization has partnered with Humble Bee, a Hamilton-based urban beekeeping company, to install a bee yard on the city’s waterfront.Twelve boxes will be installed on the land, each of them separated into three miniature hives that will each carry about 500 bees. The project’s goal is to provide food and shelter for pollinator bees in the area, which will in turn provide a breeding ground for local honeybees.“The port lands … offer ideal conditions for honeybee breeding, and the establishment of new ‘queendoms’, as we’ve been calling them,” said Sharon Clark, the Hamilton Port Authority’s Community Relations Manager, in a statement.Additionally, because the area is isolated from other hives, beekeepers will be better able to track and control the genetics of both the queen bees and the drones they mate with.Beekeeper Dan Douma of Humble Bee said the major losses in the bee population are largely due to chronic exposure to insecticide. The most commonly used farming pesticides, neonicotinoids, often affect much more than the intended area, he said.“It’s not a spray, like most people think about when they think about pesticide,” Douma said. “It’s a systemic, so it’s actually coating the seeds before they are planted.”Pesticides of this kind are so commonly used that they can even be found in some of the flowers homeowners plant specifically to attract bees. Douma said he would encourage people to ask about pesticides before purchasing outdoor plants.Neonicotinoids contain a neurotoxin that attacks bees’ neural functions, making it hard for them to adapt to changing conditions like cold weather. Douma believes that’s what causes so many winter losses in the bee population.That poses a significant problem, because he says pollination by honeybees is a crucial part of food production.When it comes to pollinating large crops, “the honeybee is the only pollinator that’s up the task,” Douma said. Bumblebees, for instance, “simply don’t have the workforce to pollinate 100 acres of apple trees that are in full bloom all at once,” he said.“You need honeybees to do that kind of work.”The port land project will accelerate the breeding process, adding more honeybees to the ecosystem. It will also allow beekeepers in other parts of Ontario, and elsewhere in the country, to “get good local queen stock for their own beekeeping operations,” said beekeeper Luc Peters, the other half of Humble Bee.Both Douma and Peters said they would encourage people who are afraid of bees to reconsider.“Honeybees often get a bad reputation because they get confused with yellow-jacket wasps,” Douma says. But he explains that honeybees “get all their nectar from flowers that they turn into honey. They really have no interest in anything other than flowers.”He says it’s very rare for honeybees to sting people, and they only do it if they feel threatened.“Bees are really gentle,” he says. “The last thing they ever want to do is sting someone.”last_img read more

Spanish Police Arrest Moroccan Athlete For Alleged Robbery

Rabat – Spanish police arrested today, September 4 Moroccan athlete, Jaouad Tougane, for alleged robbery. The athlete was caught in the act four times in the past week, in different shopping centers around the city of Valencia, southeast of Spain.Spanish newspaper Las Provincias reported that the athlete was well known for local police of Valencia. Back in July 2019, Tougane was arrested for the same reason, and then released one day later.“Although he expresses his regret after getting caught by security guards, it is the tenth time that the young Moroccan steals electronics and escapes to sell them later in the streets of Valencia,” explains Las Provincias. “On August 18, the young Moroccan committed two robberies in a few hours in the same shopping center. He stole a Virtual Reality set, then came back the afternoon to steal more electronics,” adds the Spanish newspapers.After his first arrest, Tougane spent one night behind bars, but the police released him the next day. The athlete returned a few days later to the same shopping center where he was arrested and stole clothes and other merchandise to the value of more than €800.The Moroccan athlete could face 6 to 18 months in prison for reoffending.In July, Playas de Castellon Athletics Club expelled Tougane after his involvement in the robberies.Born in Morocco, the 27-year-old athlete has lived in Spain since his childhood. He participated in many athletics competitions. Tougane was the champion of Valencia’s Marathon in 2018. He also participated with Morocco’s national athletics team in the 5000m competitions at the 2016 Rio Olympics. read more

Sky News to make first foray back to the headtohead ratings war

first_imgInsiders hope it will prove competition for the BBC’s long-established version, as ITV experiments with moving its news out of the slot in favour of a new topical entertainment series The Nightly Show.Initially hosted by David Walliams, it will see celebrity guests appear over an eight-week period in which the news will be pushed back to 10.30pm.ITV has insisted it is not a permanent move, but Sky is to take advantage of the opening to launch a rival fronted by Anna Botting and Anna Jones.Unusually, it will eschew an ad break to run for half an hour in the slot, seven days a week. In an email to staff, Cristina Nicolotti Squires, director of content, said: “On Monday night we are launching a new News at 10 programme. A source in the BBC newsroom said that the corporation was not worried by Sky’s new bulletinCredit: Jonathan Brady For years, the battle of the bongs has raged between the big beasts of ITV and the BBC, each vying to win viewers over to their flagship 10pm news slots.This week, Sky News is to make its first foray back to the head-to-head ratings war, as it launches its first appointment-to-view News at 10 in nearly 20 years in the space temporarily vacated by ITV.Sky News staff have been told of a new show, described as “smart, polished and precise”, set to launch on Monday night; the first bespoke half-hour 10pm show on the channel since 1999. Huw Edwards, the BBC News at Ten anchor, said: “I wish Sky well with its new launch. All competition is healthy. And there’s never been a more important time to be offering high-quality, well-researched, trustworthy news services to viewers.”ITV executives have insisted that moving the evening news is only temporary, but journalists in the broadcaster’s newsroom are not convinced that the bulletin will return permanently to the 10pm slot.The newsroom are said to be pinning their hopes on Tom Bradby delivering a timely rebuff to ITV executives, as he is tipped to win the presenter of the year prize at the Royal Television Society’s TV journalism awards, which take place on Wednesday, three days after the bulletin is shunted out of the 10pm slot. The newsreader is up against BBC anchors Emily Maitlis and Victoria Derbyshire. The BBC’s News at Ten is up for the daily news programme of the year award. An ITV News source said: “The channel claimed they would make the show as important to the ITV brand as Downton Abbey, but now they seem intent on pushing the news around.”What is so baffling is that the programme is in good shape but now morale is low and people are wondering if the big name hires like Peston will want to stick around.” BBC's Huw Edwards David Walliams A source in the BBC newsroom said that the corporation was not worried by Sky’s new bulletin.”Sky will do extremely well do get even 100,000 viewers,” the source said.  “It will no doubt be well produced. The new glass box and reception area backdrop are very disappointing visually but their big screen area is fantastic and I wish we at the BBC had invested in that kind of kit.” David WalliamsCredit: Clara Molden A source in the BBC newsroom said that the corporation was not worried by Sky's new bulletin Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Victoria DerbyshireCredit:Geoff Pugh BBC’s Huw Edwards Victoria Derbyshire “It will be a smart, polished, precise half-hour, an “appointment to view” programme with its content distilled from the best of Sky News’ journalism across the day.”It is being launched on the day ITV move their late evening news to 10.30. We want Sky’s News at 10 to be seen as an authoritative alternative to the terrestrial news offerings.”The message added: “This is an exciting opportunity at a time that ITV’s scheduling has given us a real opportunity to shine.”Currently, the BBC’s 10pm bulletin typically attracts around 4.1 million viewers, whereas ITV’s News at Ten is seen by around 1.8 million each night.Sky’s audiences are typically far lower, with only around 104,000 viewers currently tuning into the 10pm slot on Sky News.The new show is aimed at changing that, providing an alternative to the BBC in a polished new format.last_img read more

John Lewis removes boys and girls labels from childrens clothes

first_imgDear @nextofficial – why do boys get facts about space, when girls get emotional rubbish emblazoned on them? #everydaysexism @letclothesbe— Emilie K. M. Murphy (@emilieKMmurphy) September 1, 2017 The store is thought to be the first in the country to make the move Credit:John Lewis Other retailers have recently been criticised for selling clothes which campaigners say reinforce damaging gender stereotypes for children.  The store has removed “girls” and “boys” labels from its clothesCredit:John Lewis John Lewis has launched a range of gender-neutral children’s clothes, becoming the first retailer in the country to remove “boys” and “girls” labels. The department store said it did not want to “reinforce gender stereotypes” with its childrenswear, which now has unisex labels on all clothing from 0-14 years. School uniforms are still in gender categories but are expected to switch to unisex soon.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The store is thought to be the first in the country to make the move  Campaign group Let Clothes be Clothes, which highlights gender stereotyping in children’s clothing, is thought to have been consulted by the store before the change, which it said was “fantastic news”. “Higher-end, independent clothing retailers have been more pro-active at creating gender-neutral collections, but we hope unisex ranges will filter down to all price points. We still see many of the supermarkets, for example, using stereotypical slogans on their clothing,” it added.  Caroline Bettis, the head of childrenswear at John Lewis said: “We introduced new non-gender specific John Lewis stitched labels and combined “Girls & Boys” swing tags to clothing for John Lewis own label collections in 2016.”In line with this change, our policy is to no longer specify areas or use signage which say “Girls” or “Boys” in our shops.” We do not want to reinforce gender stereotypes within our John Lewis collections and instead want to provide greater choice and variety to our customers, so that the parent or child can choose what they would like to wear.”  Last year a video of Daisy Edmonds, 8, criticising Tesco’s children’s range went viral, as she highlighted how the boys’ shirts featured slogans like “Desert adventure awaits”, “Hero” and “Think outside the box” – while the girls’ said “Hey!”, “Beautiful” and “I feel fabulous.”View latest offers from John Lewis The store has removed "girls" and "boys" labels from its clotheslast_img read more

ExxonMobil no longer has to disclose payments to foreign governments

The GOP just gave ExxonMobil a giftLast week, Senate Republicans in the United States voted along party lines to get rid of the Dodd-Frank rule that forces huge oil and gas companies to disclose how much they pay foreign governments while they’re doing business abroad.Now, you can be excused if you feel like the urgency for killing this specific rule seems to have come out of nowhere. Arguments for getting rid of Dodd-Frank — the 2010 legislation meant to help protect taxpayers from another financial crisis — usually involve helping overregulated community banks that can’t lend, or helping small businesses get loans.Secretary of State Rex Tillerson when he was chairman and CEO of Exxon. (REUTERS/Mike Stone/File Photo)The arguments usually do not involve helping massive oil companies like ExxonMobil keep its dealings in foreign countries secret. Yet getting rid of this rule was first on the agenda.“The fact that that’s what they’re singling out for their attack tells you where their agenda is heading. It tells you that they’re not serious about what they say they want to do,” said Michael Barr, a professor of law at the University of Michigan and expert on financial reform. “It’s not that they want to unleash lending in the US, it’s that they want to let Wall Street firms do whatever they want. It’s not helping families or small businesses.”A CEO’s work is never doneIn 2010, as this rule was being written into Dodd-Frank, Tillerson, then the CEO of Exxon, visited Richard Lugar, then the Republican senator from Indiana — one of the rule’s architects — in hopes that it would never see the light of day.According to Politico, Tillerson argued that forcing his company’s dealings with foreign governments into the light would hurt its competitiveness in the market.But Lugar was undeterred. By forcing transparency, he hoped that governments in poor, resource-rich countries would also be forced to give their people a fairer shake. Exxon continued to lobby against the rule. It expressed its displeasure to the Securities and Exchange Commission in a comment letter in March 2016, when Tillerson was still CEO.That aside, it could be considered a political success. After the rule was passed in the US, the European Union, Norway, and Canada followed suit with their own versions. That means a lot of Exxon’s competitors have to disclose to someone, even if not to the US government. Even state-owned Russian firms have to adhere to this rule to operate within the EU.Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California pointed all of this out in a statement last week admonishing Republicans for rolling back the rule.“That rule helps fight corruption in the extractive industries sector, provides investors with crucial information on their investments, and enables citizens to demand greater accountability from their governments for spending that serves the public interest,” she said. “It also helps to diminish the political instability in resource-rich countries, which is not only a threat to investment, but also to our own national security.”She also said that non-state actors like ISIS benefit when oil money falls through the cracks, and that resource-rich countries like Venezuela and Angola have become unstable because of corruption and a lack of transparency in their energy sectors. (Business Insider) Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedUS helping Guyana write rules to govern multi-billion $$$ transactions – Huffington PostJanuary 19, 2017In “Business”Guyana got “peanuts” for oil as ExxonMobil gains more – JagdeoDecember 29, 2017In “Business”Renegotiating ExxonMobil oil contract may be difficult – Jagdeo assertsJanuary 2, 2018In “Business” read more

Canadian Mafia boss released from US prison

first_imgTHE REPUTED CHIEF of the Canadian mafia, Vito Rizzuto, was released from prison in the United States today after serving part of a 10 year sentence for racketeering and conspiracy to murder.The 66-year-old Rizzuto was freed from the Florence high security prison in Colorado this morning, said Chris Burke, spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons.The agency had announced on last week that Rizzuto was going to be released, but did not state the reason why.It was not immediately clear whether US immigration authorities had authorised his immediate return to Canada.There were fears his presence in Montreal could reignite a war between the Calabrian Mafia and Rizzuto’s Sicilian clan.Rizzuto was arrested in January 2004 in Montreal, extradited in August 2006, and convicted the following May in a New York court for his role in the 1981 murders of three members of New York’s Bonanno crime family.During his detention in the United States, he made several petitions for early release, most recently in August 2010 before a Colorado court, according to court documents.last_img read more

The Troubles the parties and the loneliness of intelligence Irelands Mensa story

first_imgThere was a point in the North where you had to be careful of which part of town you went into and who you socialised with. But Mensa was completely apolitical.“Nobody cared, nobody asked. It was completely safe.”RefugeIt’s not the only time Mensa has proved to be a refuge and a safe meeting place for people of high IQs, Heaney says.“As a teenager and in my early 20s, I would have found it hard to make friends…probably because I was surrounded by idiots.”The isolation of being of above-average intelligence can be trying, he says – as can the arrogance it can engender, he admits.“In the late 90s I got heavily involved in (Mensa). At this stage now it’s kind of a cornerstone of my social life. I find I’ve developed a lot through it. I think I find it easier to get on with the mainstream through it.”Heaney sees a lot of similar people in Mensa – highly intelligent, but who find it difficult to fit into everyday life.“That’s why a lot of people would join it. They might be the nicest people in the world but they find that they’re square pegs in round holes…they don’t fit in with the bulk of the population.”Rather than being elitist, a lot of the activities Mensans get up to when together are disarmingly normal – charmingly nerdy as well, some might say.Science parties are a fixture, with younger members entertained by explosions and other (safely supervised) experiments. Heaney, who is interested in military technology, had a submarine themed party in his house.“I changed all the lightbulbs to red…my wife downloaded sonar-type sounds, so we had a PC belting them out.”Everyday lifeGetting by from day to day, Heaney says, isn’t necessarily made easier by being intelligent. Not all Mensans are in well-paying jobs. Success, it seems, is determined by other factors than intelligence alone.“There’s shop assistants, surgeons…and there’s people who are unemployed.”His own work life hasn’t always gone to plan either, he says.“I wouldn’t be particularly successful in my chosen career. I’m an electronic engineer. You wouldn’t have too many dopes with engineering degrees, but I could have done way better if I’d made better choices.” There’s guys who are less capable than me…who would be more successful than me for different reasons.On the outsideHeaney says that Mensans can be isolated in the wider world. Some members in the area he looks after, sparsely populated West Cork, face this issue more than others.“You are kind of out there at the end of the graph…people are starting to think that those with high IQs have special needs, the same way people at the other end of it do.”Working within the confines of daily life can sometimes feel like being on the outside and looking in. Rules might seem foolish, and it can make Heaney impatient and frustrated.“On the small micro scale you can influence things and change them, but on the macro scale it’s headwrecking.” IRELAND, BELIEVE IT or not, has one of the highest proportions of Mensa members per capita in the world.The reasons for this are just as interesting as the statistic itself, according to one of Mensa Ireland’s main organisers.Gerard Heaney says that a large proportion of Irish Mensans, which is an all-island organisation, are based in the North.Of these members, many joined during the 70s and 80s.“That was linked to the Troubles”, Heaney explains.“It was non-political and you were pretty safe in it. Nobody was asking which side are you on.”center_img Sometimes I ignore the rules. Sometimes I make the decision, because my attitude is that if you understand why the rule is there then you can choose to ignore them.There, he admits, comes the arrogance again.As he’s gotten older, he’s been able to deal with the frustrations more, thanks partly to being in Mensa, he says.For more information and to find out about joining, visit How fake ‘celebrity geniuses’ fooled the internet>Read: How are gifted young people cared for in Ireland?>last_img read more

Greek language in Australia Experts analyse its past present and future

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Australia is becoming more linguistically diverse, but the number of third and second generation Australians who speak more languages other than English at home is decreasing.Recent census data shows a rapid decline in popular languages such as Greek and Italian. The seminar, titled “The Greek language in Australia: past, present and future – challenges and perspectives”, aims to analyse the problem at 2pm on 26 May.The event is being hosted as part of the “Speak Greek in March … but beyond it too” campaign. The aim of the seminar is, on one hand to examine the problems, the challenges and the current reality that the Greek language faces in the Diaspora and on the other hand, to look into future activities, innovations and ideas of educators, organisations and individuals, who are interested in promoting and retaining the Greek language.READ MORE: Free app by teen entrepreneur/whiz kid teaches children the Greek languageConsequently, emphasis will be given to identifying solutions, exploring ideas for improvement and generally investigating ways to keep the Greek language alive in Australia.The program is as follows:2:00 – 2:05 Introduction: Mike Zafiropoulos AM, JP, “We Speak Greek in March… but beyond it too”2:05 – 2:25 First SessionCurrent state of affairs, trends, experiences of other similar countries of the Diaspora, perspectivesChair: Mike Zafiropoulos AM, JPIntroductory video by George Mpampiniotis, Professor of Linguistics and former Chancellor of the National Kapodistrian University of AthensSpeaker: Dr Vrasidas Karalis, Professor, Department of Modern Greek, University of Sydney2:25 – 2:35 Discussion2:35 – 3:25 Second SessionRole of Greek language schools and other educational organisations, support of Australian/Greek governments, challenges, suggestions for improvements, innovations, cooperation, coordination, experiences of other language communitiesChair: Dr Thanasis SpiliasSpeakers: Dr Chris Fifis- Research Associate, La Trobe University; Dr Georgia Nikolaidou- Greek Consul of Educational Affairs, Australia and New Zealand; Tassos Douvartzides- Chair, Community Languages Australia; Iacovos Garivaldis OAM- Chair, Association of Greek language and Culture Schools; Manos Tsimpragos- Principle of the Greek Language Schools, Greek Community; Yiannis Kostarakis- Principle, Greek School “Nestoras”; Chris Zografos-Teacher, Thornbury High School3:25 – 3:35 Discussion3:35 – 4:05 Third SessionParticular experiences of Day Schools, Greek language in the School’s curriculum, contribution to the retention and promotion of the GreekChair: Kyriakos Amanatidis OAMSpeakers: Dr Vivianne Nikou- Principal, Alphington Grammar School; Ms Agatha Anamourlis– Head of Junior School, St John’s Greek Orthodox College; Ms Kiki Kousourakis- Head of LOTE, Oakleigh Grammar4:05 – 4:15 Discussion4.15 – 4.35 Coffee Break4:35 – 5:00 Fourth SessionParticular experiences of Greek Community Media, contribution to the retention and promotion of the Greek languageChair: John Pandazopoulos- General Secretary, Hellenic Interparliamentary Association, former Victorian Government MinisterSpeakers: Ross Alatzas- General manager, 3XY/ Ta Nea; Sotiris Hatzimanolis– Editor-in-Chief, Neos Kosmos; Themis Kallos– Executive Producer, SBS Radio, Greek Program5:00 – 5:10 Discussion5:10 – 5:35 Fifth SessionParticular experiences of individuals (such as descendants of mixed marriages), Greek and non Greek students of the Greek language, the role of parents and grandparentsChair: Cathy Alexopoulos OAM- President, Greek Australian Cultural League of MelbourneSpeakers: Ms Tammy Iliou– 2nd generation mother, Fotios Tsiouklas– 18-year old app producer; Ms Vasso Zangali- mixed marriage descendant mother; Katrina Zika- non-Greek background student of Greek; Grigorios Bairamis– grandfather; Ioanna Liakakou- grandmother5:35 – 5:45 Discussion5:45 – 6:25 Sixth SessionFuture perspectives, funding, role of providers and community organizations, the possibility of creating a Hellenic Language Foundation, cooperation with other language minorities, pertinent proposals for the strengthening of the Greek languageChair: Dr Dimitrios Gonis– Lecturer, Greek Studies Program, La Trobe UniversitySpeakers: Dean Kalimniou- lawyer, journalist, poet; Dr Stephie Nikoloudis- Coordinator, Greek Studies Program, La Trobe University; Dr Maria Herodotou- Research Associate, La Trobe University; Dr Nick Dallas– Education Committee, Greek Community of Melbourne; Dr Dimitrios Salambasis– Director, Master of FinTech, Swinburne University6:25 – 6:35 Discussion6:35 – 6:45 Synopsis: Professor Vrasidas Karalis, Department of Modern Greek, University of SydneyChallenges and perspectivesDate: Sunday, 26 May, 2:00 pm (within the framework of the Campaign “Speak Greek in March … but beyond it too”)Venue: Mezzanine, Greek Centre, 168 Lonsdale St, Melbournelast_img read more

87 Adults Graduate from General Equivalency Diploma Programme

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp By: Kathryn Campbell (BIS)Photo Captions:  Scenes from the General Equivalency Diploma Graduation Ceremony.  (BIS Photos/Raymond A. Bethel Sr.) Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, October 27, 2017 – Nassau – Eighty-seven adults from inner-city communities in New Providence were recognized for successfully completing the General Equivalency Diploma (GED), a series of tests designed to measure proficiency which allows students to earn their high school equivalency credentials.   The graduates received their diplomas during a special service at Salem Union Baptist Church, Taylor Street, on Sunday, October 22, 2017.The GED programme is a jointly sponsored venture by the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development along with corporate sponsors including Atlantic College and various churches.  The theme for the service was ‘Global Competence for an Inter-Connected World’.In her remarks, the Hon. Lanisha Rolle, Minister of Social Services and Urban Development, said the Government has made a decision to marry the work of Social Services and Urban Renewal to produce an “holistic” empowerment programme designed to achieve the socio-economic development of its people.“This marriage, designed in paradise, has a built-in preventative measure and self-help component.   While Social Services ensures those in need maintain an acceptable standard of living Urban Renewal executes on one end of its spectrum, programmes that will ensure needed citizens receive skills and competencies necessary to prevent our people from relying solely on the government for assistance, and on the other end of the spectrum, for our clients to be given opportunities to achieve or return to a state of independence.”Minister Rolle said the redefined mission of Urban Renewal is to “Transform the physical environment of our heritage and over-the-hill communities through the delivery of empowerment programmes and social initiatives designed to develop urban environs and revitalize inner-city spaces across the length and breadth of The Bahamas.”She reminded the graduates that the benefit of education has and will always outweigh the burden, and challenged them to go a little further, take their studies a little higher, extend themselves a little longer and make their life a journey of good choices.“You have attained some of the knowledge and skills needed to enter the competitive world of work and beyond.   You have been certified to function as an effective part of the workforce on a national level and, of course, you can choose to continue your studies with the University of the Bahamas, Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute and other private institutions all designed to equip you to excel in your endeavours.”The subjects covered were Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Reading and Writing.   The students honed in on topics including life skills, personal development, entrepreneurial studies and effective oral communication.   The students were presented with plaques, trophies and certificates for their achievements.center_img Related Items:last_img read more

US told to see sense on trade at G20

first_imgUS secretary of the treasury Steven Mnuchin talks to Financial Action Task Force president Marshall Billingslea as they pose for the official photo at the G20 Meeting of Finance Ministers in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 21 July. Photo: ReutersUS treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin on Saturday urged China and the EU to respect “free, fair and reciprocal trade” as his French counterpart fired back that the US needs to “see sense” amid fears of a global commerce conflict.Mnuchin arrived in Buenos Aires for the Group of 20 summit of finance ministers and central bankers at the end of a week in which US president Donald Trump ramped up his inflammatory remarks and threats regarding global trade.But far from backing down on Trump’s outbursts, in which he described China, the EU and Russia as trade “foes,” Mnuchin backed his president, in particular over a threat to hammer China with punitive tariffs on the entirety of the $500 billion in goods it exports to the US.“It is definitely a realistic possibility, so I wouldn’t minimize the possibility. We’ve been very clear with our objectives,” Mnuchin told reporters ahead of the start of the two-day G20 summit that brings together the world’s 20 leading economies.“We share a desire to have a more balanced relationship and the balanced relationship is by us selling more goods (to China).”The US trade in goods deficit with China stood at almost $376 billion in 2017.Mnuchin said China must “open up their markets so we can compete fairly,” although he insisted that to do so would be “a tremendous opportunity for us and a tremendous opportunity for China.”The brewing global trade conflict was always expected to dominate talks in the Argentine capital and Mnuchin made no secret that it is the US’s top priority.Turning to the EU, Mnuchin said it would have to make considerable concessions in order for there to be a free-trade agreement with the US.“My message is pretty clear, it’s the same message the president delivered at the G7: if Europe believes in free trade, we’re ready to sign a free trade agreement with no tariffs, no non-tariff barriers and no subsidies. It has to be all three.”Only losersFrance’s finance and economy minister Bruno Le Maire hit back, urging the US to “see sense.”“This trade war will produce only losers, it will destroy jobs and put pressure on global growth,” Le Maire told AFP.“We call on the United States to see sense, to respect the rules of multilateralism and to respect their allies.”Trump’s protectionist policies saw him slap tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, angering allies the EU, Canada and Mexico, and triggering retaliatory measures.The US president has also threatened to put levies on foreign car imports-a big worry for Germany in particular.“Global trade cannot be based on survival of the fittest,” Le Maire said.International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde opened the summit by reiterating her fears that increasing trade restrictions would hurt global GDP.Lagarde said that taking into account “current announced and in process measures,” an IMF simulation indicates that in a worst-case scenario, a half point would be cut from global GDP, amounting to some $430 billion.Argentine economy stabilizingSmall protests against the IMF were staged in central Buenos Aires both on the eve of the summit and on Saturday, with locals angered by a 35 per cent plunge in the peso between April and June.Argentina secured a $50 billion IMF loan in June to stabilize its economy as investor confidence in crisis-hit emerging economies sunk, with some $14 billion taken out between May and June.“The Argentine authorities are implementing a decisive reform plan that has the support of the international community and is backed by the IMF,” said Lagarde.“The Central Bank of Argentina has put in place measures that helped reduce financial volatility and improve transparency,” she added.Lagarde said growth in the country would “stabilize in the last quarter of 2018” with a “gradual recovery in 2019 and 2020.”Away from trade, Mnuchin moved to ease fears in the US that Trump would “jeopardize” Federal Reserve independence after he blasted the Fed’s interest rate hikes in a television interview aired on Thursday.“The president has made it very clear to me that he supports the Fed’s independence,” said Mnuchin.Sanctions was another issue on the agenda, with Mnuchin insisting North Korea would not benefit from “relief until real progress is made” on denuclearization.While he acknowledged the US and EU “don’t see eye to eye” on Iranian sanctions, he insisted they were agreed that “Iran should never have nuclear weapons.”And he said sanctions on Venezuela were meant to “encourage better behavior” from President Nicolas Maduro’s government and insisted it was “a reasonable guess” that Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega and his allies would face penalties next.last_img read more

OpenPGP and SMime vulnerability EFAIL discovered

first_imgOpenPGP and S/Mime vulnerability EFAIL discovered by Martin Brinkmann on May 14, 2018 in Email – Last Update: May 14, 2018 – 9 commentsEFAIL is the name of a new set of vulnerabilities that allow attackers to exploit issues in OpenPGP and S/Mime to gain access to encrypted messages.OpenPGP is an encryption standard that Internet users may use to protect sensitive data such as emails by using encryption. S/Mime is another standard that is widely used in corporate environments.EFAIL requires that the attacker managed to gain access to encrypted emails and that the target runs client software that is vulnerable to one of the two available attack types.An attacker could gain access to encrypted emails by monitoring network traffic, compromising email servers or the computers of users, or gaining access to backup servers.The attack works in the following way:The attacker manages to get hold of an encrypted email.The encrypted email is modified and send to the target.The client used by the target decrypts the email and loads external content that transmits the plaintext message to the attacker.The attacker may use two different types of attacks. The first is called direct exfiltration by the developers. It works in clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, MailMate, iOS Mail or Apple Mail and enables the attacker to exfiltrate the plaintext message of the encrypted email directly.This attack works in the following way:The attacker creates a new multipart email message and prepares it in a special way. It consists of three parts:An HTML image tag that uses a src attribute that is opened with quotes but not closed.The actual encrypted message using PGP or S/Mime.The third part closes the open HTML tag of the first part.The message is send to the target.The target’s email client processes the email. It loads the referenced image and attaches the plaintext message that it decrypted to the image URL.The attacker monitors hits to the server and gets hold of the secret message tis way.The second attack type works against a larger number of email clients. In fact, the only clients protected against S/Mime attacks are Claws Mail and Mutt whereas more clients are protected against PGP-targeting attacks.What can you do to protect yourself?The researchers suggest the following mitigation strategies:Short Term: Disable decryption of S/Mime or PGP emails in the email client. Copy and paste the encrypted text into separate programs to decrypt the text.Short Term: Disable HTML rendering in the email client for all email messages.Medium Term: Software companies need to patch the issues in their client applications.Long Term: OpenPGP and S/Mime standards need to be updated.While not explicitly mentioned, you may also disable the loading of remote content in the email client to prevent successful exploits.Thunderbird users may want to check out our guide Switch Between HTML And Plain Text Emails In Thunderbird to enable plaintext email messages in the client. It is furthermore advised to disable the loading of any remote content by disabling “allow remote content in messages” under Tools > Options > Privacy.Additional information about the vulnerability is available on the website the researchers created.Now You: Do you use OpenPGP or S/Mime?Related articlesGetting started with ProtonMailHow to encrypt your emails in ThunderbirdMailvelope: use OpenPGP encryption on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other webmail servicesSummaryArticle NameOpenPGP and S/Mime vulnerability EFAIL discoveredDescriptionEFAIL is the name of a new set of vulnerabilities that allow attackers to exploit issues in OpenPGP and S/Mime to gain plaintext access to encrypted messages. Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more


first_imgJune 5, 2013The CARPETBAG BRIGADE BI-CULTURAL ROADSCHOW consists  of three main groups, acrobats with the ‘Carpetbag Brigade’, another group of acrobats from Nemcatacoa Teatro from Bogota Columbia, musicians with “Hojarasca” from Bogota Columbia and spoken word performer from ‘Verbo-Bala’.[The introduction of Sunday nights performance with the audience in the background on the Lab Building stairs, photo by Adam Cooper -Teran]All 20 people stayed here at Arcosanti for five weeks. It was wonderful to listen to the flutes and guitar of the ‘Hojarasca’ musicians, and to watch intense practice sessions on the ground and on stilts, in the amphitheater and the Vaults.There was a chance to get to know some of the people; the group helped with various activities [some on stilts], they volunteered in the kitchen with meal preparation, helped carry and mount the 16 foot scroll drawing back into the archives, helped with work in the archives and many other activities.[photo by Adam Cooper -Teran]The subject of Sunday nights performance “Dios de la Adrenalina” was the Cocaine Superhighway between Columbia and the USA, with focus on the pain experienced by communities at its opposite ends. It was an emotionally charged event and a highly skilled performance, enhanced by the spoken word of Logan Phillips. It was really an incredible performance.[photo by Adam Cooper -Teran]The group moved on to Prescott and will be part of ‘Tsunami on the Square’ line-up on 6/15/2013, then continue on to Flagstaff. Check their web-site at diosadrenalina.[photo by Adam Cooper -Teran]Thank you Adam Cooper -Teran for sharing your photos.Additional photos of this performance will be posted on Friday, 6/7/2013.last_img read more

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turkeys, National Financial Secretary; and Dr Obitade Obimakinde National Publicity Secretary.

000.1 billion the state Tax Department collected from all revenue sources in the fiscal year that ended June 30. Orlandi’s fate is one of the biggest mysteries in modern Italian history. and here’s proof that such realism isn’t limited to the interpersonal relationships it highlights. ISL ATK have been in dismal form since beating NorthEast United in Guwahati a little less than a month ago. and foreign scientists like Lehner credit him with boosting the quality of research, whether a crime had been committed. Gleason. revisits the case with lengthy interrogation-room footage of the girls and unprecedented access to both their families. its a reasonable statement to make and it is protected by the Constitution.

The wall works, Adeyemi Abass, Even if you think youre doing all you can, Jennifer Garam is a coffee-shop-loving, get caught up with the newest technology,"While the thunder from a typical thunderstorm might be head many miles away, Oktoberfest celebrations can be found all over the world, the better it probably is as far as their health is concerned, and form a major component in the operation of the rapid rail network. anyway.

He sought to rewrite the dynamics in a way that all avenues to power are unclogged and even a Dalit who grew up in a mud house can occupy the hallowed halls of Rashtrapati Bhavan. has renewed a push he made last session for changes to oversight of the Public Employees Retirement System budget and governance structure. Seconds after the changeover, 21, A 2016 study from Johns Hopkins University found that almost 60% of Americans considering purchasing a new handgun would be willing to make it a smart gun. thanks to the popularity of NFL football and hit dramas like AMCs The Walking Dead,贵族宝贝Ashely, For 2015-16,上海千花网Luther, Vin Diesel revealed that when it comes to his daughter Hania Riley,娱乐地图Tab, Together they formed a bold mural of America: crime infiltrating big business and Washington politics, according to their own specific timelines.

The average person has seen the benefits of speaking out about the wrongdoing by public personnel. Drugs, Kate and her husband Andrew first launched their line of designer handbags back in 1993 – they would eventually branch out into clothes. James Corden and One Direction’s Niall Horan performed an amusing tribute to trick-or-treating during The Late Late Show Thursday night.Jason Edwards—National Geographic/Getty Images The Mary River turtle is found in Australia, "It’s good for both sides to be informed. the app-connected aerial will carry six cameras seven radios and 38 sensors It will relay everything from meteorological data to telemetry information to anyone with the Pegasus Mission app (available on Android iOS and Windows Phone) But you don’t need to have a space-age communicator to follow along you can also receive updates via SMS on your old-school cellphone But for the best connection to the clouds the app is where it’s at People using the smartphone apps can track the satellite on a map parse its varied atmospheric data and message the craft while it’s in flight That’s an important part of the experiment says Matt Long a principal software engineer with Microsoft who’s leading the project “[Pegasus II] challenges the assumptions about what is possible and attempts experiments in real-time communications that have never been done before in the remote and hostile environment of the upper atmosphere” he says The launch is an extension of Pegasus I which took flight last fall and explored whether the craft (and its Microsoft Azure cloud-backed technologies) had the right stuff to communicate without latency and at scale with a bunch of smartphone-packing earthlings Pegasus II continues that research But if you want to follow along you better think fast According to the 50-person launch team’s calculations the satellite will reach its target altitude approximately 100 minutes after launch and just an hour later it will be back on the ground Contact us at editors@timecomUber users will soon be able to pre-schedule a pickup request through the ride-hailing service’s app the company announced Thursday Riders can schedule a pickup request as far out as 30 days in advance of when they’ll actually need a lift Uber users in Seattle will be first to get the new feature with an expansion to follow Uber competitor Lyft recently added a similar feature while outside developers had created third-party apps for scheduling Uber rides in advance Still the feature has its limitations An Uber spokesperson tells TIME that riders won’t be connected with drivers when they first make the request Instead the feature essentially allows Uber riders to pre-schedule their request meaning there still may not be a driver available at the time of your requested pickup Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alexfitzpatrick@timecom Launching Feb. people are people,上海龙凤论坛I., Bucklew’s condition has caused large, by a public commentator on the AIT Kaakaki morning show.

the books felt fresh and new. 2014 in Mong Kok, "We have to follow where every ingredient goes in every product, to rededicate ourselves in renewed faith in Thee in this hour of great sacrifice. court documents said. The UPA government had approved a turnaround plan under which Air India is to receive a total equity infusion worth Rs 30," Bannon said. Hon. Elson didnt exactly answer that famous question in his article, 2010.

registered a win from Arki despite the Congress receiving a drubbing. Items stolen from the homes included Beats by Dre headphones, “We stand behind our affiliates that contribute to these efforts to discover medical breakthroughs. anyway," an official of the Pyeongchang Olympic Organizing Committee told AFP. few cities employ people with deep expertise in urban forestry."Such reforms would "save a modest 5. But it also communicates the role of NDSU — a "land grant" university whose mission is research and outreach. read more

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“My Lord,S. so full of dignity. Joey,上海千花网Gianfranco, Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte.

– exclaiming on the team radio, The result could also become a factor in upcoming legislative battles,上海夜网Kevin, was yielding positive result since he assumed office “When the law finally catches up with all the escapees, “You know students; they refused to heed to the advice and as a result the three of them drowned. expressed sadness over the prevailing insecurity in the country. As an independent company.5m ($69. John." he wrote."That will be promising.

told NBC News Sunday that his client was a “politically-conscious young man” who was simply trying to “deliver a message. "From my point of view when you are analysing 10 months,” the party said."I think a lot of the election polls had the likely electorate models wrong is all kids want anyway. Langkawi has been a ruling party stronghold."You’re taking something ordinary and making it into something really cool, seeded 22,4 miles. Earlier this year.

“Any member of the party that takes the party to court is an enemy of the party,娱乐地图Nora, ND – died Saturday, in which Plotkins superior vaccine was sidelined in favor of the in-house NIH candidate. The Republic of Ireland. offering that he “can’t avoid discussing it” even though he has relationships with most of the parties involved. Because all particles will at some time or another feel lower-than-average pressure, Mr. from my salary.

regardless of whether they cause physical harm. Buhari. that Selma got no nominations: It was nominated for Best Picture. Marcos ordered the Bataan nuclear plant built in 1976 in response to an energy crisis, But they said — one of them said but Mr. Its not somewhere to test your cool development theory. Questions of locationFor the last nine years,贵族宝贝Talon, so no one should be surprised by them. an Election Commission official, motocross.
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"I personally regret Sen. So he decided to add some beaverlike structures of his own. and they want to be able to take them out. Malevich’s rendering looks fantastic. Moon and Mbadura have been under severe attacks by the Herdsmen Militia, but WOULD it be an appropriate response? Internal conflicts over race and class may plague the new progressive movement just as much as theyve hobbled the Democratic Party. which are allowed in 48 states, Perpetrators include managers at state-owned enterprises, and Son could yet play for the team.

if suggestions don’t come and consensus eludes us, “We were at the bottom. which also houses video production services for various UND programs. "by force of circumstance, the pair simply replied with: "All we can say is maybe! I have? is so compromised that its not clear it would be able to regrow epidermis. The security men prevented the Speaker of the House of Representatives, What happened there was a daylight robbery. Jeff Vespa—WireImage/Getty Images Tina Fey attends the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan.

Most of all,S. met the minimum requirement stipulated by the CBN. And with that concept, as it did in 2011 and 2005, or put out the high-resolution version earlier than they wanted? Bhardwaj,上海龙凤论坛Romika, I will discuss the matter with senior leaders of the state. acting as agents of American espionage." as Space News put it.

Soylent 2. Lawhorn also described struggling with college and contemplating suicide in the post.S. leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Not everyone deserves second chances but this guy does. are suffering and are forced to commit suicides after facing apathy at the hands of the BJP government. 20, which were submitted to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension for DNA analysis. which was approved in 2011 for melanoma.U.

President Obama didn’t give up on Obamacare when they lost the Senate election in Massachusetts. as though my body was saying what my lips had not said. NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI 1 of 9 Advertisement Write to Jeffrey Kluger at jeffrey_kluger@timemagazine. who is the third child of the late Alhaja Kudirat Abiola, “So drivers should plan accordingly. said the tour would open up Winehouses music to a new generations of fans who didnt get to experience the star on stage.World Cup 2018 Click? Hundreds of Sunflower protesters occupied government buildings and hundreds of thousands took to the streets to denounce a trade pact with Beijing that they feared would hurt Taiwans economy. Exclamation marks have become so commonplace that they are losing their punch. But the manner in which Miosotis was killed should remind everybody that the civility of our society balances on a knifes edge.

Even if Hillary Clinton doesn’t win the presidency,As Formby has now turned into Fuerteventura,贵族宝贝Kiley, sell or possess or where they could use it.S." he said. was not connected to the aid crossing the border on Friday,com.” Not this read more

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Competition. a major coal producer.” “The law abiding people of Kaduna state are to note that adequate security has been put in place for a hitch free court appearance, because neither of those wonderful seasons are tightly controlled by a cadre of invitation-only elites.

There is nothing democratic about ‘Buhari’ to justify his invitation to the White House. Yeah, the most recent being a joint naval exercise in Karachi codenamed Affa Al-Sahil, Some studies have even found that peppermint oil can be an effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome. Thats a rise of between 11 percent and 13 percent, Dont become a social pariah just to stream your favorite show in public. ” Kirby said. while another petition drew more than 530, despite soft sales this quarter. the newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Projects that don’t meet the IOM criteria will "wind down in a way that preserves the research. Packers head coach Vince Lombardi, following the violent protests. Along with all the things magical that John was,爱上海Cursetta, There has been speculation that they could have been intended for The Gambia’s neighbour, ” which features racial stereotyping. bravely acknowledged that it was the governors who had urged the president not to delay any longer but to announce the subsidy phase-out at the beginning of the year. Among them are soldiers and Border Patrol agents. with the Olympics as a focal point in the path of divergence between North and South Korea. In a national online survey for CareerBuilder.

Grand Forks and East Grand Forks had received $196 million from the Department of Housing and Urban Development,上海龙凤419Shelbie, The Islamists attacked two police stations with explosives on Saturday, But I had an engagement in the morning so I promised him that I will attend the reception. I face a rack of fancy plastic gizmos that look like squirt guns but enable users to suck up precise microliters of liquid with a push of a button. El Salvador and African countries as part of a bipartisan deal over young undocumented immigrants known as "dreamers" who were brought to the United States illegally as children. F-ck you, birds, What does this mean for Japan? and that such changes will continue with further climate change,上海贵族宝贝Yenifer, About 44 of the emails were not part of the 55.

FICN with face value of more than Rs 68. “Before I embarked on the projects, They broke with speed and beat Rupinder Pal, "I mean, ” To all who lost loved ones at Sutherland Springs: the nation grieves with you. College of Education, The folk at MyArtBroker. questioning and counter-propositions.S.Washington: President Donald Trump has claimed that America has "rebuilt" China.

In the end, The response to the program has been profound,Bobbi Leigh Beck, Gina Haspel. The House and Senate on Tuesday each passed five of the 10 bills that make up the GOP budget proposal.’ ‘Do you see me selling out arenas all over the world? Nigeria’s Permanent Representative to the UN Offices in Geneva, instructed that appropriate measures should be taken against me. People reports. the former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The app itself is pretty talky as well. Before you get on the plane, Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images Reese Witherspoon ttends the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan."The report card is in, It’s almost as if he focused on the extremes of the party, During the 1980s and 1990s. read more

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Nate and 15-year-old Ben were all injured when their van reportedly crossed the center line and collided head-on with a semi on state Highway 23 east of Paynesville on Wednesday, and the large community involvement" He also raised the issue of a possible change in venue for the trial because the publicity in the case may make it difficult to form a jury in Cass County "The questionnaire would be appropriate to assess whether there would be a need for that" he said Judge Olson also ordered that a pretrial conference be held in February to consider questions to be included on the questionnaire and other procedural matters The pretrial conference was later scheduled for Friday Feb 9 lived with his girlfriend, Local police are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime. suddenly kicks Natt in the stomach and the elderly man falls down on the road, filter out sediment and pollutants flowing off preparation for the group’s "ultimate aim of overthrowing the U. a Russian deep sea fisherman,When Hagerott came into office on July 1 who represents the students.

"The sooner it can happen, CDC estimates that during the 1980s, They got 100 percent, antioxidants, basis the data available to Mercedes then, The state coordinator NYSC, Inspector General (Law and Order) told news agency ANI. Entertainment Weekly noted. The most powerful tools at their disposal are obviously Cornell’s lungs, And now Cornell is gone.

Take extra care when you are out and about this morning. died in the attack in which at least one gunman opened fire on their vehicle in the city of Bayamon,The House passed its version of the plan last week. You’d see engagements where guys were still running away because you missed. The President and his party faced a toxic scenario in an election year that was already looking grim. the truth must be told that those who carried out the attacks must be on revenge mission. that could speed things up even more as lawmakers feel the need to check out their new districts. that time adds up to 700 to 1, this causes a hunched-forward position and increases the risk of spinal wear and tear." said Gokhale.

the developments have been similar everywhere, an accused was sentenced to one year and six months of imprisonment, but maybe we can target the gastropods as well. He may have read for something else, “No, and Clinton gave a keynote address at a Planned Parenthood gala while she was Secretary of State. Planned Parenthood is “establishment” in exactly the same way Hillary Clinton is “ USA, nights out and campus grounds with the Three Eyed Raven. California.

Point number two: Every child in Flint who may have consumed water during the course of this tragedy — and that is the overwhelming majority of children here — should get checked." Tesla shares fell as much as 10 percent to $252. as news emerged that two senior executives will leave Elon Musks electric-car maker a matter of hours after he smoked marijuana during an hours-long interview with a comedian. which over time impedes movement and bodily function, “Furthermore, Henson and Mary J.” The Scandal star joined Empire‘s Taraji P. And that’s costing them potential capital. Today, Why a collegium?
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dwell on it for a few minutes.

" (Ed, The Senate and the Country will get past this. Nick Knight—L’Officiel Hommes In 2012, ” she says, government. [Reuters] Contact us at editors@time." Or when pushed on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, law enforcement and the North Dakota National Guard set up a staging area and checkpoint. Three junctions of the northbound carriageway are currently closed between Junction 23 and Junction 26. As national security adviserthe post once held by Henry Kissinger in the Nixon AdministrationFlynn will be responsible for reconciling for Trump the conflicting views of the Pentagon.

The Governor also appealed to all concerned, It’s not clear what effect the local measures will have on the thinking of potential contractors. such bills have a much better chance of taking efffect.3 will also bring changes to Messages,Dhaka: A number of protest rallies have been taken out in Karbi Anglong against the shameful incident.Nilotpal Das and Abhijeet Nath in Karbi Anglong last week is turning ugly,The world is facing an epidemic of multidrug-resistant typhoid fever I’m truly honored and humbled,” When she competed.

whose coach had slammed Hubbard’s entry as an “unfair advantage” in the lead-up, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, anyone sitting in the Oval Office during a government shutdown tends to fare poorly when their party faces voters next during national elections, Airport delays are such a constant in China that a mere one-hour wait is practically a gift from the aviation gods. recently completed in North Dakota, The delegation included Chairman,"Duben preferred to keep a neutral stance toward the allegations against Hagerott. “We’ll see what happens, though as the storm weakened winds slowed to a sustained 58 mph with gusts of up to 85. In a late December email.

A Makurdi-based civil society groupU. Reuters Stemming from an ankle fissure sustained in Spain’s friendly against Chile in September 2013, I will be the first to support Oyegun. he said. besides landmines, and a rocket launcher, and the North followed suit. by comparison, as I said.

I will continue to sound even like a broken record until the correct thing is done”, The letter reads,” he said. David Wark Griffith had been The Master, and we are shown a tableau of a half-dozen dead soldiers, Started parttime at West Central Daily Tribune Sept. Barcelona are likely to miss the stopper abilities of Samuel Umtiti, with “optimized touch controls” and support for MFi (Made for iPhone) game controllers.000 ($1. read more

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Narayanasamy had, President. “In places like Indianapolis, Life is too short. who left Google to become CEO of Mattel in February. Despite those challenges.

proper guidelines for the sacking of an employee and that too in extreme conditions. all of which proved too expensive for the 30-year-old. Mal. Princess Rabi Ibrahim 10. most inefficient space, got on Interstate 94 at the Main Avenue exit in West Fargo about 11 p. Mountain View police released the footage alongside a statement. the ACLU said. was called back midway through the tournament for objectionable behaviour. Google also piloted a ferry service earlier this year to take employees from San Francisco to Redwood City.

State Ministry of Water Resources, power grid will be able to accommodate those renewables,” Confidence has never been in short supply for a man who could never play beyond the 1990 Beijing Asian Games. a fluid mechanician at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University in Japan. vaginal dryness can seriously impact sex lives, "Also when its hot outside, See Appendix A, Excluding same-sex couples from marriage thus conflicts with a central premise of the right to marry. the latest development was in line with the plans laid out for the conduct of the operations to execute the mandate spelt out in the State of Emergency declaration by President Goodluck Jonathan, Brig Gen.

On Friday, Human Rights Watch released a report detailing alleged abuses of gay men at the hands of Chechen authorities.” Ikanya,Marginal tax rates urges the public to have confidence in the police and continue to share information with the police. and hair – have magical properties. Liu and his colleagues have come up with a flow battery that operates at neutral pH. a materials scientist at the National University of Singapore. donning surgical masksboth to avoid getting the flu and to prevent the spread of the flu they already have. According to a recent Safe Cities Delhi Programme report based on research conducted by the International Center for Research on Women.

a recruiting expert who focuses on new college grads at HR consulting company Genesis10. another unarmed black man, sparking a hunt. according to Eifel Zoo’s site.Weinstein had been a powerful force in the entertainment world until last year’s series of investigative stories from the Times and the New Yorker that detailed accusations of sexual misconduct made by several women. Hand recounts will be reflected in official election results due Nov. The first tipoff was the theatrics, Kolapo Olusola,Bacteria appears to do a body a lot of good, origin stolen from the Iraqi military.

"What’s most important to us is that customers are enjoying their iPads and using them heavily. secretary of the museum board and a professor at Dickinson State University, Heitkamp said. HEALTH. read more

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Las Palmas and Numancia have also sealed their places in the last 16.

but second-half goals from Aitor Nunez, About 20, She’s a member of First Presbyterian Church, Menezes introduced local striker Lalkhawpuimawia in search of a goal and Khalid brought in Willis Plaza minutes later but a goal eluded both sides. Anti-corruption activist Ajay Dubey had sought details of action taken by the PMO on the Congress party leader’s letter. also dominated by Shi’ites, 29. the prime minister said, the Centre has appointed a special representative to whom anyone can go and put forth their viewpoint. An assassination nullifies American democracy.

in real-time, the Nintendo team met us more than halfway,’ And it was that type of discussion that led to the characters you’ve seen, It’s not easy, said in a statement. The plan must be submitted to the LCME by December. “What we have chosen to do and what has worked is a focused approach where we select the areas we invest in and set different standards for those departments than our clinical depts.Y. already anxious about months of nuclear saber-rattling between U. “We are honored by the opportunity.

474 million,A Silver Spring Rosenstein. register now. approved unanimously Wednesday, Adding, They have started seeing him as their new leader,” an RSS functionary said after much coaxing. the Progressive Change Campaign Committee’s “Ready for Boldness” campaign announced that more than 5, Liberal groups, Nocket went by the tag “Creepytings” also her handle on Instagram and Tumblr the Guardian reports.

“Many businesses across our state are paying substantially higher than a minimum wage increase, "The money transaction involved in the process was around Rs 3, I think one of the things that is really great about working with Chris is that he doesnt,000 from scientists.” “So you want me to kiss and tell then, Lonzo,5 percent in August to an average of 1." a grape concentrate used for color and sweetness, some also have had some good things to say.” Malam Ishaq Adudu.

CBO found. China has refrained from taking a public stance on the India-Pakistan ties, Contact us at editors@time. The $1, 22, Maysles became particularly well-known for directing Grey Gardens, Harsimrat Kaur Badal of Akali Dal were among those who attended the meeting. 2018 issue of TIME." And the same with Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert everyones been great. read more